75 Palindrome Names That Are Perfect for Baby

Updated: March 16, 2021
Here are 75 palindrome baby names for you to choose from, to hopefully help you if you are feeling overwhelmed to choose the perfect name. We're featuring our top palindrome names for boy, girls, and gender neutral options.
75 Palindrome Names
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When naming my sons, I wanted simple names that also had meaning. We took great care in choosing their names as well, with a little bit of internet help. I didn't know that there were so many different categories of baby names, so it felt a bit overwhelming at first. I recently found palindrome names intriguing and discovered there are so many beautiful names for every gender. A palindrome is best described with the word "racecar." A palindrome is a word or phrase that reads the same backward as forward.

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From "Ava" to "Pip," you quickly fall in love with a name that will stand out the most for your little one. This collection of names is so unique, giving you options from many languages. As a bonus, you will receive a little insight into each of the palindrome baby names we mention, so you can see just where it came from.

Here are 75 palindrome baby names for you to choose from, to hopefully help you if you are feeling overwhelmed to choose the perfect name. Each of these palindromic names would be a great choice if you are wanting an especially unique name for your little one. They are simple and beautiful, so you can't go wrong!

Palindrome Names for Boys

  1. Aba - African, meaning "born on Thursday"
  2. Aca - Ancient Greek, meaning "defending men"
  3. Aoloa - Hawaiian, meaning "distinguished person"
  4. Aza - Arabic, meaning "powerful"
  5. Bob - Old English, meaning "bright and famous"
  6. Davad - An alternative spelling for David; Hebrew, meaning "beloved"
  7. Ebbe - Old English, meaning "brave, strong boar"
  8. Efe - Turkish, meaning "older brother
  9. Eze - African, meaning "king"
  10. Igg i- African, meaning "only son"
  11. Jalaj - Indian, meaning "lotus flower"
  12. Kerek - Hungarian, meaning "wheel"
  13. Kilik - Old English, comes from the Kilik family
  14. Naman - Hebrew and Hindi, meaning "salutations" or "be kind"
  15. Nan - English, meaning "gracious" and Hebrew, meaning "full of grace"
  16. Natan - Hebrew, meaning "gift of God"
  17. Navan - Hindu, meaning "champion"
  18. Neven - Irish, meaning "little Saint" or "holy"
  19. Nirin - Thai, meaning "eternal"
  20. Nolon - An alternative spelling for Nolan; Irish, meaning "famous" or "noble"
  21. Odo - Scandanavian, meaning "rich"
  22. Okko - Irish, meaning "God spear" or "champion warrior"
  23. Otto - German, meaning "wealthy"
  24. Rayar - Hindu, meaning "way of heaven"
  25. Reinier - German, meaning "deciding warrior"
  26. Renner - German, meaning "to run"
  27. Sahas - Sanskrit, meaning "bravery"
  28. Salas - Spanish, meaning "rooms" or "halls"
  29. Sebes - Hungarian, meaning "fast"
  30. Silis - An alternative spelling for Silas; Latin, meaning "man of the forest"
  31. Siris - Egyptian, meaning "loyal gentleman"
  32. Talat - Turkish, meaning "face" or "sight"
  33. Utu - Sumerian, meaning "sun"

Palindrome Names for Girls

  1. Ada - Hebrew, meaning "adorned" and Latin, meaning "of noble birth"
  2. Aidia - Spanish, meaning "help"
  3. Ailia - Irish, meaning "light"
  4. Aisia - Arabic, meaning "life"
  5. Aja - Hindi, meaning "conqueror"
  6. Ala - Arabic, meaning "excellence" or "supremacy"
  7. Aleela - Swahili, meaning "she cries"
  8. Alla - Russian, meaning "other"
  9. Alyla - Sanskrit, meaning "interest"
  10. Ama - African, meaning "born on a Saturday"
  11. Ana - Chinese, meaning "peace"
  12. Anana - African, meaning "soft" or "gentle"
  13. Anina - German, meaning "grace" and Sanskrit, meaning "feeble"
  14. Anna - Hebrew, meaning "gift of God's favor" and Dutch, meaning "bringer of peace/hope"
  15. Ara - Arabic, meaning "embellishing"
  16. Arora - An alternative spelling of Aurora; Latin, meaning "dawn"
  17. Asa - Japanese, meaning "born in the morning"
  18. Ava - Latin, meaning "blooming" or birdlike" and Hebrew, meaning "life"
  19. Aviva - Hebrew, meaning "springtime"
  20. Aya - Hebrew, meaning "colorful" or "bird"
  21. Aziza - Arabic, meaning "beloved" or "mighty"
  22. Ede - Old English, meaning "expensive gift"
  23. Elle - French, meaning "woman" or "girl"
  24. Emme - German, meaning "strength"
  25. Eve - Hebrew, meaning "life"
  26. Habibah - Arabic, meaning "loved one"
  27. Halah - Arabic, meaning "halo"
  28. Hannah - Hebrew, meaning "God is merciful" or "graceful one"
  29. Ireri - Mexican, meaning "the one who lives"
  30. Itati - Guarani, meaning "stone"
  31. Ivi - Old English, meaning "vine"
  32. Izzi - An alternative spelling for Izzy; Hebrew, meaning "God's promise"
  33. Layal - Arabic, meaning "nights"
  34. Lil - Latin, meaning "a flower"
  35. Maram - Arabic, meaning "wish" or "desire"
  36. Viv - Latin, meaning "living" or "lively"

Gender-Neutral Palindrome Names

  1. Isi - Spanish, meaning "consecrated to God"
  2. Kanak - Hindi, meaning "gold"
  3. Lal - Hindi, meaning "darling"
  4. Noon - An alternative spelling for Noone; Irish, meaning "the time of brightest sunshine"
  5. Pip - Spanish and Greek, meaning "horse lover"

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