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50 Sassy Girl Names

For picks that highlight that attitude and spunk she’ll grow into with age, look no further than these sassy girl names.
50 sassy names for baby girls
Updated: January 4, 2023

Spice up your life with these sassy name options perfect for your little girl. Though it can be hard to tell exactly what their personality will develop to in the early days, shake things up with one of these fun choices.

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For picks that highlight that attitude and spunk she’ll grow into with age, look no further than these girl names:

Sassy Girl Names that Start with A to L

  1. Amber - You might recognize this as fossilized tree sap, which is considered to be precious.
  2. Arden - Mistaking this name for ardent, AKA enthusiastic and passionate, is a good thing!
  3. Aubrey - A wide selection of nicknames (“Bree” or “Aubs”) make this name the perfect option.
  4. Bianca - A sparky name with a nod to your Italian heritage.
  5. Blair - Fans of Gossip Girl know that this is an easy pick.
  6. Brighton - A spunky pick straight out of London.
  7. Brittany - Whether you want to spell it Brittany, Britney, or Britni, you can’t go wrong with this pick. 
  8. Brooke - Though sometimes used as a name for boys, add an “e” on to bring up the sass.
  9. Camille - Sweet, simple, and strong. Just how we like it! 
  10. Chloe - The Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility which means “blooming or verdant.”
  11. Coco - Calling all Chanel lovers! This name is all about originality.
  12. Daisy - A daisy may seem innocent enough on your morning walk, but this sweet name also gives off a bit of spunk thanks to Daisy Duck.
  13. Delaney - This unique choice is one that packs a punch!
  14. Delilah - She’ll always be known as the one who proved herself above all else.
  15. Eloise - Remember the ever-fearless Eloise at the Plaza? 
  16. Faye - It may not look like it, but this name actually means “fairy,” and if you know Tinker Bell, you’ll recognize just how sassy she is.
  17. Gemma - A sparkling name for a sparkling girl!
  18. Gia - A short and sassy choice!
  19. Harley - Whether you’re a motorcycle lover, or just a fan of the great outdoors, Harley can take you there.
  20. Harlow - This choice means “army,” so you know she won’t back down. 
  21. Hazel - Paying tribute to the “flowering shrub,” no one will be wilting away with this name.
  22. Isla - A name that’s just as sweet to write as it is to say!
  23. Josie - Popularized by the group Josie and the Pussycats, she’ll definitely stand out.
  24. Kennedy - Obviously, this has a strong association with the Kennedy family, so there’s no doubt she’ll be a strong leader.
  25. Laila - Another choice with multiple spellings, whether you’re choosing to spell it Layla or Laila. 
  26. Lauren - This popular pick is of English and French origins with the meaning “laurel tree.”
  27. Lola - It may mean “Lady of sorrow,” but this pick definitely gives off sassy vibes.
  28. London - Look across the pond for a bit of inspiration with this choice.

Sassy Girl Names that Start with M to Z

  1. Marley - Both Marley and Marlowe are a great pick for your little firecracker. 
  2. Matilda - Though Matilda of the book series was a bit shy at first, she knew how to use her voice. 
  3. Monroe - Does more need to be said beyond Marilyn Monroe?
  4. Olivia - Unsurprisingly, this name means olive tree!
  5. Ophelia - The Shakespeare heroine with a name that’s fun to spell and say.
  6. Paige - Anyone a fan of Charmed? There’s nothing as quick-witted as Paige, Piper, Prue, and Phoebe. 
  7. Paris - Draw your inspiration from the ultimate queen of attitude, Paris Hilton. 
  8. Pepper - Something that adds just a bit of kick, and is necessary to life!
  9. Piper - Whether they’ll play the flute or not is unclear, but this name is a solid choice regardless. 
  10. Poppy - This pick literally pops! 
  11. Rory - The Gilmore Girls lead was never one to back down in the face of a challenge.
  12. Rose - Rosie, Rosa, Rose, all of the above!
  13. Roxie - Raise your girl with a bit of moxie! 
  14. Ruby - Anyone missing some ruby red slippers?
  15. Sabrina - Though this pick has origins in Celtic mythology, you’ll recognize her as a clever witch. 
  16. Scarlett - A sweet name paired with a gorgeous color. What could be better?
  17. Serena - Every Blair needs a Serena, and now you’ve got one. 
  18. Sophia - This name is widely used by European royalty, and for good reason.
  19. Tasha - Expecting your little one to arrive around Christmas? This name originated from the meaning “born on Christmas.”
  20. Tori - Long live the queen of everyone’s favorite zip code!
  21. Veronica - Could you have guessed that Veronica derives from the name Bernice? 
  22. Whitney - This started as a surname, but has found popularity as a first name.

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