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101 Girl Names Ending in A

There are hundreds of girls' names that end with ‘a.’ Here are 101 of our favorites.
101 names ending in A for baby girls
Updated: March 31, 2021

There is something about names that end in the letter ‘a’ for girls. They have a certain sense of femininity, whimsy and they’re often a little cute. The ‘a’ sound is incredibly common, especially when it comes to names for girls. Many of these names are also palindromes

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From the popular, to the common, to the slightly more uncommon and less used, there are hundreds of girls' names that end with ‘a.’ This is merely a list of 101 of our favorites.

  1. Ada - this short but sweet name means “noble.”
  2. Adora - this name, which is also the first name of superhero She-Ra, fittingly means “glory.”
  3. Alaina - this Irish name means “dear child.”
  4. Amelia - meaning “industrious,” this is a great name for a hard worker.
  5. Antonella - this feminine form of Anthony means “praiseworthy.”
  6. Aria - this musical name is Italian for “melody.”
  7. Aurora - this is especially fitting for Disney fans, as it’s the name of Sleeping Beauty. It’s also the name of a Roman goddess.
  8. Ava - this short name means “bird.”
  9. Azalea - this floral name means “dry.”
  10. Bea - the short form of the name Beatrice, which means “bringer of joy” stands well on its own.
  11. Bella - this name means “beautiful.” You can also use the name Belle, which means the same.
  12. Bria - this Irish name means “hill."
  13. Brianna - if you want to raise a powerful girl, give her this name, which means “strong, honorable.”
  14. Brigitta - this name, derived from the Irish name Bridget, means “strong.”
  15. Camilla - this French name, which is also a flower, means “free-born.”
  16. Calissa - this Greek mythological name means “most beautiful.”
  17. Ciara - perfect for brown-eyed girls or brunettes, this name means “dark.”
  18. Cora - this sweet name means “maiden.”
  19. Coretta - if you’re looking for name that also has historical context (Coretta Scott King was a prominent member of the Civil Rights Movement), this name means “maiden.”
  20. Daria - 90s kids might recognize and love this name that means “rich.”
  21. Davina - this female form of David means “beloved” and “cherished.”
  22. Delia - this name that has roots in Greek and Celtic mythology, means “pleasant” or “noble.”
  23. Desdemona - fans of Shakespeare might love this name that means “misery, unlucky.”
  24. Dimitra - an alternative form of the name Demter, it is taken from the goddess of fertility.
  25. Elena - this Greek name means “shining light.”
  26. Eliana - for your spring or summer baby, this name means “of the sun.”
  27. Elissa - this named, derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, means “God is satisfaction.”
  28. Eliza - perfect for fans of Hamilton, this name means “God is my oath.”
  29. Ella - meaning “light,” this name is perfect for someone who likes short names.
  30. Elora - this bright name means “God is light.”
  31. Eugenia - meaning “nobility,” this name is regal without being typical.
  32. Filomena - this Latin name means “lover of man.”
  33. Fiona - this name means “white, fair.”
  34. Fiorella - this uncommon Italian name means “little flower,” perfect for a spring baby girl.
  35. Flora - looking for a nature or botanical name? This one means “flower.”
  36. Gaia - the Greek name has mythological roots and means “the earth.”
  37. Genaya - raising a potential water baby? This name means “white wave.”
  38. Glenna - this Gaelic name means “valley, of the glen.”
  39. Hedda - this name means “war” in German.
  40. Helena - this name meaning “light, torch, bright,” is from the Greek name Helene.
  41. Helga - no matter what the origin, this name means “holy.”
  42. Ilona - meaning “shining light,” it’s so bright you need sunglasses.
  43. Imelda - this Spanish name means “powerful fighter.”
  44. Ionia - this Greek name is good for fans of the color purple, it means “Amethyst.”
  45. Jacinda - this name means “beautiful” and is of Greek origin.
  46. Jemma - it can also be spelled Gemma, and it means “dove” or “jewel.”
  47. Jenna - this English name means “fair phantom.”
