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75 Masculine Boy Names for Your Baby

Looking for a name that embodies strength and masculinity? Our list of 75 masculine boy names gives you some top options to choose from.
75 Masculine Boy Names
Updated: December 29, 2022

Masculinity is a term that is used to describe men, usually both with appearance and gender. If you are expecting a baby boy and are looking for a great name for him, then you may find one here.

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Below is a list of strong and masculine baby boy names that would be perfect for your little warrior. They are bold and "manly" and some are even more common than you realize. Don't worry, the origins and meanings for each of these names are included as well, you can pinpoint the perfect match for your little boy.

Masculine Boy Names that Start with A to D

  1. Ace - Latin name that means "unity."
  2. Aiden - An Irish name that means "little fire."
  3. Alexander - Greek for "protector of mankind."
  4. Andrew - Greek for "valiant" or "courageous."
  5. Apollo - Greek name that means "manly."
  6. Archer - English for "bowman."
  7. Austin - Latin for "useful."
  8. Axel - Old German for "father of peace" and Swedish for "divine source of life."
  9. Baron - German name that means "nobleman."
  10. Barrett - Old English for "nobleman" and German for "mighty as a bear."
  11. Bernard - German name that means "bold as a bear."
  12. Brock - Old English for "badger."
  13. Bryce - Irish for "swift" and English for "son of a nobleman."
  14. Caleb - Hebrew name that means "faithful" or "bold."
  15. Chase - Old French for "hunter."
  16. Cohen - Jewish name that is derived from the word kohen which means "priest."
  17. Conrad - Old German name that means "brave counsel."
  18. Cyrus - Irish for "crag" and Persian for "the sun." It is also a great unisex name as well.
  19. Damon - Greek name that means "tamer."
  20. Derrick - German name that means "ruler."
  21. Donal - Old English for "ruler of the world."
  22. Duke - Latin for "leader" and Celtic for "leader of the seas."

Masculine Boy Names that Start with E to L

  1. Edward - Old English name that means "rich guardian."
  2. Elijah - Hebrew for "my God is Yahweh" or "Jehovah is my God."
  3. Enzo - Italian and derived from the name Vincenzo and Lorenzo. It means "ruler of the estate."
  4. Eric - A Scandinavian name that means "ruler of all."
  5. Ethan - Latin name that means "constant."
  6. Everett - German for "strong boar."
  7. Ezekiel - Hebrew for "the strength of God."
  8. Farris - Latin name that means "iron."
  9. Ferguson - Irish for "strong man."
  10. Finley - Celtic and Irish for "fair-haired one." It is also a great choice for a baby girl name.
  11. Gabriel - Hebrew name that means "God is my strength."
  12. Gage - French for "pledge."
  13. Garrett - English name that means "strong."
  14. Gavin - Welsh for "hawk."
  15. Godric - English for "God's power."
  16. Griffin - Several origins and meanings including Latin for "hooked nose" and is also a mythological beast that is half lion and half eagle.
  17. Gunner - German name that means "battler" or "warrior."
  18. Harvey - Old German for "battle."
  19. Hercules - A Greek name that means "Hera's glory."
  20. Hunter - Old English for "search."
  21. Jackson - Hebrew "the supplanter" or "God's grace."
  22. Jax - English for "God has been gracious."
  23. Kane - A Japanese name that means "two right thumbs."
  24. Kendrick - Irish for "son of Henry" and Scottish for "royal chieftain."
  25. Kenzo - Japanese for "healthy and wise."
  26. Killian - Irish for "little warrior" and Gaelic for "fierce."
  27. Leonardo - German name that means "lion-hearted."
  28. Logan - Scottish for "little hollow" and can also be used as a unique name for girls as well.

Masculine Boy Names that Start with M to Z

  1. Mason - French for "stoneworker."
  2. Milo - Latin name that means "soldier."
  3. Nicholas - Greek for "victorious people."
  4. Nolan - Irish for "renowned" and Scottish for "a champion."
  5. Orion - For the constellation of Orion the hunter. It is of Greek origin and means "son of fire."
  6. Owen - An Irish name that means "born to nobility" or "warrior."
  7. Patton - British for "fighter's town."
  8. Phoenix - A Greek mythological name for the mystical bird that is reborn again from its ashes.
  9. Rex - Latin name for "king."
  10. Rhett - Dutch for "advice" or "counsel."
  11. Richard - English for "rich and powerful ruler."
  12. Rowan - Originally a strong last name, Rowan means "red-haired" or "tree with red berries in Irish and Old English.
  13. Ryker - German name that means "rich."
  14. Talon - English for "sharp claw."
  15. Thor - Old Norse for "thunder."
  16. Titus - Greek for "of the giants."
  17. Trent - Latin for "torrent" or "rapid stream."
  18. Victor - Latin name for "conqueror."
  19. Vincent - Latin for "conquering."
  20. Walter - German for "powerful warrior" or "army ruler."
  21. William - Spanish and Teutonic for "protector."
  22. Wyatt - Old English for "little warrior."
  23. Xander/Zander - Greek for "protector of mankind."
  24. Zane - An Arabic name that means "beloved."
  25. Zeke - Arabic for "the memory of the lord."

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