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155 Baby Names That Mean White for Girls and Boys

These names that mean white are inspired by the pure, clean and bright feelings of the color white. Find a baby name that means white for girls and boys!
155 Baby Names That Mean White for Girls and Boys
Updated: May 4, 2023
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Baby names inspired by colors are popular choices for boys and girls.

But what about names that mean white?

There’s tons of names that mean blue, names that mean red and of course, beautiful names that mean white. 

Names that mean white are associated with being new and clean as well as a symbol of innocence, purity, and brightness.  The color white is a great option to inspire a bright and beautiful baby girl name or baby boy name

This list of baby names that mean white include many different languages and cultural name origins so you can find something within your heritage as well. 

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From names related to bright white light, names that mean snow, or names that symbolize light hair or eyes, there are so many options.

Boy Names That Mean White Starting with A to K 

  1. Abyaz - Arabic name meaning “white color” or “bright”
  2. Ailbhe - Irish name meaning “bright” or “white”
  3. Alban - Latin name meaning “fair”
  4. Albus - German name for “white”
  5. Alvi - Old English name for “white”
  6. Amal - Hebrew name for “labor” or “pure”
  7. Arjun - Sanskrit name meaning “the white one”
  8. Bai - Chinese name for “white” or “clear”
  9. Bain - Irish for “lives near the pale bridge” or “bridge over white water”
  10. Barry - The Irish anglicized form of O’Baire which means “fair head”
  11. Berwyn - Welsh name for “white hair”
  12. Bialas - Slavic name meaning “white.” 
  13. Blanco - Old English for “fair-haired”
  14. Boyne - Irish for “white cow”
  15. Brighton - English name meaning “from the bright town”
  16. Caerwyn - Welsh name for “white fortress”
  17. Clarence - Latin name for “clear”
  18. Columbo - Italian name for “dove”
  19. Dhaval - Hindi  for “white” or “pure”
  20. Dhavit - Hindi name for “white” or “pure”
  21. Divyatha - Hindi or Indian girl name for “divine lights” or “white”
  22. Dwight - Old English for “fair”
  23. Elvio - Spanish name for “blond” or “fair”
  24. Euphemios - Greek name for “fair speech”
  25. Finn - Irish for “fair-haired” or “white”
  26. Fintan - Irish for “little fair one” or “white fire”
  27. Gannon - Irish for “fair complexion”
  28. Gavin - Welsh for “white hawk”
  29. Gaynor - Welsh and English for “fair, smooth, large”
  30. Gwynfor - Welsh for “great and white”
  31. Haku - Japanese name for “pure” or “white”
  32. Heimdall - Old Norse name for “glowing” or “shining”
  33. Irvin - Scottish name meaning “fair face” and Old English for “sea friend”
  34. Jaivik - Hindi for “pure” and “divine”
  35. Jatau - Sanskrit name for “light” or “fair”
  36. Kalen - Irish name for “slender and fair” or “sporty”
  37. Kalkin - Hindi name for “white horse”
  38. Keelan - Irish for “slender and fair”
  39. Kent - Old English name for “bright white”
  40. Kinnon - Scottish name for “fair born”

Boy Names That Mean White Starting L to Z 

Boy Names That Mean White Starting L to Z 

  1. Labon - Hebrew name for “white” or “bright”
  2. Naqi - Arabic name for “pure”
  3. Olwen - Welsh for “white footprint”
  4. Oren - Scottish for “pale-skinned”
  5. Phinean - Irish and Gaelic name for “fair”
  6. Phoebus - Greek for “shining” or “brilliant”
  7. Rubio - Spanish for “blond”
  8. Shahaka - Native American name for “big white one”
  9. Shaeen - Arabic for “royal white falcon”
  10. Sherlock - Old English name that means “white-haired”
  11. Tahir - Arabic name for “chaste” or “pure”
  12. Tarzan - English name for “boy with white skin”
  13. Trevon - English name for “fair town”
  14. Usain - Arabic name for “beautiful” and “pure”
  15. Visoth - Cambodian name for “heavenly and pure”
  16. Whitcomb - Old English for “white”
  17. Wilbur - German for “bright desire”
  18. Wit - Latin boy name that means “white.” 
  19. Zadock - Hebrew for “fair” or “righteous”
  20. Zal - Persian name for “white-haired”

