Meaning and Origin of: Martin

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Latin : Warlike; who loves everyone; warring

Girl name variations

Boy name origins & meanings

  • English : Warrior of Mars, warlike, warring

Family name origins & meanings

  • English, Scottish, Irish, French, Dutch, German, Czech, Slovak, Spanish (Martín), Italian (Venice), etc. : from a personal name (Latin Martinus, a derivative of Mars, genitiveMartis, the Roman god of fertility and war, whose name may derive ultimately from a root mar ‘gleam’). This was borne by a famous 4th-century saint, Martin of Tours, and consequently became extremely popular throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. As a North American surname, this form has absorbed many cognates from other European forms.
  • English : habitational name from any of several places so called, principally in Hampshire, Lincolnshire, and Worcestershire, named in Old English as ‘settlement by a lake’ (from mere or mær ‘pool’, ‘lake’ + tūn‘settlement’) or as ‘settlement by a boundary’ (from(ge)mære ‘boundary’ + tūn ‘settlement’). The place name has been charged from Marton under the influence of the personal name Martin.

Famous people with this first name

Famous people with this last name