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Updated June 4, 2024

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Girl name origins & meanings

What does Isla mean and stand for?


  • Scottish: Island
  • Spanish: Island

Gender: Female

Syllables: 2

Pronunciation: The name Isla is pronounced eye-la

The name Isla has been derived from the Scottish island of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, and comes from the Gaelic word "aileach" meaning rocky place. It can also be associated with the Spanish word "isla" meaning island. It is a popular name in Scotland and has gained widespread popularity internationally due to its unique and melodic sound.

How Popular Is The Name Isla

Famous people with this first name

Isla in Pop Culture

Do you know these fictional characters that share this first name?

  • Isla from Pokemon Sun and Moon - A female trainer known for her strategic mind and unwavering determination.
  • Isla Black Hitchens from Harry Potter - Mentioned briefly in The Tales of Beedle the Bard, she was a member of the respected Black family, known for their strong, ancient lineage and complicated history within the wizarding world.
  • Isla Crown from the Lightlark series- The protagonist and ruler of the Wildling realm, she faces immense challenges and dark secrets while navigating the treacherous landscape of Lightlark.
  • Isla from Isla and the Happily Ever After - A dreamy, romantic character in Stephanie Perkins' novel, she navigates the complexities of love and life in Paris with heartfelt sincerity.

Popularity of the Name Isla?

According to the Social Security Administration data, Isla has seen a remarkable rise in popularity, placing it among the top names for babies born in 2023. It has consistently climbed the rankings over the past decade and is now firmly within the top 20 names in the United States. Historically, Isla is of Scottish origin, derived from "Islay," a Scottish island.

Notable individuals with the name Isla include the actress Isla Fisher, known for her roles in films such as Wedding Crashers and Confessions of a Shopaholic. Fictional characters named Isla have also appeared in various media, adding to the name's cultural footprint. For example, Isla Black Hitchens is a character in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series, and Isla is the protagonist in the romantic drama film Isla and the Happily Ever After.

Overall, Isla's blend of traditional Scottish charm and modern appeal has made it a favorite choice among new parents.

Where Is the Name Isla Popular?

This name is most popular across certain states in the U.S., including those highlighted on the map below.

Nicknames for Isla

These shortened names can make great nicknames for your baby.

  • Izzie
  • LaLa

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