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100 Boy Names That Mean Warrior (With Their Origins)

If you're keen to give your little boy a warrior, soldier or fighter-themed name, our list of 100 boy names has all the top choices.
100 Warrior Boy Names
Updated: February 1, 2024
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Naming a child can seem daunting and there are so many popular names out there that may not seem like a good fit, especially for your baby boy. Luckily, we have compiled a list of baby boy names that are perfect for your little one. You will be able to choose a strong name for your battle-ready baby boy after reading this list!

Warrior Names for Boys

Each of these names has its origins and meanings so you can find the perfect boy name that suits your young warrior. Many of these like Finley are unisex and can even be used as a baby girl name. Let's dive into our list of names that either mean warrior or are related to strength and battle.

  1. Abhivira - Hindi for "commander" or "surrounded by heroes."
  2. Achilles - The name of a hero in Greek mythology during the Trojan War.
  3. Agnar - Norwegian name for "ruler with the sword" and commonly used in Scandinavian-speaking countries.
  4. Agro - Italian for "hero" or "tough individual."
  5. Alcinder - The Greek name for "man's defender."
  6. Alexander - Greek for "protector of mankind" and is shared with the ancient king of Macedon, Alexander the Great.
  7. Alfonso - Old German name for "noble and ready." Several Spanish and Portuguese kings shared this name.
  8. Aloysius - Old German for "famous warrior."
  9. Armand - German and Italian for "warrior" or "man of the army."
  10. Aryan - Sanskrit for "honorable warrior."
  11. Bade - Welsh for "from Baddon" and North German for "battle."
  12. Bahaadur - Hindi for "brave warrior."
  13. Batair - Gaelic for "strong warrior."
  14. Bertrand - German for "bright shield."
  15. Bhaltair - Scottish for "strong fighter."
  16. Boris - Russian for "fight" and derived from the Old Slavic name "Boroslav" which means "conflict" and "glory."
  17. Cadel - Welsh name for "battle."
  18. Callan - Scottish name for "battle."
  19. Casey - Irish name for "vigilant."
  20. Chad - Old English for "warlike."
  21. Clancy - Irish for "offspring of a red-headed soldier."
  22. Clovis - Old German for "renowned fighter."
  23. Cyrus - Shared with the Persian king Cyrus the Great who founded the first Persian Empire.
  24. Daljit - Indian for "the conqueror of forces."
  25. Denzel - Welsh for "high stronghold."
  26. Dorian - Derived from "Dorus" a legendary ancient Greek hero.
  27. Duncan - Old English for "dark warrior."
  28. Durand - Latin for "strong and enduring."
  29. Dustin - German for "valiant fighter."
  30. Earl - English origin name meaning "warrior" or "nobleman."
  31. Einar - Scandinavian for "one warrior" or "battle leader."
  32. Eloy - Spanish for "renowned warrior."
  33. Evander - Scottish for "bow warrior" or "strong man."
  34. Finley - Celtic and Irish for "fair-haired warrior."
  35. Gautier - German for "strong ruler" or "commander of the army."
  36. Gerald - A French name for "spear warrior."
  37. Gideon - Hebrew name for "mighty warrior."
  38. Gunnar - An Old Norse name for "war."
  39. Gunther - An Old Norse name for "war" and a variation of "Gunnar."
  40. Griffith - Welsh for "fierce chief."
  41. Harbin - German name for "little bright warrior."
  42. Harold - Old German for "commander."
  43. Harvey - Old German for "battle."
  44. Herman - German for "warrior" or "soldier."
  45. Horatius - For Horatius Cocles, an army officer in the early Roman Republic.
  46. Humphrey - Old English for "peaceful force."
  47. Igor - Scandinavian for "hero."
  48. Ivor - An English name derived from the Welsh name "Ifor" which means "archer."
  49. Jabbar - Arabic for "mighty" and "powerful."
  50. Jaivira - Hindi for "victorious warrior."
  51. Jerry - French for "spear warrior."
  52. Jimmu - Japanese for "divine warrior."
  53. Julius - For Julius Caesar, an ancient Roman general and dictator.
  54. Kaiden - American for "fighter."
  55. Kane - Hebrew for "spear" and Scottish for "warlike."
  56. Karamveer - Sikh for "enthusiastic hero."
  57. Kijani - African for "warrior."
  58. Kimball - Old English for "chief" or "leader."
  59. Koa - Hawaiian for "fearless warrior."
  60. Liam - Irish for "unwavering protector."
  61. Louis - Old German for "famous warrior."
  62. Ludwig - German for "famous warrior."
  63. Luther - German for "warrior."
  64. Malou - Danish for "famous battle."
  65. Marcel - Latin for "warlike."
  66. Marcus - Latin for "defender."
  67. Martin - Latin for "warring."
  68. Milo - Latin for "soldier."
  69. Mordecai - Hebrew for "warrior."
  70. Murdock - Scottish for "victorious at sea."
  71. Murphy - Irish for "sea warrior."
  72. Nakoa - Hawaiian for "brave one."
  73. Nolan - Irish for "renowned" and Scottish for "champion."
  74. Oscar - Old Norse for "divine spear."
  75. Owen - Irish for "born to nobility" or "young warrior."
  76. Patton - Old English for "fighter's town."
  77. Peyton - English for "fighting man's estate."
  78. Ragnar - Norse for "warrior" or "judgment"
  79. Rainer - Norse for "a wise leader" and Latin for "ruler."
  80. Ranjit - Indian for "victorious in battle."
  81. Roger - German for "famous spearman."
  82. Rollo - German for "wolf counsel."
  83. Ryder - Old English for "a horseman."
  84. Sacha - Russian for "defender of mankind."
  85. Saladin - Saladin is a renowned warrior who took control of Palestine when he captured Jerusalem in the 1100s.
  86. Saxon - English for "swordsman."
  87. Sibbi - Danish for "victorious hero."
  88. Sloan - Gaelic for "warrior."
  89. Sweeney - Gaelic for "little hero."
  90. Swithin - English name for "strong."
  91. Thor - Old Norse for "thunder." Thor is the God of thunder in Norse mythology.
  92. Troy - An anglicized form of the Gaelic "O Troighthigh" which means "foot soldier."
  93. Umberto - Italian for "bright warrior."
  94. Viggo - Scandinavian for "exuberant" and Norse for "battle."
  95. Veerle - Dutch for "battle."
  96. Walt - German for "powerful warrior."
  97. Warner - German for "defending army."
  98. Warrick - German for "protecting ruler" and English for "strong leader."
  99. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior."
  100. Zander - Greek for "defender of man."

