Meaning and Origin of: Emmanuel

Emmanuel is of Hebrew origin and means "God is with us."
Meaning and Origin of Emmanuel

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Hebrew : God is with us
  • Hebrew : God with us

What does Emmanuel mean and stand for?

The name Emmanuel is of Hebrew origin and means "God is with us." It is from the Hebrew name Immanu'el, meaning the same thing and consisting of the roots 'im, meaning with and 'el, meaning God.

Syllables: 4

Family name origins & meanings

  • Variant spelling (mainly French and South Indian) of Emanuel, which was used in the Middle Ages by Christians as an alternative name for Christ. The name was also borne by a 3rd-century martyr. Among Christians in India it is used as a given name, and in the U.S. it has come to be used as a last name among families from southern India.


According to Social Security Administration data, Emmanuel has been fluctuating up and down in popularity, but has maintained a position in the top 200 since 2000. It broke the top 150 for the first time in 2020. It is much more popular than its brother spelling Immanuel.

However, it is the 3rd most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Emmanuel was at its peak popularity in May 2017.

Emmanuel is a biblical name that was once popular amongst Jewish immigrants. In the prophecy of Isaiah, it was given to the promised Messiah. Notable namesakes include Emmanuel Jean, Emmanuel Niamiah Sanders, (Alexis) Emmanuel Chabrie. and Emmanuel Lewis.

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Nicknames for Emmanuel

  • Man
  • Manny
  • Manuel

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