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Updated May 24, 2023

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Latin : Blooming

How Popular Is The Name April

Family name origins & meanings

  • Translation of a European surname meaning ‘April’ (Latin aprilis), for example Italian Aprile, German April(l), Abrell, Polish Kwiecień. There were various possible connections between the month and the surname; for example, it may have been applied to someone who rendered homage or paid rent to an overlord in April, or as a personal name bestowed on a child born in April.
  • Jewish (Ashkenazic) : ornamental name from German April ‘April’.
  • April is found in England as a surname from the 13th and 14th centuries onwards, which Reaney and Wilson explain as ‘‘a nickname, perhaps with reference to the changeable weather of the month, ‘changeable’, ‘vacillating’, or with reference to spring or youth.’’

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