75 Cajun Baby Names for Your Little One

Updated: April 22, 2022
If you have French or Canadian ancestors, you might find that you have ties to Louisiana and that a Cajun name may be a good choice for your new bundle of joy.
75 Cajun Names
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You are probably wondering what qualifies as a Cajun name and why you would want to choose one for your sweet baby. If you have French or Canadian ancestors, you might find that you have ties to Louisiana.

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The Acadians were Cajun people who migrated from Canada, and some settlers even migrated from France. Some of the baby names on this list have Acadian roots.

However, the Cajun culture doesn't stop there. If you are a fan or native of New Orleans, you can choose one of these names as a connection to where you come from. This way you have another reason to talk to your child about growing up on the Louisiana Bayou or the French Quarter.

Cajun Girl Names

  1. Acadia - Taken from the name for Cajuns, or Acadians who migrated from Canada
  2. Adelaide - Comes from the German name Adalheidis and means "nobility" in French
  3. Antoinette - For the wife of King Louis XVI during the French Revolution, and means "priceless one"
  4. Aurelie - means "Golden " in French
  5. Babette - French name that means "my God is my oath"
  6. Bernadette - The female version of Bernard, and means "brave bear" in French
  7. Brigitte - The French version of Brighid and means "exalted one"
  8. Camille - French name that means "servant for the temple"
  9. Cecile - A common French Saint name that means "blind" as in "blind of one's beauty"
  10. Corinne - French name that means "maiden"
  11. Dorothy - For Dorothy Mae Taylor, a politician in New Orleans who was the first African American woman to serve in the Louisiana House of Representatives
  12. Eugenie - French form of Eugenia that means "well-born" and is shared with the wife of Napoleon III
  13. Evangeline - The name of a deported Acadian who can be found in the poem of the same name by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  14. Fleur - A baby name that originated in France and is French for "flower"
  15. Genevieve - For French Saint Genevieve, the patron saint of Paris
  16. Helene - Helene Bergeron was a member of Barachois, a traditional Acadian music group
  17. Hestia - The name of an African American owned Cajun restaurant that opened in Houston, Texas in 2020
  18. Hortense - French name that means "gardener"
  19. Jacqueline - The feminine form of Jacques that means "supplanter" in French
  20. Lisette - French name that means "pledged to God"
  21. Louise - The feminine form of Louis that means "renowned warrior"
  22. Lucille - French name that means "light"
  23. Magnolia - The Louisiana state flower
  24. Marcelle - Comes from a popular surname in Louisiana that reached its peak around 1840
  25. Marguerite- French name that means "pearl" and was very popular in the late 19th century
  26. Nola - A nickname for New Orleans, Louisiana
  27. Octavia - The name of a street in New Orleans, Louisiana
  28. Prudence - An Acadian name that means "cautious" in Latin
  29. Sabine - The name of the river that forms part of Louisiana's border
  30. Seraphine - French name that means "burning ones"
  31. Therese - For the French patron Saint Therese of Lisieux
  32. Valerie - Valeria of Milan or Saint Valerie who was venerated in Thibodaux, Louisiana
  33. Yvonne - Featured in the song "Jambalaya (on the bayou)" by Hank Williams and is Cajun French for "my good friend"
  34. Zoe - Greek name that means "life" but was popular in Louisiana in the 8th-century

Cajun Boy Names

  1. Acadian - Taken from the name for Cajuns, or Acadians who migrated from Canada
  2. Adonis - Shares the name with an 8th-century French saint of Vienne
  3. Augustin - Once a popular surname in Louisiana in the 1800s
  4. Bastien - Short for Sebastien and means "person from the ancient city of Sebastia" in French
  5. Benoit- A French name that is derived from the Latin word Benedictus which means "the one who says the good"
  6. Boudreaux - It comes from the French word for a farmer and a common last name for Cajun people
  7. Broussard - For Joseph Broussard, an important historical figure for both the Acadians and Cajuns
  8. Claude - For Claude Guedry who was an Acadian born in Canada and later immigrated to Louisiana
  9. Delphin - Shares the name with a Greek Sea God and translates to "dolphin"
  10. Eloi - French for “chosen”
  11. Emmanuel - For Charles Emmanuel the Duke of Savoy who is of French descent
  12. Etienne - Means "crown" and is the Cajun form of Stephen
  13. Florent - An Old French name that means "in flower"
  14. Fontenot - Derived from the Old French word Fontaine with means "fountain"
  15. Georges - The French version of George
  16. Guidry - A popular Cajun name in Louisiana that was adopted from Claude Guedry
  17. Gustave - A name made popular by Gustave Dore, a French artist
  18. Hebert - An Old French surname
  19. Horace - For Horace Trahan, a musician who sang Cajun music in French
  20. Jacques - French for "supplanter"
  21. Jean-Baptiste - Named for Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, who founded New Orleans in 1718
  22. Lafayette- French for "faith"
  23. Landry - For Saint Landry, a 7th-century bishop of Paris
  24. Laurent - French for "crowned with laurel"
  25. Lazare - French form of Lazarus that means "God is my help"
  26. Louis - Comes from the state name Louisiana and also for Louis Armstrong who is a native of said state
  27. Marcel - French for "young warrior"
  28. Maurice - French for "dark-skinned"
  29. Olivier - French for "elf warrior"
  30. Philippe - New Orleans was named for Philippe II, Duc d'Orleans
  31. Pierre - French form of Peter and means "stone"
  32. Raphael - Hebrew for "God has healed"
  33. Sebastien - Means "person from the ancient city of Sebastia" in French
  34. Valentin - French for "strong and healthy"
  35. Xavier - French, and Spanish for "house"

Cajun Gender Neutral Names

  1. Beau - French for "beautiful"
  2. Breaux - For the Breaux brothers who were Cajun musicians
  3. Marquette - French for "landowner"
  4. Remy - French for "remedy"
  5. Rene - French form of Renatus, and means "reborn"
  6. Valerie - French for "strength" and comes from the Latin word valere

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