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75 Car Names for Girls That Are Sporty and Sweet

If you’re passionate about automobiles, a car-inspired name might be the perfect solution. Here are 75 car names for girls that are sure to give your baby girl a unique spin.
75 car names for girls
Updated: March 13, 2024
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When looking for a name for your baby girl, the options are endless. If you’re passionate about automobiles, a car-inspired name for your daughter is the perfect solution. As Jennifer Moss, founder, and CEO at suggests, you lean towards “the trend of using 'high end' or luxury brand names in order to elevate the status of your child.” Car names range from brands to car-themed nicknames to names inspired by famous NASCAR drivers and drag racers. If you want names that mean fast and powerful, these car names for girls are sure to command attention. Ready, set, go!

Our Favorite Car Names for Girls 

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There are a number of car-inspired names that can provide a unique, or possibly "tomboy," spin for your little girl. Check out these 75 female car names for inspiration in naming your baby girl.

  1. Acadia - A mid-size SUV from GMC, Acadia makes a trendy and girly name.
  2. Alantra - A play on the Hyundai Elantra, Alantra (or Lani for short) could make a cute and unique name for your daughter.
  3. Aria - Coming from Tata Aria, an Indian diesel SUV, this would make a pretty girl name.
  4. Ariel - Ariel relates to more than just a mermaid, this one comes from Ariel Motor Company and would make a very feminine name for your little girl.
  5. Aston - A great gender-neutral option that can be fitting for your little girl, originating from Aston Martin, a British sports car.
  6. Astra - Named for the Vauxhall Astra, a small family car, Astra would make a unique and special girl name.
  7. Aspen - A Chrysler SUV, Aspen is a sporty name for your little girl.
  8. Auburn - Even though the Auburn Automobile Company was only in production for 30+ years, Auburn would make a pretty name for your daughter.
  9. Audi - A top German car, perhaps a cute nickname for Audrey.
  10. Aurelia - The Aurelia is a vintage car by the Italian manufacturer Lancia, and it would make a unique and pretty name for your little girl.
  11. Avanti - A unique name coming from a sports car, Avanti is a fun and sporty option for a girl.
  12. Bentley - A high-end brand that gives a sense of status and wealth, Bentley is gender-neutral but works as a very cute name for a girl.
  13. Beretta - Based on the Chevrolet Beretta this would definitely make a unique name for your new daughter.
  14. Cam - Short for Camaro, Cam would be a cute sporty name for a girl.
  15. Camry - Based on Toyota’s Camry, this would make a unique and cute girl option or could be tweaked just a bit to make a special spelling of Camryn.
  16. Caprice - Named for Chevrolet’s Caprice, this is a beautiful girly option.
  17. Catalina - Coming from Pontiac’s Catalina, this is a Spanish version of Catherine and would be a very pretty name for a girl.
  18. Catherina - Named for the Saab Catherina, a beautiful two-seater car, this would make a perfect name for your daughter.
  19. Cavalier - No longer in production, but the Cavalier is a Chevrolet vehicle, and would make a special name for that special girl in your life.
  20. Celica - The Toyota Celica is a sporty coupe, great for a sporty little girl.
  21. Cherokee - Jeep lovers will gravitate towards this name with options like Cher as a nickname for your little girl.
  22. Cheyenne - Based on a Chevrolet vehicle, Cheyenne would be a unique name for your daughter.
  23. Clarity - Coming from Honda’s Clarity, an electric car, this would make a pretty name.
  24. Clio - A model from Renault, Clio is a French name that is perfectly adorable for a girl.
  25. Cooper - Named from the Mini Cooper, this is an incredibly popular option. 
  26. Dakota - Inspired by Chrysler’s Dodge Dakota, this would make a strong name. 
  27. Danica - Danica Patrick is a famous American car racer who is well known for being the first woman to win an IndyCar race, making her a strong female to name your daughter after!
  28. Dorris - Coming from the Dorris Motor Car Company, Dorris is a different spelling of a classic girl’s name (Doris).
  29. Eleanor - A Ford Mustang model most known for its appearance in the movie Gone in 60 Seconds, Eleanor is a classic name.
  30. Elise - The Lotus Elise is a two-seater sports car and a beautiful French name.
  31. Erica - Erica Enders-Stevens made a name for herself for her drag racing, with many championships under her belt. Erica symbolizes hard work and perseverance and is a strong name option.
  32. Fabia - Based on Skoda’s compact car, Fabia would be a unique and pretty Italian name for your daughter.
  33. Felicia - Named from The Škoda Felicia, a Czech carmaker, Felicia makes a perfect girl's name.
  34. Giulia - Coming from Alfa Romeo Giulia, an Italian car, Giulia is a beautiful spelling for a very feminine name.
  35. Hemi - Inspired by the Chrysler Hemi engine,  this is a short and sweet option for your little lady.
