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75 Car Names for Boys

If you’re passionate about automobiles, a car-inspired name for your baby boy might be the perfect solution. Here are 75 car names for boys that are sure to give your baby boy a unique spin.
75 car names for baby boys
Updated: March 27, 2024
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Finding the right name for your son can send you looking in a bunch of different directions. Sometimes you need to focus on a specific theme to help narrow down your selection.

If you, your partner, or anyone else in your circle is a car enthusiast, that may be the way to go. Between names of past and current car companies, car models and car parts, there is a wealth of options. Here are 75 car-inspired names for your future race car driver.

Car Names for Boys

Choosing a name for your child can be an exciting yet challenging task. For car enthusiasts, incorporating their passion for automobiles into their son's name can add a unique and personal touch. Here's a list of car-inspired names that could suit future car lovers, combining the sleekness of automotive innovation with the timeless tradition of naming with boy car names!

  1. Allen - The name meaning "little rock" was also a model of car back in the late 1910s.
  2. Aries - This zodiac name meaning "the ram" is a model of Dodge.
  3. Aston - the Aston Martin is a well-known British sports car. The place-inspired name means "East-Town."
  4. Ayrton - This is the first name of Ayrton Senna, a Brazilian race car driver.[1]
  5. Axel - This name means "my Father is peace" and is an important car part.
  6. Baron - This name is a model of Chrysler, and it means "noble man."
  7. Bentley - This nature name, meaning "meadow with coarse grass" is also a very high-end car.
  8. Brooks - Meaning "from the brook," it's the name of a steam motor company that ran from 1923 to 1931.
  9. Carr - No, it's not a misspelling for the vehicle, it's the acronym for a famous mechanic.
  10. Cedric - This English name is also a model of Nissan.
  11. Chevy - Short for Chevrolet, it means "knight or horseman."
  12. Cole - This name of an Indiana based motor company means "victory of the people."
  13. Colt - This name means "young horse" and is also a model of Dodge.
  14. Cooper - Like the popular Mini Cooper, this name means "barrel maker."
  15. Cruz - Not just something you can do in a car, it's also the name of a Chevrolet model.
  16. Dale - This name, which means "valley" and is the first name of race car drivers Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Jr.
  17. Dash - This name that means "from the ash" is a nickname for Dashiell, but also taken from the dashboard, an important part of the car.
  18. Datsun - Looking for something a little less common? This is the name of a Japanese car company.
  19. Dayton - Even non car enthusiasts know about the Daytona 500. It"s also the name of an electric car company.
  20. DeVille - The DeVille is a model of the popular Cadillac brand.
  21. Diesel - This diminutive of Matthias means "gift of God"; it's also a type of car fuel.
  22. Dodge - This powerful name shares its name with an American car brand known for its trucks and SUVs.
  23. Enzo - This German name which means "rules the home" is the name of car company Ferrari.
  24. Essex - Not only is it a section of England, it's also a car company.
  25. Everest - Meaning "dweller of the Eure River," it's also the name of a Ford model.
  26. Ford - Arguably one of the most well-known American companies, this name means "river crossing."
  27. Forest - This is the name of the Forest Motor Car Company that existed for one year; it also means "from the woods."
  28. Franklin - The Franklin Automobile Company lasted from 1902 to 1934. The name means "free man."
  29. Gage - This is an alternative spelling to the part of a car spelled "gauge" and it means measurer.
  30. Graham - Sharing a name with Graham Motorette, this name means "from the gravelly homestead."
  31. Grant - The name means "large, great" and shares its name with the Grant Motor Car Corporation.
  32. Harrison - This English name meaning "song of Harry" was also the name of a touring car made by Harrison Wagon Company.
  33. Henry - Henry Ford is arguably one of the most well-known car manufacturers and inventors. The name means "ruler of the home."
  34. Herbie - Old school Disney enthusiasts probably remember the popular franchise Herbie the Lovebug. The name, a derivative of Herbert, means "warrior."
  35. Holden - This popular literary name is also the name of an Australian car brand.
