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10 Nostalgic Movies to Watch With Your Kids

Kids like to watch the same thing over and over again. If you can convince them to try something new, why not introduce them to a movie from your own childhood? These are just 10 of our favorite childhood movies that are now available for streaming to share with our kids.
10 movies from your childhood that you can watch with your kids
Updated: December 1, 2022

Now that we’re going to be home for a while, trying to find new things for your kids to watch can be a challenge. We all know kids love watching the same things over and over as it is. But sometimes we can convince them to watch something else. And when you can, why not introduce them to a movie from your own childhood?

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Streaming services are really good for finding movies we loved to share with our kids. With so many different services, it’s practically impossible not to find something to share with them. These are just 10 of our favorite childhood movies that are now available for streaming to share with our kids.

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Space Jam

This 90s classic starring Michael Jordan and the Looney Tunes characters is always a must-see and currently available on Netflix. Not only is it incredibly entertaining, it teaches kids about believing in yourself. Hidden behind all the slapstick comedy is a message about believing you’re enough and knowing what your strengths are. 

The Land Before Time

If you have an HBO subscription, then it’s time to show your kids this beautiful movie. For many of us 80s/90s kids, The Land Before Time is a formative part of our childhood. Because one of the large themes of the film is loss, it’s a great way to introduce the subject to your younger kids. Plus, it teaches them about teamwork and the importance of friendship. 

Charlotte’s Web

There are two versions of this classic E.B. White tale, but the animated, musical version from the 70s is the most iconic. And thankfully, it’s streaming on Hulu. Not only does it teach kids about loss and the symbiotic relationship of animals, but it teaches kids that everyone is special in their own way.

Little Giants

This 90s kid comedy is now available for streaming via imdbTV. Since it’s a movie about the underdogs finally winning, it’s a great movie to teach your tweens about not giving up. As they say in the movie, all it takes is “one time.” Perseverance and teamwork are always important lessons to learn. 

The Lion King

Perhaps your kids have seen the live-action version that came out last summer. But if that’s the only version they’ve seen, it’s time to introduce them to the original animated version. Available on Disney+, this is a great way of teaching kids about loss of a parent, and being able to step into your own power. 

Stuart Little

This early 00s film is available now on Netflix. Based on the popular children’s book, it is a really wonderful story about what makes a family. In watching it, kids will realize that it’s not blood alone that makes family. Family is about love, and that’s the most important.


Bringing honor to her family isn’t all Mulan is good for. This late 90s classic is available for streaming on Disney+ and it really holds up. Not only does it teach kids to stay true to themselves and fight for what they know is right, but it shows that girls can save the world.

Free Willy

Another 90s classic film that’s currently streaming on Hulu. Its biggest lesson of course is that animals aren’t meant for life in captivity. But Free Willy goes deeper than that. It beautifully explores the delicate relationship humans have with animals, and how we can use that as a force for change. 


Another 90s icon starring Robin Williams is currently streaming on Netflix. This retelling of Peter Pan may seem to have more of a lesson for adults hidden in there, but kids can get something from it too. No matter how old you are, holding onto that sense of childlike innocence and wonder is always a good thing.


This is another film available through HBO. Babe is an instant classic where kids learn that you can be anything if you believe in yourself. How else would a pig save his life by becoming a sheepdog? It’s also heartfelt and very funny.

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