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25 Creative Nicknames for Margaret

If you’re choosing the name Margaret for your baby girl, and it feels a little bit too formal for your child’s day to day, a nickname is a great way to honor Margaret in another way. Here are our favorite unique and creative nicknames for the classic name Margaret.
25 creative nicknames for Margaret
Updated: February 9, 2022

Choosing the right name for your baby can be a difficult decision. Jennifer Moss, CEO and Founder of recommends choosing a name that can grow with your child.  She advises you to remember that you’re not just naming a baby, you’re naming an adult.  But that is where nicknames can be key.  If you’re choosing the name Margaret (perhaps it is a family name), and it feels a little bit too formal for your child’s day-to-day, a nickname is a great way to honor Margaret in another way.

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You may choose to pick a nickname for your child, but Jennifer Moss also suggests that parent chosen nicknames don’t always stick, so perhaps waiting until your child grows into their identity is a better time to pick a nickname.

On the list of popular names for girls, Margaret is #127 in U.S births, so if you are looking for a creative nickname below you will find 25 different options.

  1. Daisy - The French version of Margaret is Marguerite, which means Daisy, a common nickname that can be used. Flowers make pretty names, all the more reason to go with this nickname!
  2. Etta - The Scottish Gaelic version of Margaret is Maretta, shortened to Etta for a creative nickname.
  3. Garet - Typically nicknames are developed by shortening the beginning of a name, but a creative alternative is the use the end of the name, leaving Garet, a unique nickname to use.
  4. GiGi - Whether a young generation or older generation, Gigi is a cute nickname for Margaret, perhaps deriving from the double g’s in Maggie or Peggy.
  5. Greta - Of German origin, Greta is the name for Pearl, the short form of Margaret.
  6. Gretel - The German version of Margaret is Margarete, from which the nickname Gretel originates.  Often tied to the fairytale Hansel and Gretel, this nickname does have some history to it.
  7. Madge - Madge is a creative nickname for Margaret, and means “pearl.”
  8. Mae - Mae is a typical pet name for both Mary and Margaret, and is a more unique spelling when looking for the right nickname.
  9. Mag - A perfectly short nickname for Margaret, Mag is short and sweet.
  10. Maggie - A nickname for Margaret that is ageless allowing it to grow with a child through adulthood.
  11. Maisie - The English name Margaret was turned into Mairead in Scotland and Ireland.  The nickname Maisie, also spelled Maizie and Maisy, derived from Mairead and has become a great nickname for Margaret.
  12. Marg - Utilizing the beginning of Margaret, Marg is a simple and easy nickname.
  13. Marga - An easy and creative nickname for Margaret, more than just the first few letters, and certainly a little more unique.
  14. Margie - A timeless nickname that is popularly used for Margaret, Margie is cutesy but also would work well for older women.
  15. Margo/Margot - The French word for “pearl,” Margo/Margot are variations of Margaret and would make creative options for a nickname.
  16. May - A short and sweet nickname for many names starting with the letter “M”, May is a creative nickname for Margaret if you are looking for simple.
  17. Meg/Meggie - Over time Mag/Maggie transitioned into Meg/Meggie which would later transform into Peg/Peggy for rhyming nicknames.  Meg/Meggie still make great creative options for Margaret today.
  18. Midge - A short form of Michael, Michelle or Margaret, Midge is a creative option for your Margaret.
  19. Molly - Molly can be used as a nickname for many “M” names, a little less common for Margaret which makes it a great creative option.
  20. Mugs - Mugs or Muggy are nicknames for Margaret, perhaps chosen by a child or someone not yet being able to pronounce Margaret and it stuck. Both are endearing, creative nicknames.
  21. Pearl - The literal meaning of Margaret is “pearl,” which makes this a pretty nickname to use.
  22. Peg - British slang morphed Meg into Peg, a rhyming nickname that can be used.
  23. Peggy - Similar to Peg/Meg, Meggie morphed into Peggy and is another rhyming nickname that is a fun alternative.
  24. Reta - Similar to the German form of Pearl, Greta, this is an even shorter version which makes a creative nickname for Margaret.
  25. Rita - Shortened nickname for the name Margarita, the Latin version of Margaret.

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