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75 Gypsy Names for Baby

We've put together the ultimate list of gypsy names for boys, girls, and gender-neutral options with Irish and Romani origins and meanings.
Gypsy Names
Updated: March 29, 2023

What are gypsies? The word "gypsy" comes from the Middle English word "gypcian." This is derived from Greek for Egyptian. It is believed that the Romani gypsies in the Middle Ages were actually Egyptian. Something you may not know that there are two types of gypsies, so not just the Romanies. *Please note that the word gypsy may be viewed as pejorative to some due to its connotations of illegality.

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The Romani people are probably who you are most familiar with. They are nomads who have migrated from Central Asia to Europe and in the 19th century, even the Americas. You won't typically see them identify themselves as one ethnicity as they are very diverse people who speak many different languages.

The other type of gypsies is the Irish Travellers. They aren't related to the Romani people, even though they are sometimes grouped into the same gypsy category. These nomads are primarily English and Irish and primarily live in Ireland. These nomadic people are very religious as well, identifying as Catholic.

Why Choose a Gypsy Name?

The first thing you will notice is that this group of names is very diverse and includes Irish and Romani options, allowing you more gypsy names to choose from. Each name’s meaning is typically something special to their culture or religion and can be a great choice for someone who is adventurous or has ties to gypsies in their ancestry. Either way, these baby names are beautiful and many are very unique, giving your little adventurer a name of their own.

Gypsy Baby Boy Names

  1. Alafair - Old Norse, means "elf warrior"
  2. Alfonso - Old German, means "noble and ready"
  3. Bartley - Hebrew, means "furrow"
  4. Credi - Italian, means "just"
  5. Danior - English, means "born with teeth"
  6. Django - Romani for "I awake"
  7. Duke - Latin for "leader" or Celtic, meaning "leader of the seas"
  8. Ephraim - Hebrew, means "fruitful"
  9. Fenix - Greek for "dark red"
  10. Gallius - Latin, means "from Gaul" and is a derivative of the Greek name Gallus
  11. Goliath - Hebrew, means "exile"
  12. Hanzi - Romani for "God is gracious"
  13. Israel - Hebrew, means "wrestle with God"
  14. Iza - Hebrew, means "God is abundance"
  15. Kashi - Sanskrit for "shining"
  16. Kaven - Irish for "handsome"
  17. Lash - Old English for someone who worked as a doctor
  18. Leander - Greek, means "lion man"
  19. Llewellyn - Welsh, means "like a lion"
  20. Marik - Polish for "warlike"
  21. Manfri - An alternative spelling for Manfre, which is the short form of the German name Manfred and means "man of peace"
  22. Menowin - Romany German name, means "strength" and "friend"
  23. Moses - Hebrew, means "drawn from the water"
  24. Nehemiah - Hebrew, means "God's compassion"
  25. Neptune - Latin for the Roman God of the sea
  26. Patrick - Comes from St. Patrick, Latin for "nobleman"
  27. Patrin - Romani for "leaf trail"
  28. Pyramus - Ancient Greek for "fire" or "blaze"
  29. Rom - Another name for male gypsies
  30. Silvanus - Latin for "woods"
  31. Uriah - Hebrew, means "God is light"
  32. Vano - Romany version of Ivan that means "God is gracious"
  33. Windsor - Old English, means "from the friend's hill"
  34. Wisdom - English, means "common sense"

Gypsy Baby Girl Names

  1. Britannia - English, an anglicized version of "Bretagne" which is a section of France
  2. Charity - Latin, means "loving and benevolent"
  3. Clementina - Latin, means "giving mercy" and also the feminine version of Clemens
  4. Drina - English, means "defender of mankind"
  5. Esmeralda - Spanish for "emerald"
  6. Ethelinda - German, means "noble serpent"
  7. Florence - Latin, means "blooming flower"
  8. Gillie - Latin for "bright promise"
  9. Gypsy - An English word used for nomads that came from northern India or the Romany region
  10. Hester - Persian or Dutch for "star"
  11. Kezia - Hebrew for cinnamon
  12. Lavinia - Latin for "purity"
  13. Leonora - Several meanings including English for "torch" and Greek for "light"
  14. Mahala - Arabic for "powerful" or Hebrew for "tenderness"
  15. Malina - Greek for "gentle one" or Native American for "soothing"
  16. Margaret - Has the same meaning in multiple languages; Persian, Scottish, Gaelic, and German for "pearl"
  17. Mercy - Middle English for "merciful"
  18. Miri - Hindi for "wonderful"
  19. Nan - English for "gracious"
  20. Naomie - Variation of the popular name Naomi, means "pleasantness" in Hebrew
  21. Pamela - Greek for "honey"
  22. Patience - English name that was popular among Romani gypsies
  23. Penelope - Greek for "bobbin-weaver"
  24. Queenie - English for "queen"
  25. Rena - Hebrew for "peace"
  26. Rhoda - Greek for "a rose"
  27. Roma - Italian, means "from Rome"
  28. Sabina - Hindi for a musical instrument
  29. Selina - Greek for "moon"
  30. Shelta - Language spoken by Irish travellers
  31. Theodosia - Greek for "gift of God"
  32. Trinity - Latin, means "the holy three"
  33. Vadoma - Feminine for of Vadim, Romani for "to know"
  34. Zina - Several meanings including Greek for "of Zeus" and Latin for "colorful flowers"

Gender Neutral Gypsy Names

  1. Amberline - Arabic for "jewel"
  2. Bohemia - Comes from "Bohemian" which is the term that was used for the Romany people who came to France
  3. Freedom - English for "liberty"
  4. Leviathan - Israeli for "coiled"
  5. Liberty - English for "freedom"
  6. Ocean - Greek for "sea"
  7. Vai - German for "mighty ruler"

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