Meaning and Origin of: Theodore

Theodore is of Greek origin and means "gift of God."
Meaning and Origin of Theodore

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Greek : Gift of God

What does Theodore mean and stand for?

The name Theodore is of Greek origin and means "gift of God." A derivative of the Latin Theodorus and a variation of the Greek name Theodōros, Theodore rose to popularity in 1901.

Syllables: 3

Family name origins & meanings

  • French (Théodore) and English : from the personal name Théodore (Greek Theodōros, a compound of theos ‘God’ + dōron ‘gift’), which was relatively popular in the Middle Ages because of its auspicious meaning. There was considerable confusion with the Germanic personal name Theodoric (see Terry). As an American family name, it has also absorbed various other European cognates, e.g. Greek Theodorakis, Theodoropoulos.

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According to Social Security Administration data, Theodore has been consistently popular, remaining in the top 100 since 2015, and breaking into the top 50 in 2018.

However, it is the 12th most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Isabella was at its peak popularity in July 2020.

Theodore gained popularity dramatically in 1901 after Theodore Roosevelt took office. However, the name declined after it was revealed to be Beaver Cleaver's real name and the name of the chubby Chipmunk Theodore. Luckily, with the emergence of nickname Theo, Theodore has made a comeback, being chosen as a name for the sons of Ivanka Trump, Bryce Dallas Howard, Natascha McElhone, and Ali Larter.

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  • Ted
  • Teddy
  • Theo

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