• dad at home with baby
    Baby Names
    The Most Popular British Baby Names the US Hasn't Discovered Yet
    When looking for baby name inspiration, sometimes we have to look outside the country. The most popular names in the United States have generally stayed the same over the last few years. Of course, some names may move up or down the list, but ult...
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  • country baby names
    Baby Names
    25 Rustic Country Baby Names You'll Want to Steal
    There’s something about names that sound rustic. They evoke images or feelings of back porch swings, sweet tea and magnolia trees. With the popularity of things like HGTV and shiplap, it’s not a surprise that parents are looking for rustic, c...
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  • vintage baby names making a comeback
    Baby Names
    Vintage Baby Names Making a Comeback in 2019
    If you’re trying to find a cool name for your baby that may be a little off the beaten path, you need to look to the past. There’s a saying that what’s old becomes new again, and that couldn’t be more true with names. Names that are “vi...
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  • teen girl have anxiety about college
    Easing Anxiety and Worry in Teens Before Starting College
    Now that the school year is winding down, for parents of teens graduating high school, a new set of struggles begins: the countdown to the start of college. By mid August, kids will be starting this next chapter in their lives. And there is a lot...
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  • storage solutions for small kids room
    Home Decorating
    5 Practical Storage Solutions for Small Kids' Rooms
    When you live in a small space, finding sufficient storage is always a challenge. Whether it’s a small house or an apartment, sometimes we have to get creative with how we utilize the storage space available to us.  More: How to Create a Lear...
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  • toddler using iphone at restaurant
    Behavior and Discipline
    I Give My Kids an iPad or Phone at Restaurants and I Am Not Ashamed
    Whenever I get ready to take my son out to dinner, there are two things I make sure of. One is that he has a small toy or two to carry, and the other is that my phone is charged. Because I know that at some point during the meal, I’m going to h...
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