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75 Preppy Boy Names for Your Little One

Do you have visions of varsity letters and Ivy League schools in your baby boy’s future? Give him a head start by choosing a preppy name!
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Updated: May 13, 2023

Do you have visions of varsity letters and Ivy League schools in your baby boy’s future? Give him a head start by choosing a preppy name!

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What’s In a Name?

Can the right name really give your son the life you want for him? Maybe! Of course, there are many other more effective ways to set a child up for success, like reading books aloud to him from birth and spending lots of time with him. But a preppy-sounding name certainly can’t hurt!

Of course, you don’t have to choose a name to go with a particular envisioned life path for your son. Maybe you just love how preppy names sound, or your ancestry is English, Irish, German, or French. There’s no set background that makes a name “preppy”, but many names in this category do tend to have Old English or Gaelic origins.

The bottom line here is to choose a name that you like and that means something to you.

Take a look through our list of 75 preppy boy names to get ideas:

Preppy Names for Boys that Start with A to C

  1. Aiden - Irish, means “fire” or “little fiery one”
  2. Albert - German, means “noble” or “bright”
  3. Alden - English, means “wise friend”
  4. Alexander - Greek, meaning “to defend, to protect”
  5. Alrich - German - means “wise ruler” or “noble ruler”
  6. Anders - Scandanavian, means “strong and manly”
  7. Andrew - Greek, means “masculine, manly”
  8. Archer - English, means “archer”
  9. Asher - English, means “ash-maker”
  10. Ashton - Old English, means “town of ash trees”
  11. Avery - German, means “elf ruler”
  12. Banks - English means “river banks”
  13. Barrett - German, means “as strong as a bear”
  14. Beckett - Middle English, means “stream” or “brook”
  15. Blaine - Scottish, means “yellow”
  16. Blake - Old English, means “pale”
  17. Bradley - English, means “broad meadow”
  18. Brendan - Irish, means “prince”
  19. Brentley - English, means “hill and meadow”
  20. Brian - Irish, means “high” or “noble”
  21. Bryce - Scottish, means “speckled”
  22. Camden - Old English, means “enclosed valley”
  23. Carter - English, means “one who uses a cart”
  24. Chad - Old English, means “battle”
  25. Chandler - French, means “candle seller”
  26. Christian - medieval Latin, means “follower of Christ”
  27. Christopher - Greek, means “carries Christ in the heart”
  28. Clayton - English, means “settlement with good clay”
  29. Clifford - English, means “cliff ford”
  30. Conner - Irish, means “lover of wolves”
  31. Conrad - German, means “brave counsel”
  32. Cooper - Middle English, means “barrel maker”

Preppy Names for Boys that Start with D to J

  1. Damien - French, means “to tame” or “to subdue”
  2. Darcy - Irish, Gaelic, means “dark”
  3. Dean - English, means “church official”
  4. Declan - Irish, means “man of prayer” or “full of goodness”
  5. Dimitri - Greek, means “follower of Demeter, goddess of the harvest”
  6. Donovan - Irish, means “dark”
  7. Edward - English, means “wealth, fortune”
  8. Elliot - French, means “Jehovah is God”
  9. Fisher - English, means “fisherman”
  10. Fletcher - English, means “arrow maker”
  11. Graham - English, means “grey home”
  12. Grant - French, means “grand, large”
  13. Griffin - Welsh, means “strong prince”
  14. Harrison - Old English, means “son of Harry”
  15. Jackson - Old English, means “son of Jack”
  16. Jefferson - Old English, means “son of Jeffrey”
  17. Jonathan - Hebew, means “God has given”
  18. Justin - Latin, means “fair, righteous”

Preppy Names for Boys that Start with K to Z

  1. Kellen - Irish, means “powerful warrior”
  2. Kennedy - Irish, Scottish, means “helmeted chief”
  3. Kieren - Irish, means “dark”
  4. Lance - German, means “servant”
  5. Leland - English, means “meadow land”
  6. Lloyd - Welsh, means “grey-haired” or “sacred”
  7. Miles - Latin, means “soldier”
  8. Mitchell - Scottish, means “like the lord”
  9. Parker - English, means “keeper of the park”
  10. Patrick - Latin, means “nobleman”
  11. Quincy - French, means “estate of the fifth son”
  12. Quinton - English, means “queen’s estate”
  13. Reece - Welsh, means “ardent, fiery”
  14. Rhett - Dutch, means “advice”
  15. Spencer - Middle English, means “dispenser of provisions”
  16. Sterling - English, means “excellent” or “top quality”
  17. Taylor - English, means “tailor”
  18. Timothy - Greek, means “to honor God”
  19. Thatcher - Middle English, “a thatcher, one who covers roofs with straw”
  20. Thomas - Aramaic, means “twin”
  21. Tristan - Welsh, means “sorrowful”
  22. Wesley - Old English, means “western meadow”
  23. William - Old French, means “willful protection”
  24. Wills - Old French, means “will” or “desire”
  25. Winston - Middle English, means “wine town”

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