50 Names That Mean Blue for Your Little One

Updated: April 22, 2022
Blue names offer calming vibes but are also associated with freedom, inspiration, trust, and loyalty. Here are 50 names that mean blue to inspire your baby name search.
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If you’re looking for a name that reminds you of warm days at the beach or maybe you want to set your little one up for a future of wisdom and confidence, a baby name meaning blue could be just the right one for you!

When you think blue, you may associate it with open spaces and expansiveness like the sky. Or maybe you think more on the side of the depths of the oceans. Blue definitely gives off calming vibes but is also associated with freedom, inspiration, trust, and loyalty.

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In 2012, superstar Beyonce made headlines for naming her first-born daughter Blue Ivy. While speculation flew on why she would have chosen that name, she cleared it up by posting an excerpt from Rebecca Solnit’s novel A Field Guide to Getting Lost. The paragraph begins with, “The world is blue at its edges and in its depths…,” and goes on to say “the blue at the farthest reaches of the places where you see for miles, the blue of distance. This light does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is in the color blue.”

Whether you take inspiration from that excerpt too or have your own reasons behind choosing a name that means blue, we’ve compiled a list of 50 boy, girl, and gender-neutral baby names for you to look through.

Girl Names for Blue

  1. Marilee - Welsh, means “star of the sea” related to the names Mari, Marilyn, & Mary
  2. Cyane - Greek, means “a bright shade of blue”
  3. Neelu - Hindu, means “diamond” and describes a gloomy shade of blue/green
  4. Mazarine - French, describes a deep dark shade of blue
  5. Atasi - Indian, Hindu, means “blue flower”
  6. Amrin - Muslim, a lovely quite girl, a “blue sky”
  7. Ruka - Japanese, often used as a spiritual derived named this one describes a bright blue flower
  8. Sini - Finnish, a more feminine version of “Sinkka” means “blue” often used poetically
  9. Claramay - English, means “bright, beloved”, it is the mixture of pink and blue
  10. Bluesette - American, a wonderful choice for jazz-loving parents, this is a laid back baby girl name
  11. Iris - Ancient Greek, “symbol of power” also named after the blue flower
  12. Azura - Spanish, means “sky blue”
  13. Bleu - French, word for “blue”
  14. Bluebell - English, named for the beautiful blue flower!
  15. Owaissa - Native American Legend of Owaissa, means “BlueBird”
  16. Lapis - Egypt, after the beautiful lapis lazuli gemstone, “dark blue”
  17. Okelani - Hawaiian, means “from Heaven” like the sky above!
  18. Maya - Hebrew, Spanish, Greek, means “water” like the deep blue sea!
  19. Neela /Nila - Hindi, Sanskrit, African, means “blue bird” or “sapphire blue”
  20. Firuzeh - Persian, means “turquoise”, the blue-green precious stone we see in jewelry
  21. Azure - Spanish, another variation that means “sky blue”
  22. Afina - Romanian, Hebrew, means “blueberry”! What an adorably unique name!
  23. Sunil - Sanskrit means “dark blue” or “sapphire”
  24. Nilam/Neelam - Muslim, meaning a “lighter shade of blue”, a beautiful choice
  25. Doli - Native American, Navajo, another name that means “bluebird”

Boy Names for Blue

  1. Linnaeus - Latin, named after a blue flower or twinflower bloom
  2. Gorman - Irish, Gaelic, means “small blue-eyed one”
  3. Jalaneel - Latin, describes the deep blue of the stormy oceans
  4. Indivar/Indeevar, Hindi, means “blessing” and “blue lotus”
  5. Nabhas - Sanskrit, this one means “celestial”, like the moon against a deep blue night.
  6. Jaibrian - Arabic, means “bluebird” or “noble, strength”
  7. Neel - Latin, Irish, Gaelic, this name derives as an alternative to Cornelius, Neal, Niel and begins its own journey meaning “bluish color of the sky”
  8. Aouli - Hawaiian, describing the expansiveness of the dazzling blue sky
  9. Viorel - Romanian, named after the blue bell flower
  10. Cyan - English, means “greenish blue”
  11. Manikanth- Bengali, Hindi, means “the blue jewel, shining brightly”
  12. Slate - English, named after the gray, greenish-blue rock, a powerful name for boys
  13. Azraq - Arabic, means “blue” or “pure”
  14. Marlais - Welsh, means “blue”
  15. Mavi - Turkish, means “blue”
  16. Azul - Spanish, just like the feminine version, this name means “BLUE”!>/li>
  17. Hinto - Native American, name to describe beautiful blue eyes, “blue haired”

Unisex Names For Blue

  1. Blu - Turkish, the meaning of this spelling means “colorful and creative”
  2. Indigo - English, named after the dark color blue, with the nickname Indy, a brilliant choice!
  3. Okeley - Hebrew, a variation of Neelam, meaning “blue sapphire”
  4. Nakesha - Hindi, Sanskrit, another name for the Hindi god Indra, means “the ruler of blue havens” or “the lord of heaven”
  5. Jaylin - American, Greek, means “calm” which is just how the color makes us feel
  6. Neeladri - Hindi, means “the nigliris, blue mountain” after the top of the mountain that reflects off the blue water below
  7. Cerulean - English, from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning “dark blue or bluish-green”
  8. Aoki - Japanese, means “blue tree”

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