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75 Strong Boy Names for Babies

If you're looking for a strong baby boy name that exudes confidence, we've got the ultimate list of strong boy names for babies to inspire you.
75 Strong Boy Names
Updated: October 6, 2021

Everyone wants a meaningful name, especially if they are about to welcome a special and new baby boy into the world. So, how do you choose? Well, a strong baby boy's name might be a great choice for you if you are still on the fence. There are unique baby names as well as popular names, and each packs a strong punch. Not only do they have strong meanings, but they are also memorable. You can even find some unisex names that make great baby girl names.

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Below you will find a list of powerful boy names. There are so many different ones, including ones you may recognize like "Hercules" or "Thor." Many of these options are considered trendy as they are rising in popularity due to being seen more in the movie world. Hopefully, after looking over these, you find the perfect name for your strong little warrior.

75 Strong Boy Names

  1. Adir- Hebrew origin name that means "noble" or "strong one"
  2. Albert- Anglo-Saxon name, meaning "noble and bright"
  3. Alexander- Greek name, means "protector of mankind"
  4. Anders- Greek name, means "valiant" or "courageous" and a variant of Andrew
  5. Andrew- Greek name, means "valiant" or "courageous"
  6. Angus- Gaelic name, means "superb" or "unique"
  7. Arsenio- Greek name, means "masculine"
  8. Austin- Latin name, means "useful"
  9. Baron- German name, means "nobleman"
  10. Barrett- Old English name, means "nobleman" or Greek, means "mighty as a bear"
  11. Bernard- German name, "bold as a bear" or "bear strength"
  12. Blaze- American name, means "flame"
  13. Brian- Irish name for "strong"
  14. Conrad- Old German name, means "brave counsel"
  15. Cyrus- Persian origin, means "the sun" or Irish, means "crag"
  16. Deandre- English name, means "valiant man" or "courageous"
  17. Denzel- Welsh name, means "high stronghold" or African American, means "wild one"
  18. Egon- Irish name, means "little fire"
  19. Ethan- Latin name, means "constant"
  20. Evander- Hebrew origin, means "life"
  21. Everett- German name, means "strong boar"
  22. Ezekiel- Hebrew name, means "strength of God"
  23. Farrell- Old English origin, means "man of valor"
  24. Finley- Celtic or Irish name, means "fair-haired one" and can be used as a unisex name
  25. Forest- Old French name, means "out of the woods"
  26. Gabriel- Hebrew name, means "God is my strength"
  27. Griffin- English origin for a mythological beast that is half lion and half eagle that watches over treasure
  28. Gunner- English name for an operator of heavy artillery, and could also be Old Norse for "battle defender"
  29. Harvey- Old German name, means "battle"
  30. Hercules- Greek name, means "Hera's glory"
  31. Hunter- Old English name, means "search"
  32. Igor- Scandinavian, means "heroic warrior"
  33. Jarek- Polish origin, means "born in January"
  34. Julius- Taken from the first emperor of the Roman empire
  35. Justice- Old French name, simply means "justice"
  36. Kendrick- Scottish name, means "royal chieftain" or Irish name, means "son of Henry"
  37. Kenzo- Japanese name, meaning "strong and healthy"
  38. Killian- Irish for "little warrior, or Gaelic for "fierce"
  39. Leonardo- German name, for "lion-hearted"
  40. Liam- Irish name, means "unwavering protector"
  41. Louis- Old German name, means "famous warrior"
  42. Magni- Comes from Norse mythology and means "great" and also the son of Thor
  43. Merrick- English origin, means "ruler of the sea"
  44. Montgomery- French name for "mountain hunter"
  45. Muhammad- Arabic name, means "praised one"
  46. Nero- Latin origin for "strong"
  47. Odin- Head God in Norse mythology
  48. Osiris- Egyptian origin and name for the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology
  49. Oswald- Old English for "divinely powerful"
  50. Othniel- Hebrew name that means "God is my strength"
  51. Owen- Irish name, means "warrior" or "born to nobility"
  52. Oz- Hebrew name, means "strength"
  53. Phoenix- Greek name for a mystical bird that is reborn from the ashes
  54. Quinlan- Irish name for "athletic"
  55. Ragnar- Norse name for "a wise leader"
  56. Ranger- French name, means "dweller in the fields"
  57. Rex- Latin name, means "king"
  58. Richard- English name, means "rich and powerful ruler"
  59. Roderick- German name, means "famous one"
  60. Ryker- Danish name that comes from the Middle Dutch word "Ryken" which means "to become powerful or rich"
  61. Sewell- Old English, means "from the sea"
  62. Simba- Swahili or African for "lion"
  63. Takeshi- Japanese name, means "bamboo"
  64. Thor- Old Norse, means "thunder"
  65. Tristan- Old Welsh or Latin name that means "laborer"
  66. Umberto- Italian name, means "famous German" or German, means "famous giant"
  67. Valentine- Unisex Latin name that means "strong"
  68. Valerian- Russian for "strong leader"
  69. Vigor- Latin name that means "force, strength, and liveliness"
  70. Warrick- German for "protecting ruler" or English for "strong leader"
  71. Xander- Greek name that means "protector of mankind"
  72. Zale- Greek name, means "sea-strength"
  73. Zane- Arabic for "beloved"
  74. Zeke- Arabic name, means "the memory of the lord"
  75. Zeus- Greek for "powerful one"

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