75 Baby Names Inspired by the Desert

Updated: April 22, 2022
These are our favorite boy, girl, and gender-neutral names inspired by the desert.
75 Desert Names
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Finding a name inspired by the desert for your little one can be a creative way to come up with a unique and meaningful name.

Nature-inspired names are gaining popularity in recent years.The wide-open spaces of the desert, paired with its distinct arid weather, give way to inspiration for many brilliant names. The desert is also home to a variety of fauna and flora for ideas!

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Did you know that not all deserts are hot? Antarctica is actually considered a cold desert. Ed Sheeran, an English musician, actually named his daughter Lyra Antarctica in 2020. A desert is defined as a place that receives less than ten inches of precipitation (rain) a year, whether that place is hot or cold!

Whether you’re looking for a name to remind you of your favorite trail, are in love with succulents, or just want something different for your little one, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby names inspired by the desert to help.

“I have always loved the desert. One sits down on a desert sand dune, sees nothing, hears nothing. Yet through the silence something throbs, and gleams...” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

Below you’ll find names inspired by the deserts themselves, the plant life, desert towns, and even the feelings the deserts bring out in us!

Desert Names for Girls

  1. Amaterasu - Japanese, goddess of the sun
  2. Angola - Located on the west coast of South Africa, this place is another known for its deserts
  3. Antarctica - After the Continent, the cold desert
  4. Ari - Hebrew, means lion, lions are one animal of the Sahara Desert
  5. Arizona - From the state in North America, an obvious yet fitting name for your baby girl
  6. Asia - Greek, means “Sunrise”
  7. Atacama - Named after the driest desert in the world from Chile
  8. Bast - An Egyptian goddess, daughter of the sun god and associated with protection and cats
  9. Boa - After a desert rosy boa snake that lives in the Mojave Desert
  10. Bosa - Old English meaning “clearing or glade”
  11. Cleopatra - Greek, can shorten to “Cleo”, like the Egyptian Queen
  12. Daenerys - Popularized by Game of Thrones, “lady of light” or “lady of hope”, the character spent plenty of time crossing deserts
  13. Dykuma - Lithuanian for “desert”
  14. Gila - After the river that runs through New Mexico and Arizona
  15. Hesperia - Greek, “land of the setting sun”
  16. Johona - Navajo name meaning “the sun”
  17. Kalahari - This is the name of a desert in Africa meaning “the great thirst”
  18. Kuuma - Finnish for “hot”
  19. Leona - Latin, “lion”
  20. Magdalena - Part of the Sonoran Desert
  21. Namibia - For the Namib Desert, the oldest in the world!
  22. Nevada - Another state in North America where desert covers the land
  23. Phaedra - Greek, meaning “bright”, like the sun in the desert
  24. Pyla - After the largest sand dune in Europe
  25. Sahara - The largest hot desert in the world, found in North Africa’s Morocco
  26. Sandy or Sandra - Another obvious choice for desert lovers
  27. Savannah - Spanish, means “treeless plain” but definitely makes us think of the South
  28. Seri - Named after an indigenous tribe that’s associated with Sonoran Desert
  29. Sinai - Hebrew, “from the clay desert”
  30. Sonora - A Mexican state boarded by Chihuahuan Desert means “pleasant sounding”
  31. Sunny/Sunshine - Obvious choice, this is a beautiful name for a baby girl that lights up your life
  32. Tomesha - Native America, means “ground afire”

Desert Names for Boys

  1. Addax - After the white antelope that runs the deserts in Africa
  2. Altan - From Mongolia meaning “golden” just like that desert sun
  3. Aster - After the Mojave aster plant
  4. Audun - Means “deserted”
  5. Auraq - Also from Pakistan meaning “sand or dust colored”
  6. Barren - Speaks to the emptiness of the desert
  7. Basin - After the Great Basin National Park in the desert of Nevada
  8. Brick - You can’t make bricks without sand!
  9. Clay - Can have a lot of different meanings, but for this piece, we’ll equate it with the sands covering the desert
  10. Darwin - Only the strongest survive the desert
  11. Edan - Hebrew, means “fire”
  12. Erden - Also from Mongolia meaning “treasure”
  13. Gobi - An Indian name meaning “happy”, also the name of a desert in China
  14. Grannus - After the Celtic god of fire and sun
  15. Hopper - Named after the locusts that populate those sandy plains
  16. Jack - After the jackrabbits that run around in the deserts
  17. Javier - Spanish, meaning “bright”
  18. Joshua - This name can be common, but it might surprise you to find out that the Joshua Tree National Park is a place you can go to visit both the Mojave and Colorado deserts at once
  19. Kahli - From the biggest desert on the Arabian Peninsula, this means “eternal”
  20. Khufu - After the great Egyptian pharaoh
  21. Lawrence - A great choice for boys, think Lawrence of Arabia
  22. Marudeva - Hindi, “lord of the desert”
  23. Molopo - Named after the river running through the Kalahari Desert
  24. Moreno - Spanish, can be shortened to “Reno” for the city in Nevada or means “brown haired”
  25. Nero - Latin, “powerful”
  26. Ordos - Another desert in China
  27. Oryx - A species of gazelle that lives in some deserts
  28. Rayan - From Pakistan meaning “brilliant; bright, and radiant”
  29. Rocky - Most desert lands are rocky!
  30. Saguaro - When you think of a cactus, the saguaro cactus is the common one to come to mind. It would make for a unique baby boy name
  31. Soloman - “Man of peace”
  32. Thar - After the Thar Desert in Pakistan, “ice”
  33. Yemen/Yamin - A country in south Saudia Arabia, this comes from the Arabic word for “south” which is often associated with heat

Unisex Desert Names

  1. Acacia - Greek, “thorny tree”
  2. Arid - Describes the dry air of the desert
  3. Jordan - A river that runs through the desert-like plains of Israel
  4. Phoenix - After the mythical bird and means “deep red”
  5. Ryn - Welsh, “ruler”, like the many ancient rulers of the deserts
  6. Sage - After the common desert sage that grows wild despite the environment
  7. Sphinx - Like the great sphinx found in the deserts of Egypt
  8. Tequila - The name may be very different, but if you’re a fan of the stuff, it’s made from the agave plant that grows in the desert
  9. Thorn - For obvious reasons, this an ode to those prickly cacti
  10. Zuni - Native American, “beauty” after the Zuni tribe in New Mexico

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