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100 Popular Asian American Boy Names (with Meanings)

Looking for the most popular Asian American boy names? Check out our list of top Asian American names for boys with meanings and origins.
100 Popular Asian American Boy Names (with Meanings)
Updated: May 9, 2023
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If you are looking at baby names for your little one, we can help you with this diverse list of Asian baby names. These are baby boy names that come from all different cultures within the Asian community. 

From Polynesian names to Chinese names, we have broken our baby name list into several categories with meanings and origins to help you find the perfect Asian American name for your little boy. 

Depending on your culture or heritage, there are plenty of adorable Asian American boy names to choose from including the most popular Asian names, trendy Asian names for boys or more unique name options. 

Learn about popular naming traditions in different Asian cultures and Asian American families to find the baby name that’s right for you. 

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What is the Most Common Name for Asian Boys in the U.S.?

Kai has been the most common Asian American name for boys in the United States since 2021.

Names like Andrew, Eric, and Peter are also very popular names for Asian boys in the U.S.! 

Most Popular Asian American Boy Names (Meanings & Origins) 

These boy name ideas include names of Cambodian, Japanese, Thai, Hawaiian, Korean, Chinese and Japanese origins, plus many more popular name choices. 

  1. Aiguo - Chinese for “love country.”
  2. Ambrosio - Greek and Filipino for “immortal.”
  3. Bayani - Tagalog for “hero.”
  4. Bourey - Cambodian for “estate.”
  5. Chenglei - Chinese for “become great.”
  6. Cho - Japanese for “butterfly” and Korean for “beautiful.”
  7. Dae - Japanese for “great.”
  8. Dalip - Hindu for “a born king.”
  9. Dewei - Chinese for “of great principle.”
  10. Fai - A Chinese name that means “brilliant light.”
  11. Feng - Chinese for “maple” or “phoenix.”
  12. Hai - Chinese for “ocean.”
  13. Hiromi - Japanese for “generous.”
  14. Huy - Vietnamese for “brightness.”
  15. Ichiro - Japanese for “first son.”
  16. Isamu - Japanese for “courage.”
  17. Jiang - Chinese for “fire.”
  18. Jin - Japanese for “tender.”
  19. Kaede - Japanese for “maple leaf.”
  20. Kenji - Japanese for “second son.”
  21. Kwan - A Korean name for “strong.”
  22. Lee - Chinese for “plum.”
  23. Liu - Chinese for “willow tree.”
  24. Longwei - Chinese for “dragon greatness.”
  25. Mal-Chin - Korean for “persists to end.”
  26. Munna - Hindu for “sweet.”
  27. Naoki - Japanese for “honest.”
  28. Niran - Thai for “eternal.”
  29. Ogano - A Japanese name that means “small deer field.”
  30. Park - Korean for “gourd.”
  31. Peng - Chinese for “big.”
  32. Ping - Chinese for “level” or “peaceful.”
  33. Qiang - Chinese for “strong.”
  34. Raiden - Japanese for “thunder.”
  35. Renshu - Chinese for “benevolent forbearance.”
  36. Ryu - Korean
  37. Sanjay - Hindi for “protector.”
  38. Shin - Korean for “belief.”
  39. Shirong - Chinese for “scholarly honor.”
  40. Takeshi - Japanese for “bamboo.”
  41. Taran - Sanskrit for “rocky hill.”
  42. Tianyu - Chinese for “calm” or “heavenly.”
  43. Tung - Chinese for “universal.”
  44. Veasna - Cambodian for “future” or “destiny.”
  45. Virote - Thai for “power.”
  46. Xiu - Chinese for “beautiful.”
  47. Yoshiro - Japanese for “happy individual.”
  48. Yufei - Chinese for “precious stone.”
  49. Zhen - Chinese for “potter.”

Asian American Names for Boys

Modern Asian American Names for Boys (Meanings & Origins) 

  1. Ang - Chinese for “spirited.”
  2. Bo - Chinese for “precious.”
  3. Bowen - Chinese for “abundant.”
  4. Chang - Chinese for “flourishing” or “prosperous.”
  5. Guang - Chinese for “light.”
  6. Hari - Hindi for “sun.”
  7. Huan - Chinese for “happy.”
  8. Izumi - Japanese for “spring of water.”
  9. Kyo - Japanese for “cooperation.”
  10. Midori - Japanese for “green.”
  11. Ren - Japanese for “waterlily.”
  12. Sindhu - An Indian name that means “ocean” or “river.”
  13. Tanveer - Hindu for “strong” or “brave.”
  14. Yuze - Chinese for “amazing” or “smart.”
  15. Zihan - A Muslim name that means “brightness.”

Popular Pacific Islander Names for Boys (Meanings & Origins) 

  1. Afu - Polynesian for “hot.”
  2. Aimata - Tahitian for “eldest sibling.”
  3. Akamu - Hawaiian for “red earth.”
  4. Enele - Hawaiian for “black” and can also mean “one with the sun.”
  5. Enoha - Hawaiian for “bird.”
  6. Fetu - Polynesian for “star” and Hawaiian for “God of the night.”
  7. Filemu - Samoan for “peaceful.”
  8. Hawea - Maori for “peacemaker.”
  9. Hemi - Maori for “God is gracious.”
  10. Iakopo - Samoan for “supplanter. It is equivalent of the Hebrew name Jacob.
  11. Ikaika - Hawaiian for “strong.”
  12. Kai - Hawaiian for “sea” or “ocean.”
  13. Kane - Hawaiian for “man.”
  14. Koa - Hawaiian for “warrior” or “brave.”
  15. Lagi - Hawaiian for “heaven.”
  16. Laki - Samoan for “lucky.”
  17. Lono - This is the name of the Hawaiian God of Farming.
  18. Malakai - This is the Tongan form of Malachi and it means “messenger of God.”
  19. Malosi - Samoan for “strength.”
  20. Manaia - Maori for “guardian and messenger.”
  21. Manu - Hawaiian for “bird.”
  22. Maui - Hawaiian for “God of fire.”
  23. Nuanua - Samoan for “rainbow.”
  24. Olioli - Samoan for “joyful.”
  25. Oro - This is the name of the war God in Tahiti.
  26. Pio - Maori for “pious.”
  27. Pomare - Tahitian for “night cough.”
  28. Rangi - Maori for “sky.”
  29. Sione - Tongan for “God is gracious.” This is the Pacific Islander version of the Hebrew name James.
  30. Taika - Maori for “tiger.”
  31. Taito - Samoan for “warrior.”
  32. Temuera - Maori for “powerful leader.”
  33. Uati - Samoan for “to watch.”
  34. Uhila - Polynesian for “lightning.”
  35. Vaea - Polynesian for “king.”
  36. Valu - Polynesian for “eight.”

Naming Traditions for Boys in Asian American Families 

One of the most important things to realize is that many Asian immigrants do not go by their birth names. Instead, they may use a nickname or an anglicized version of their name that is more common in Western culture.  

However, this practice is becoming less common than it was years ago. Many Asian American families believe they should embrace their heritage and be proud of their given name.   

Across every culture, there are many different naming practices. For example, Chinese families traditionally choose a name inspired by their father’s surname. 

Traditional Hawaiian names are said to often come to parents in dreams! Hawaiian parents want to choose a unique name that tells a story. Unlike many other cultures, Hawaiians don’t typically name babies after another family member.

Whether you are interested in the most popular names or something more unique and special, we hope you find the perfect name among this list of Asian boy names and unisex names.

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100 Popular Asian American Boy Names (with Meanings)

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