Names of a Warrior

History and mythology have given us the names of many great warriors, who excelled in strength, bravery, and loyalty. One of these courageous figures from the past might just inspire a name for your own little trooper!

  • Ajax - In Greek mythology, Ajax was a strong and fearless warrior who fought in the Trojan War.
  • Arthur - This legendary king of Camelot led his knights to battle against invaders and enemies.
  • Beowulf - A hero from Old English epic poetry, Beowulf is known for his strength and bravery in battling monsters.
  • Clovis - A Frankish king who united all the Frankish tribes under one ruler. His name means "famous warrior."
  • Conan - This name comes from an Irish legend about a warrior named Conán Maol, who possessed great courage and skill in battle.
  • Genghis Khan - One of the most famous warrior kings in history, he founded and expanded the Mongol Empire.
  • Hannibal - A Carthaginian general during the Second Punic War, widely considered one of history's greatest military strategists.
  • Hector - In Greek mythology, Hector was the greatest warrior of Troy during the Trojan War.
  • Hercules - A divine hero in Greek mythology, famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.
  • Lancelot - One of King Arthur's knights, Lancelot was known for his bravery and loyalty on the battlefield.
  • Leonidas - The king of Sparta who led the 300 Spartans against the Persian Empire at the Battle of Thermopylae.
  • Spartacus - A Thracian gladiator and one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War against the Roman Republic.
  • Sun Tzu - A Chinese general, military strategist, writer, and philosopher credited as the author of "The Art of War", a highly influential work of military strategy.
  • William Wallace - A Scottish knight who became one of the main leaders during the Wars of Scottish Independence.

What Is a Good Warrior Name for a Boy?

Names that mean "warrior" suggest bravery, strength, and valor. In cultures around the world, names that encapsulate the spirit of a warrior are celebrated for their powerful connotations and the positive attributes they are hoped to inspire in their bearers. Here are some boy names that embody the essence of a warrior.

  • Aiden: An Irish name meaning "little fire," often associated with a warrior's spirit and energy.
  • Barlas - As a given name, Barlas is one of the many boy names that mean “warrior."
  • Barrett - This name signifies "bear strength."
  • Duncan: Of Scottish and Gaelic origin, this name means "dark warrior."
  • Ezekiel - An Old Testament name that means "God strengthens," perfect for a biblical warrior baby name.
  • Gabriel - This name means "God's warrior."
  • Kael - A Gaelic name that means “mighty warrior.”
  • Walter - A Germanic name meaning "ruler of the army."

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