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The Ultimate List of Victorian Girl Names

The Victorian era is known as a time of elegance and properness, and many of the names of that time are still used and popular today. Here are 75 of our favorite Victorian girl names.
Victorian Girls Names
Updated: September 8, 2023
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Looking for a name for your baby girl can be challenging. There are simply so many beautiful names. If you’re searching, looking at a certain point in history can prove to have wonderful results. The Victorian era is known as a time of elegance and properness. Named after the rule of Queen Victoria, much like her reign, these names are long popular and withstand the test of time. 

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Many of the baby girl names that were popular at this time are still popular today, which shows just how wonderful they are. But there are some secret gems in there as well that sound old-fashioned without sounding stodgy or boring. Here are 75 of the best Victorian era names for girls:

Victorian Girl Names that Start with A to E

  1. Ada - This well-known name is short and sweet, and its meaning is ‘adornment.’
  2. Adelia - This name is a mixture of Adele and Adelaide. It means ‘noble.’
  3. Agatha - This is a Victorian name that means ‘good woman’.
  4. Allegro - This name is derived from the word ‘allegro’, which means ‘quickly or lively tempo.’
  5. Alexandra - The meaning of this name is ‘defender’.
  6. Alice - Alice means ‘nobility’ and this name has been in the top ten Victorian names in the past.
  7. Alma - In Swedish, Alma means ‘loving’, while in Persian, it means ‘apple’. In Celtic, Alma means ‘good.’
  8. Arabella - The meaning of this word is ‘yielding to prayer’.
  9. Audrey - This Victorian name means ‘strength and nobility, embodied by famous Audreys like popular actress Audrey Hepburn.
  10. Beatrice - This popular British name is actually French, meaning, ‘bringer of joy.’
  11. Beryl - A Victorian name for a gemstone.
  12. Blanche - This French name, meaning ‘white’ This name was initially associated with the pale women. Later on, it became a symbol of purity and sanity.
  13. Briar - The literal meaning of this word is ‘thorny shrub’.
  14. Caroline - If you want to give your girl a free-spirited name, this name is Latin for ‘free/beautiful woman’
  15. Charlotte - This popular but sweet name is French, meaning ‘free man’ or 'petite' 
  16. Clara - Clara means “bright and clear”.
  17. Clementine - This adorable name means ‘mild and merciful.’ 
  18. Constance - Looking for a solid name? This name means ‘steadfastness.’
  19. Cora - This name means ‘maiden’.
  20. Dahlia - This name means "valley" and is also the name of a beautiful flower.
  21. Della - This cute and short name means ‘noble.’
  22. Dorothea - This is a Greek word, which means ‘gift of God’. This name is more like a blessing for your little one.
  23. Ebba - The meaning of Ebba is ‘strong’. It was the name of a famous saint of Germany.
  24. Edith - Edith means ‘prosperous in war.’ 
  25. Effie - The meaning of Effie is ‘well-spoken.’
  26. Eleanor - Its meaning is ‘bright.’
  27. Eliza - This is a short form for the famous name “Elizabeth”. Its meaning is ‘pledged to God.’
  28. Eloise - You may think of the popular book, but did you know Eloise means ‘ healthy' or 'wide?' 
  29. Elsie - This name, which was quite popular in the late 19th century means ‘my God is bountiful.’
  30. Emma - This popular name’s meaning is ‘universal’.
  31. Emmeline - This name, which you can also spell as Emmaline, means ‘work.’
  32. Evie - Its meaning is ‘life’ or ‘lively.’

Victorian Girl Names that Start with F to M

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  1. Fannie - The meaning of Fannie is ‘free’. It symbolizes a free-spirited woman.
  2. Flora - It is the name of the Goddess of Spring in Roman mythology. Its meaning is ‘flower.’
  3. Florence - This artsy Victorian name means ‘flourishing, prosperous’. This Victorian name became a more popular modern name for girls due to the popularity of ainger Florence Welch
  4. Hattie - This cute name refers to an estate ruler.
  5. Hazel - The name ‘Hazel’ has been derived from the name of the hazelnut tree.
  6. Henrietta - The meaning of this name is ‘home ruler.'
  7. Helena - Meaning ‘ shining light’, this name is of Greek origin.
  8. Ida - It is a German name that means ‘hardworking’.
  9. Irene - This Greek name means ‘peace.'
  10. Isabella - This popular Victorian name means ‘devoted to God.'
  11. Josephine - The meaning of Josephine is ‘God increases.'
  12. Josie - This is a widely used name that means ‘may Jehovah add.'
  13. Kate - This diminutive of Katherine means ‘pure.'
  14. Kitty - Another diminutive of Katherine, it also means ‘pure.'
  15. Lena - This short form of the name Magdelena means ‘woman of Magdala.'
  16. Lilian - This name is a version of Lily
  17. Lottie - This diminutive of Charlotte’s meaning is ‘little and womanly.’
  18. Lucy - This popular name means ‘light.' 
  19. Luella - This vintage name, meaning ‘warrior.'
  20. Mabel - Meaning ‘loveable’, this name is a great one for your little girl.
  21. Mae - This name means the month of May, perfect for your little May baby girl. 
  22. Maida - It is the name of the Italian origin that means ‘virgin.'
  23. Mamie - This American name means ‘pearl’ or 'star of the sea.' Mamie is the name of former first lady Mamie Eisenhower. 
  24. Maisie - This cute name means ‘ little pearl.'
  25. Marjorie - This is a variation of the name Margaret and its meaning is ‘pearl.'
  26. Matilda - This name, meaning ‘battle strength’ is English in origin.
  27. Millie - This Victorian girl name means 'noble, freeborn' as well as 'gentle and kind.' 
  28. Minnie - You may think of the mouse, but this name means ‘rebellion.'

Victorian Girl Names that Start with N to Z

  1. Nellie - This name means ‘shining light.'
  2. Nora - This delicate, bright, name means ‘light.'
  3. Ottilie - This unusual name is the female variant of the name ‘Otto’, which means ‘riches.'
  4. Pearl - This name of English origin means smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk.'
  5. Rayne -This very royal name refers to ‘a queen.'
  6. Rosie - This sweet name that means 'rose' never goes out of style. 
  7. Sadie - The name Sadie means 'princess.'
  8. Sophronia - This is a longer form of the names Sophia and Sophie. It means ‘prudent.'
  9. Theodora - Theodora means 'divine gift.'
  10. Tillie - This name means ‘battle mighty.'
  11. Victoria - Victoria is one of the most popular names of the Victorian Era due to the reign of Queen Victoria.  Victoria means ‘victory.' 
  12. Viola - The name Viola means 'the same.' This name, known from Shakespeare’s ‘Twelfth Night."
  13. Wilhelmina - This name of Grecian origin means ‘with gilded helmet.’
  14. Winnie - This sweet name means ‘the fair one.’
  15. Zadie - This name of Arabic origin means ‘prosperous.’

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Victorian Girl Names

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