  36. Jackson - This popular name meaning "son of Jack/John was the name of the Jackson Automobile Company from 1903 to 1923.
  37. Jaeger - This name means "hunter" and was also the Jaeger Motor Car Company which only lasted a year.
  38. Jenson - This name, which means "son of Jens", is the first name of Formula One racer Jenson Button.
  39. Jeremy - For fans of the car show, Top Gear, this name, which means "exalted by God" is the name of host Jeremy Clarkson.
  40. Jimmy - This diminutive of James, which means "supplanter" is also the name of a discontinued GM SUV.
  41. Knox - The Knox Automobile Company lasted from 1900 to 1915. The name means "from the small hill."
  42. Lewis - Not only does this name mean "famed warrior," it's also the name of popular race car driver Lewis Hamilton and the Lewis Motor Company.
  43. Lincoln - You don't have to be continental to name your baby after this common American car brand.
  44. Logan - This already popular name is the name of a sedan from French car brand Renault.
  45. Mack - This English name is also the name of a truck brand.
  46. Mario - Mario Andretti is a very famous race car driver. The name means "warlike" in Italian.
  47. Martin - The other half of Aston Martin, meaning "servant of Mars, God of war."
  48. Maverick - This name, which means "wildly independent" is a model of Ford car.
  49. Monte - From the Chevrolet Monte Carlo, you can also use the spelling Monty to make it less obvious.
  50. Morgan - This name that means "great circle" is the name of a British sports car brand.
  51. Nash - Taken from the Nash Motors Company that was in business in the early 1900s until the mid-1950s.
  52. Nelson - This name means "son of Neil or Nell" and is the last name of the E.A. Nelson Motor Car Company.
  53. Orion - Meaning "dweller on the mountain," this is the name of a Ford model.
  54. Owen - This name meaning "the yew tree, or youth" is another short-lived car company from the early 1900s.
  55. Packard - This is the name of a luxury car company that existed from the late 1800s until the 1950s.
  56. Phoenix - The Dodge Phoenix is a model borrowing the name that means "blood red."
  57. Pierce - This English name meaning "rock" is another now defunct car company, the Pierce-Arrow Motor Company.
  58. Ranger - Technically, this is a mini truck, but this name that means "outdoor guardian" still works.
  59. Renault - Looking for something a little less well known? This is the name of a popular French car brand.
  60. Richard - Richard "King" Petty is a Daytona 500 winner seven times over. The name means "brave ruler."
  61. Riker - The Riker Electric Vehicle Company was formed in 1902. The name, which can also be spelled "Ryker," means "rich."
  62. Romeo - You may not think of cars when you hear this name that means "from Rome," but it's also part of the name of a popular Italian car brand.
  63. Ross - This name means "headland" and shares its name with a steam car invented by Louis S. Ross.
  64. Rover - This isn't just a name for a dog, it's also a popular luxury sport SUV.
  65. Royce - Your little boy can be the height of luxury sharing the name with this ultimate luxury car brand.
  66. Sebastian - This name, meaning "venerable" is popular among race car drivers.
  67. Shelby - Meaning "Willow farm" this name is a sports car with a Ford engine.
  68. Stanley - The Stanley Motor Carriage Company was an early 1900s steam-engine vehicle manufacturer.
  69. Stu - This name comes from the Studebaker, which is a vintage car from the early 1900s.
  70. Tucker - meaning "softner of cloth," it shares its name with The Tucker Corporation, which operated from 1946 to 1948.
  71. Veyron - The Veyron is a model of Bugatti and slightly less obvious to non-car people.
  72. Vin - This name is a car acronym, standing for Vehicle Identification Number. It also means "conquering."
  73. Walker - Meaning "fuller of cloth," this is the name of a motor company that lasted from 1905 to 1906.
  74. Wilson - This name means "son of Will" and shares its name with the Wilson Automobile Manufacturing Company.
  75. Zephyr - This vintage car model means "west wind."

Boy Car Names

Boy car names that are popular and inspired by automobiles include Miles, Cooper, Bentley, Aston, Jensen, Lincoln, Morgan, and Cruz. These names carry a sense of adventure and automotive flair, perfect for any little car enthusiast.

What Is a Cool Name for a Car Guy?

A cool name for a car guy could be Ryder. This name exudes a sense of adventure and a love for all things automotive, making it a fitting choice for someone who enjoys cars and the open road.

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