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5 Practical Storage Solutions for Small Kids' Rooms

If you’re looking for some fun and relatively inexpensive storage options for small spaces, here are a few of our favorite options.
storage solutions for small kids room
Updated: December 1, 2022

When you live in a small space, finding sufficient storage is always a challenge. Whether it’s a small house or an apartment, sometimes we have to get creative with how we utilize the storage space available to us. 

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Having kids makes having a good amount of storage even more important. Because while kids may not take up a lot of space, all of their stuff does. Sometimes I stand in the middle of the floor and wonder how my son manages to accumulate so much stuff. So much of it is small, which presents the unique challenge of having to store it and keep it from getting lost. We live in a studio apartment, and while we have a surprising amount of storage space for something so tight, I still need more. That means I have to find pieces that will fit well into our space, which means sometimes I have to get creative

If you’re looking for some fun and relatively inexpensive storage options for small spaces, here are a few of my favorite options. 

Organize & Play Penguin Beanbag Storage

The penguin beanbag from Organize & Play is a great multi-use product. Doubling as both storage and something to sit on, you wouldn’t mind sticking it in a corner. The penguin shell itself is adorable, and will fit into any bedroom. Unlike a traditional beanbag chair, you fill it. Anything that would feel good to sit on suits it best — soft toys are an option, but may be a little lumpy. If you don’t have a ton of closet space, it comes in handy for storing things like linens. Extra sheets for their beds would be much more reachable, which helps for any sort of emergencies, especially late at night. At our house, we decided to fill it with my son’s favorite throw blankets. Your kids can curl up in the chair and play or read a book, and you’re freeing up closet space. 

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Stacking Storage Bin

Stacking is always a great way to create additional space in a kid’s bedroom. When you don’t have a lot of floor space, sometimes you have to think vertically. A stacking storage bin has multiple uses. And if you’re stacking, you can use each level to hold different things. These Badger Basket stacking bins from Target come in several colors, including blue, pink, and gray. Each set of bins has three containers, which means you can hold anything and everything. Maybe you use one set for toys, and another set for books and crafts. Or you can use it for clothing and shoes. The cubbies create endless possibilities. 

Centralized Storage Rack

Having one centralized space for all of your storage pieces is also a great option in a small space. A storage rack with multiple bins and shelves is ideal for a small space. With bins of varying sizes, you can store toys of varying sizes without having to worry about them getting lost! Since the storage bins are removable, you can switch them around based on your child’s needs. And since the shelf itself isn’t huge, you can tuck it into a corner to make a play area. This is also great if you’re trying to maximize closet storage as well — you could easily fill it with clothes and accessories instead of toys. 

DIY Hanging Storage

If you’re into a good DIY project and you have ceiling space, why not create some hanging storage. Having your storage crates hang from the ceiling means you’re not using any additional wall or floor space. But you can still create a good amount of storage options. Something like this would likely be good for things like stuffed animals or balls that can quickly take over a room. And because you’re building it yourself, you can customize it however you want. You can even get the kids involved and allow them to feel like they have a say in their room decor.

DIY Plastic Bin Storage

This is another easy DIY storage project. And since it’s summer, finding what you need should be a breeze. All you need is a handful of plastic buckets and zip ties. You thread the zip ties through the handle holes to put them together in a formation that would best fit into your space. Plastic bins like this are great for small toys. Things like cars, trains, those LOL surprise toys, Legos, Barbie accessories and the like. Basically anything that could get sucked up into a vacuum or lost under a bed or in between the couch cushions. All in all, the whole project shouldn’t take long or cost more than maybe $10!

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