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105 Christmas Baby Names Inspired by the Holiday Season

These Christmas baby names for girls and boys are special and meaningful just like the holiday season!
Christmas Baby Names
Updated: November 3, 2022

Whether you’re expecting a Holiday baby or simply love the sparkle and Joy that comes around Christmas and New Year, you might consider a baby girl name or baby boy name inspired by the winter season.

Many Christmas names are religious, and others are trending because they remind parents of happy, festive times. Some names simply have a wintry vibe to them.

Christmas is a time of joy and happiness for billions of people worldwide. It is estimated that 2.3 billion people celebrate the winter holiday each year.

So whether you celebrate for religious reasons, festive reasons, or because it is a time of gathering and love, we have a list of over 100 Christmas-themed names inspired by the holiday season!

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Baby Girl Names Inspired by the Christmas Holidays

Christmas Girl Names

  1. Amaryllis: Greek. To sparkle. A unique name for your little one born at Christmas time.
  2. Angela: Greek, Messenger of God. Stems from the word angel. Other feminine versions of this name are Angelica and Angelina.
  3. Belle: French. Beautiful. The name of Scrooge's fiance in A Christmas Carol.
  4. Beth: Hebrew. House. A diminutive form of Bethlehem, the city where Jesus was born.
  5. Candy: English/French. Sweet. Candy canes and other treats are always abundant at Christmas.
  6. Carol: English. It stems from the German name Charles which means free man. But at Christmas time, we associate it with the jolly songs that are sung.
  7. Chiara: Italian. Light and clear.
  8. Christina: Latin. The feminine version of the name Christian, a follower of Christ.
  9. Christmas: Old English. Festival of Christ.
  10. Cindy: Greek. From Mount Kynthos. Cindy Lou Who is the little girl who changes the Grinch’s heart in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  11. Clara: Latin. Bright. A central character in The Nutcracker.
  12. Clarice: Latin. Bright and clear. The girl reindeer from the classic stop animation film Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It is also the name of the Grinch’s adoptive mother in the Jim Carey adaptation of How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
  13. Clementine: Latin. Merciful.
  14. Clove: Old French. A botanical name for a spice.
  15. Cookie: English. A sweet biscuit.
  16. Eira: Welsh. Snow. What a unique and beautiful moniker for your little girl!
  17. Esme: Old French. Esteemed love.
  18. Estelle: Latin. Star.
  19. Evangaline: Latin/Greek. Good news.
  20. Eve: Hebrew. Life. The first woman in the Garden of Eve. We also associate it with Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas.
  21. Faith: English. To trust.
  22. Felicity: English/Latin. Happiness. A feeling many Christians feel about the birth of Jesus.
  23. Ginger: Latin. Pep or liveliness. We also associate it with red hair and ginger-flavored treats popular at Christmas.
  24. Gloria: Latin. Glory.
  25. Goldie: English. Gold. A color we see a lot of during the Christmas time of the year.
  26. Grace: Latin. Charm.
  27. Hermione: Greek. Messenger.
  28. Harmony: Latin. Unity and accord.
  29. Holiday: Old English. Holy day.
  30. Holly: Old English. It comes from the holly tree widely associated with Christmas.
  31. Hope: Old English. Expectation or belief.
  32. Ivy: Old English. The name represents the plan which has long been associated with fidelity and faithfulness.
  33. Jemima: Hebrew. An Old Testament name that means dove. A Christian symbol of hope and life.
  34. Jeanette: French. God is Gracious.
  35. Josephine: Hebrew/French. A feminine, French form of Joseph, which means Jehovah increases.
  36. Jovie: American. Joyful. The name of the female protagonist in the classic holiday film Elf.
  37. Joy: English. Merry and bright.
  38. Lucia: Italian. Light.
  39. Marie: A french variation of the name Mary.
  40. Mary: Latin. Star of the sea. The mother of Jesus.
  41. Merry: English. Cheerful and happy.
  42. Natalia: Spanish/Italian. A variation of the French name Natalie.
  43. Natalie: French. The birthday of the Lord.
  44. Natasha: Russian. Born at Christmas.
  45. Nicolina: Greek. It stems from the name Nicholas, the first name of Jolly Old Saint Nick or Santa Claus.
  46. Noel: French. It comes from the Old French word for Christmas day. Another spelling of the name is Noelle.
  47. Piper: Old English. Pipe or flute player.
  48. Solstice: English. Position of the Sun. The early Christians placed the Christmas holiday on the Winter Solstice to encourage or force pagans to celebrate.
  49. Stella: Latin. Star.
  50. Wish: Old English. Hope or desire.