  48. Jordanna - this Hebrew name means “down flowing.”
  49. Jessa - this alternative to Jessica means “God beholds.”
  50. Kacia - want to find the right name for your inquizitive baby girl? This name means “alert.”
  51. Kayla - this popular name means “pure.”
  52. Kendra - hoping to raise a smarty-pants? This name means “prophetess” or “knowledge.”
  53. Kianna - the name may mean “ancient” but it certainly doesn’t feel that way.
  54. Laetitia - if you’re looking for a happy name, this one means “joy.”
  55. Leona - if you have a baby girl during Leo season, this name means “lion” in Italian.
  56. Lila - a variation of Lily, this name means “of the people.”
  57. Louisa - looking for a powerful name for you baby girl? Look no further than this name, which means “famous warrior.”
  58. Luna - have a little night owl? This name means “moon.”
  59. Marianna - this name could mean “bitter” or “rebellious.”
  60. Mariela - this is a Spanish elaboration of the name Maria.
  61. Mia - if you want to keep your baby girl close to your heart, this name means “mine.”
  62. Mikaela - this name, which has multiple spellings, means “gift from God.”
  63. Mira - this name has several meanings: “bitter,” “abundance,” or “worthy of admiration.”
  64. Moira - fan of Schitt’s Creek? You can name your baby after the Rose family matriarch, which means “bitter.”
  65. Natasha - perfect for December babies, this name means “born at Christmas.”
  66. Nessa - this name, which sounds like a nickname, means “pure.”
  67. Nicola - this feminine form of Nicholas means “people’s victory.”
  68. Nova - perfect for a baby, this name means “new.”
  69. Odelia - this Hebrew name means “praise God.”
  70. Olivia - this popular name means “olive” or “symbol of peace.”
  71. Ophelia - this Shakepearean name means “help.”
  72. Paloma - meaning “a dove,” this Spanish name is not common.
  73. Phillippa - this Greek girl’s name means “lover of horses.”
  74. Pia - meaning “pious,” this uncommon name is cute and short.
  75. Portia - this Latin name means “an offering.”
  76. Reba - have three other kids? Name your baby girl this, which means “fourth-born.”
  77. Rhea - this name means “mother of Gods” in both Greek and Latin.
  78. Riana - need a regal name? This one means “great queen.”
  79. Rowena - Harry Potter fan? This name is the founder of Ravenclaw and means “white-haired” or “fair.”
  80. Sasha - this name means “defender of mankind.”
  81. Serena - hoping for a calm baby? This name means “serene, calm, peaceful, tranquil.”
  82. Sierra - this Spanish name is perfect for the outdoorsy types; it means “mountain.”
  83. Sophia - this incredibly popular name means “wisdom.”
  84. Stella - meaning “star,” use this name if you want your baby girl to shine bright.
  85. Tabitha - this witchy sounding name actually means “beauty or grace.”
  86. Theda - good for holiday and rainbow babies alike, this means “supreme gift.”
  87. Thora - this female version of Thor means “goddess,” “watcher” and “thunder.”
  88. Titania - this dreamy name means “giant.” It is also the name of the fairy queen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  89. Una - perfect for your first baby, this name means “one” or “lamb.”
  90. Vera - this old fashioned sounding name means “true” in Latin.
  91. Vesta - perfect for fire signs, this name means “goddess of the hearth.”
  92. Victoria - this popular classic name means “victory.”
  93. Viva - baby girls with this name will have a zest for “life,” which is its meaning.
  94. Wilda - think you have a wild one on your hands? This name means “untamed.”
  95. Willa - this name that means “resolute protector” hasn’t been popular since the 1930s, and it’s time for a comeback.
  96. Xanthia - is your baby girl a blondie? You can use this name, which means “blond.”
  97. Yedda - future singer on your hands? This name means “beautiful voice.”
  98. Zara - this royal sounding name means “princess” or “light.”
  99. Zelda - though this name means “grey battle” or “gray haired” don’t let it discourage you.
  100. Zofia - looking for an alternative to Sophia? This name means “wisdom.”
  101. Zola - this French name used on Grey’s Anatomy means “famous bearer.”

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