75 Earthy Boy Names for Your Little One

Updated: June 14, 2021
It’s no surprise that earthy names are growing in popularity during a time in history where so many people are quarantined in their city apartments and homes. Here are our favorite earthy boy names to chose from.
75 Earthy Boy Names
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Do you dream of camping trips and weekend hikes with your growing family? If you have an appreciation for the natural world that you would like to share with your new baby boy, why not start by giving him an earthy boy name?

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Earthy names encompass any and all names inspired by nature and planet earth. This includes animal-inspired names like Fox and Bjorn (which means “bear” in Swedish), tree names like Aspen, Elm, and Forrest, and names taken from natural landforms, like River and Bryn (which means “hill” in Welsh).

It’s no surprise that earthy names are growing in popularity during a time in history where so many people are quarantined in their city apartments. Earthy names fit in with the cottagecore aesthetic, which is based on nostalgia and a love for the natural world. Cottagecore names are trending now, presumably for this exact reason.

It may also be that a growing appreciation for the natural world is a small silver lining of todays’ pandemic-world. With playgrounds and public indoor spaces closing their doors, many families are rediscovering the wonders of nature. A forgotten pond or grove of trees now serve as spaces to play and gather with immediate family members out of doors. Dinner out and a movie may not be an option but a picnic and a day in the woods works pretty well for now.

Take a look through our list of 75 earthy boy names:

  1. Acorn - English, the nut
  2. Ainsley - Scottish, means “clearing in the woods”
  3. Alder - German, means “eagle”
  4. Ash - English, means “ash tree”
  5. Aspen - English, the tree
  6. Beech - English, means “beech tree”
  7. Birch - English, means “birch tree”
  8. Bjorn - Swedish, means “bear”
  9. Brent - Celtic, means “hills”
  10. Bryn - Welsh, English, means “hill”
  11. Cashel - Irish, means “castle, stone fort”
  12. Cedar - English, the tree
  13. Clay - English, means “clay”
  14. Colm - Gaelic, means “dove”
  15. Connal - Irish, Scottish, means “wolf”
  16. Connell - Irish, means “strong wolf”
  17. Cullen - Irish, means “holly tree”
  18. Cypress - Greek, the tree
  19. Darby - Norse, means “place of the deer”
  20. Darragh - Irish, means “oak”
  21. Demeter - Slovak, Hungarian, means “Earth mother”
  22. Dionne - French, means “child of heaven and earth”
  23. Drake - English, a duck, also means “dragon”
  24. Elm - English, the tree
  25. Eoghan - Irish, means “born of the Yew tree”
  26. Everley - English, means “meadow of boars”
  27. Fern - English, means “green shady plant”
  28. Ferris - Irish, means “rock”
  29. Fiore - Italian, means “flower”
  30. Fisher - English, means “fisherman”
  31. Forrest - French, means “forest”
  32. Fox - English, the animal
  33. Gardener - Anglo-Saxon, means “keeper of the garden”
  34. Geo - Greek, means “earth”
  35. Glenn - Gaelic, means “valley”
  36. Goran - Slavic, means “highlander, mountain-man”
  37. Greene - Old English, means “green”
  38. Haelyn - English means “a waterfall to the sea”
  39. Hammon - Old English, means “mountain home”
  40. Hawk - English, the bird
  41. Heath - Old English, means “someone who lived at a moor”
  42. Idra - Hebrew, means “fig tree”
  43. Jasper - English, a semiprecious stone
  44. Jay - English, a bird
  45. Juniper - English, an evergreen plant
  46. Lake - English, means “lake”
  47. Lance - German, means “land”
  48. Larch - English, the tree
  49. Lark - English, the bird
  50. Leif - Scandinavian, means “heir”
  51. Linden - English, the tree
  52. Lupin - Latin, means “wolf”
  53. Lyndon - English, means “linden tree”
  54. Marshall - Irish, means “horse servant”
  55. Nova - Latin, an exploding star
  56. Oak - English, the tree
  57. Oakley - Old English, means meadow of oak trees
  58. Oceanus - Greek Mythology, the god who personified the endless river that surrounded the Earth
  59. Oleander - Greek, means “evergreen tree”
  60. Oren - Irish, means “pine tree”
  61. Orson - Latin, means “bear cub”
  62. Oriel - Latin, a bird
  63. Pierce - Welsh, means “rock”
  64. Raven - English, the bird
  65. Reed - English, means “reed”
  66. River - English, means “river”
  67. Sky - English, means “sky”
  68. Spruce - English, the tree
  69. Sterling - English, means “starling”
  70. Terran - English, means “man of the earth”
  71. Teryn - Celtic, means “Irish hillside”
  72. Vermont - French, means “green mountain”
  73. Wolf - English, means “wolf”
  74. Wren - English, the songbird
  75. Yael - Hebrew, means “ibex”

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