Baby Boy Names Inspired by the Christmas Holidays

Christmas Boy Names

  1. Angelo: Spanish/Greek. Messenger of Gog.
  2. Ash: English. The ash tree. It also makes us think of cozy fireplaces.
  3. Baker: English. Occupational name. People do a lot of baking at Christmas time!
  4. Balthazar: Spanish. God or Lord protects. One of the three wise men.
  5. Buddy: American. Friend. Buddy the Elf is the star of the classic Christmas film Elf.
  6. Caleb: Hebrew. Devotion to God.
  7. Christian: Latin. Follower of Christ.
  8. Christopher: Greek. Bearing Christ.
  9. Claus: Greek. The victory of the people. A diminutive form of Nikolaus.
  10. Clement: Latin. Merciful.
  11. David: Hebrew. Beloved. The Star of David is said to have led the wise men to the stable where Jesus was born.
  12. Dominick: English/German. Of the Lord. Dominick the Donkey is a beloved Christmas tune!
  13. Emmanuel: Hebrew. God is with us.
  14. Ewan: Scottish. From the yew tree.
  15. Forrest: English. Of the Forest.
  16. Fred: German. Peaceful ruler. Fred is the jolly, Christmas-loving nephew of Ebeneezer Scrooge.
  17. Gabriel: Hebrew. God is my strength. Gabriel is one of God’s archangels in the Bible.
  18. Geoffery: French. Peace.
  19. George: Greek. Farmer. George Bailey is the iconic protagonist from It’s A Wonderful Life.
  20. Hollis: Old English. Holly tree.
  21. Jack: English. God is gracious. Jack Skellington and Jack Frost are two iconic Christmas and wintry characters.
  22. Jasper: Persian. Treasurer. A variation of Caspar, one of the wise men.
  23. Jesus: Hebrew. The Lord Salvation. A name more commonly used in Hispanic cultures.
  24. Joseph: A Hebrew name meaning Jehovah increases. The earthly father of Jesus Christ.
  25. Kingsly: Old English. King’s meadow.
  26. Lux: Latin. Peace.
  27. Matthew: Hebrew. A biblical name meaning gift of God.
  28. Micha: Hebrew. He who is like God.
  29. Nazareth: Hebrew. Separated, crowned, sanctified.
  30. Neige: French. Snow.
  31. Nicholas: Greek. People of Victory. Santa Claus gets his name from St. Nicholas.
  32. Pax: Latin. Peace.
  33. Raphael: Hebrew. God has healed. One of the archangels. Ralphy is the kid hero of the famous film A Christmas Story.
  34. Robert: Old German. Bright Fame. Bob Cratchit is the beloved employee of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.
  35. Robin: Old German. A diminutive version of Robert.
  36. Rudolph: Old German. Famous wolf. He is, however, the most famous reindeer of all! Rudy is a cute nickname for this old-fashioned-sounding moniker.
  37. Saint: Latin. A holy person.
  38. Shepherd: English. Sheep herder.
  39. Snowden: Old English. Snowy peak.
  40. Sterling: English. Little star.
  41. Theodore: Greek. Gift of god.
  42. Timothy: Greek. God’s honor.
  43. Vega: The name of the brightest star in the constellation Lyra.
  44. Yule: English. Born at Christmas.
  45. Zane : Hebrew. God is gracious.

Gender-Neutral Names Inspired by the Christmas Holidays

Christmas Gender Neutral Names

  1. Aspen: English. Aspen tree.
  2. Ember: English. A hip unisex name meaning spark or low burning.
  3. Frankie: Latin. Frenchman. It makes us think of frankincense one of the gifts the wise men brought.
  4. Israel: Hebrew. God contends.
  5. Juniper: Latin. Young.
  6. Marley: English. A marshy meadow. Marley is the ghost associate of Ebeneezer Scrooge.
  7. Nova: Latin. New.
  8. Royal: English. Of the king.
  9. Wynter: English. A variation of the word winter.
  10. Zion: Hebrew. The highest point.


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