Girl Names That Mean White Starting with A to K

Girl Names That Mean White Starting with A to K

  1. Ahu - Turkish name for “bright and beautiful”
  2. Aine - Celtic name for “white” or “radiance”
  3. Akira - Japanese name for “bright and clear” or “distinct”
  4. Alba - Latin “white”
  5. Alwen - Welsh name for “white brow”
  6. Astrid - Greek for “star” and Scandinavian for “fair”
  7. Bertha - German for “glorious” or “the bright one”
  8. Bianca - Italian name meaning “white” or “fair”
  9. Blanca - Italian name meaning “white” or “fair”
  10. Blanche -  Italian name meaning “white” or “fair”
  11. Bronwyn - Welsh name that means “pure”
  12. Candace - Greek for “white fire”
  13. Candida - Latin for “bright” or “glowing white”
  14. Chantilly - French name that means “white”
  15. Clarabelle - Latin for “bright”
  16. Daisy - Latin for “day’s eye” and also for the white flower
  17. Damsa - Persian for “silk of white color”
  18. Danala - Hebrew for “judged by God” or “white swan”
  19. Dove - English for the white bird
  20. Edelweiss - German name for “white flower”
  21. Effy - Greek name for “well-spoken” or “fair speech”
  22. Electra - Greek for “bright” or “shining one”
  23. Eliza - Hebrew for “God’s oath” or “white and fair”
  24. Elvira - Spanish name for “truth” or “white”
  25. Euphemia - Greek for “spoken well of” or “white and fair”
  26. Fiona - Scottish and Irish for “fair” or “white”
  27. Galatia - German name for “white as milk”
  28. Ganora - Welsh for “a swelling white wave”
  29. Gauri - Sanskrit word for “white” or “fair complexion”
  30. Ginevra - Italian for “white shadow” or “white wave”
  31. Glenda - Irish for “secluded wood valley” and Welsh for “fair and good”
  32. Guinevere - Irish name that means “white wave”
  33. Gwen - Irish for “white wave”
  34. Gwyn - Welsh name meaning “white, fair and blessed” 
  35. Gwyneth - Irish for “white wave”
  36. Ilka - Hungarian for “bright” or “shining one”
  37. Ivory - Latin for “white as elephant tusks”
  38. Jennifer - Irish and Welsh name for “white wave”
  39. Kayla - Yiddish name for “slim and fair”
  40. Kenya - Russian and African name for “mountain of white” and also a country in Africa

Girl Names That Mean White Starting L to Z

  1. Laksha - Hindi name that means “white rose”
  2. Lucia - Italian and Latin name that means “light”
  3. Marya - Hebrew for “bitter” and Arabic for “purity” or “bright whiteness”
  4. Mirena - Latin for “from the white sea”
  5. Nasreen - Persian for “white rose”
  6. Niamh - Irish for “brightness and radiance”
  7. Nola - Latin for “of noble birth” and Irish for “white shoulder”
  8. Palaksi - Hindi name that means “white”
  9. Pearl - Latin for “jewel” and refers to white pearls found in the ocean
  10. Phoebe - Greek for “brilliant” or “radiant”
  11. Reema - Arabic name for “white antelope”
  12. Rhiannon - A Welsh mythological nymph who was seen riding a white horse
  13. Riko - Spanish for “noble ruler” and Japanese for “white jasmine”
  14. Rowena - Welsh name for “slender” or “fair”
  15. Semanti - Hindu for “white rose”
  16. Wendy - English for “fair”
  17. Wenna - Cornish name meaning “white/fair.” 
  18. Whitley - English for “white field”
  19. Winnie - Welsh for “fair”
  20. Zahra - Arabic name that means “white” or “shining”
  21. Ziva - Hebrew for “radiance”

Baby Names That Mean White as Snow 

Baby Names That Mean White as Snow

Sparkling white snow is a beautiful inspiration for a winter baby name! If you love winter and nature names, check out these names that mean snow, ice and frost. 

Girl Names That Mean Snow 

  1. Aneira - Welsh name that means “much snow”
  2. Drifa - Old Norse name that means  “fall of snow” or “snowdrift”
  3. Edur - Basque name for “snow”
  4. Eira - Welsh name that means “snow”
  5. Frostine - French name for “freezing”
  6. Haukea - Hawaiian name for “snow”
  7. Khione - Greek name that means“snow”
  8. Lumi - Old Norse for “light-bringer” or “snow”
  9. Miyuki - Japanese name for “silence of deep snow”
  10. Neva - Spanish for “covered with snow”
  11. Nivia - Latin name that means “as white as snow”

Boy Names That Mean Snow

  1. Andri - Old Norse name meaning “snowshoe”
  2. Boreas - Greek name meaning “the north wind”
  3. Himesh - Hindi boy name that means “snow king”
  4. Himu - Bengali name that means “snow”
  5. Kari - Turkish name for “slows like water” and “covered in snow”
  6. Lixue - Chinese name meaning “pretty snow”
  7. Nevada - Latin for “snowy”
  8. Tushar - Hindi name that means “snow”
  9. Ullr - An Old Norse God that was called upon in mythology for safety in the snow or climbing mountains
  10. Urmas - Estonian name that means “frost”

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean White

Gender-Neutral Names That Mean White

Some of the most popular names include unisex names that mean white. These baby names are perfect picks for both boys and girls! 

  1. 1 Alba - A unisex name of Latin origin meaning “white.” 
  2. Audrey - Old Norse for “noble strength” and Old English for “fair”
  3. Blake - Old English for “fair,” “pale,” or white
  4. Blanchard - Old English for “fair-haired”
  5. Bowie - Welsh for “son of Owen,” Scottish and Irish for “fair-haired”
  6. Finnegan - Irish for “fair”
  7. Kinley - Irish for “fair-haired Viking” and “daughter of the white warrior”
  8. McKinley - Scottish for “son of the fair warrior”
  9. Morgan - Welsh for “white sea”
  10. Paige - French for “young helper” and English or “white boy servant”
  11. Teagan - Irish for “beautiful” or “fair”
  12. Whitney - English for “from the white island”
  13. Wynn - Welsh for “fair”

Even though not all of these names directly translate to meaning “white,” they each capture what white can mean to different people.

For more names inspired by colors of the rainbow, check out these popular baby name lists:


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155 Baby Names That Mean White for Girls and Boys



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