  36. Holley - Inspired by the Holley Motor Car Company, you could spell your daughter’s name uniquely as Holley, or the traditional form of Holly.
  37. Infiniti - Coming from Nissan, Infiniti has a nice ring to it and symbolizes luxury.
  38. Janet - Janet Guthrie was the first woman to drive in the Daytona and Indianapolis auto races and would make the perfect inspiration for naming your daughter, who will also go on to achieve great accomplishments.
  39. Jazz - Named after the Honda Jazz, this would make a spunky and unique name for a girl.
  40. Jetta - Named after the Volkswagen Jetta, this is a fun and sporty name. 
  41. Katherine - Katherine Legge is a British female car racer and a great role model to name a girl after.
  42. Kia - A great car brand, and a pretty name for your daughter.
  43. Kona - Named for a color of current-generation Mustangs, Kona Blue, this Hawaiian name would be very pretty for a girl.
  44. Lancia - Derived from an Italian car manufacturer, Lancia would make a beautiful name for your girl.
  45. Laura - The Skoda Laura is a sedan that can easily make a traditional girl's name.
  46. Lella - "Lella" Lombardi, an Italian car racer, is the only female Formula One driver to have a top-six finish in a World Championship race. What a history to pass on to a lucky girl!
  47. Liana - A Suzuki car supposedly named as an acronym, Liana (Life In A New Age), would make a pretty girl’s name.
  48. Lombarda - An interesting name, coming from Italian can manufacturer Alfa (Anonima Lombarda Fabbrica Automobili), this would be unique and a great story to tell.
  49. Lotus - The Lotus Elise is a two-seater sports car and a beautiful French name.
  50. Lyn - Lyn St. James is one of just nine women who have qualified for the Indianapolis 500. This is a different spelling than traditional Lynn and a unique name for a girl.
  51. Mack - Mack is a worldwide producer of cars and is another really great gender-neutral option that would work well for your girl.
  52. Megane - Named for the Renault Mégane, a French car, this could be a more unique spelling for an Americanized Megan.
  53. Melanie - Melanie Troxel is a female car racer and an inspiration to name your daughter after.
  54. Mercedes - If you have expensive tastes you may know a thing or two about Mercedes, an equally adorable name for your little girl.
  55. Milka - Milka is a female Venezuelan car racer and a great role model to name a girl after.
  56. Morgan - Named from a British sports car, this is a great gender-neutral name that can be girly as well.
  57. Nova - A Chevrolet vehicle, Nova means new and would be an adorable name for your new little girl.
  58. Porsche - A high-end sports car, you will be giving your daughter a sense of rich and sleekness with this name.
  59. Portia - A popular name option for your daughter, popularized by actress Portia de Rossi, reflects the richness that comes with Porsche.
  60. Riley - Riley Motors is known for its popular wheels; this is a gender-neutral name that is quite often used with girls.
  61. Sahara - The Sahara Jeep lends its way to a pretty and strong name for a girl.
  62. Sara - Sara Christian is NASCAR’s original female trailblazer, a strong woman to name a girl after.
  63. Sason - Named after Sixten Sason, a Swedish designer known for developing Saab cars, Sason would be a unique but cute name. 
  64. Savana - Based on GMC vans, Savana is a lovely name for your daughter.
  65. Senna - McLaren’s Senna is a sporty car and has a fun and interesting name.
  66. Shelby - A Ford Mustang model, having a Shelby in your life is perfect for those with classic taste.
  67. Shirley - Shirley Muldowney, the first woman to win an NHRA drag racing championship, is an influential person to name your daughter after.
  68. Sienna - Named for the Toyota Sienna, this would make a very pretty name.
  69. Sierra - Coming from Ford, the Sierra is a family car that indicates reliability, a pretty name for a girl.
  70. Simona - Simona de Silvestro is a female Swiss car racer nicknamed “Swiss Miss.”  She is a great role model to name a girl after.
  71. Stella - Stella is the first family-sized solar-powered road vehicle, which gives a rich history for your daughter if you choose to name her for this car.
  72. Tesla - A very popular car these days, Tesla is a catchy name if you’re looking to keep up with modern times.
  73. Veyron - Based on a Volkswagen sports car, the Bugatti Veyron lends a unique option for a girl’s name.
  74. Victoria - Inspired by the Crown Victoria designed by Ford, this name has a royal feel to it and would be a great name choice.
  75. Zephyr - A super unique name and a vintage classy car, your daughter will turn heads with this name.

Female Car Names

When it comes to naming cars, there are numerous options that exude both sporty and sweet vibes. Some popular choices include Acadia, Aria, Ariel, Dakota, Danica, Dorris, Mack, Melanie, and Mercedes. Additionally, names inspired by color and style such as Aurora, Blaze, Blue, Bonnie, Breeze, Bullet, and Butterfly offer a wide array of creative options.

What Cars Have a Girl's Name?

Several cars are named after girls or have female-themed names. Some notable examples include:

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