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103 High-Energy Names for Boys (with Meanings)

The best high-energy boy names are powerful and bubbly! Find the best name for your energetic baby boy!
103 High-Energy Names for Boys
Updated: September 7, 2023
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For those moms and dads-to-be expecting a baby boy, you better get ready for a lot of energy! Your little lad will soon be running around with no off switch in sight. So, high-energy boy names are a powerful and positive baby name option. 

Most energetic kids are joyful individuals who love to laugh and have fun! Happiness and bliss are excellent qualities that energetic boy names exude.

“Energy” invokes strength and power. When someone has these attributes, we see them as a leader and a champion. The adjective “energetic” describes vitality, liveliness, spirit, vivacity, and exuberance! Who wouldn’t want a child who possessed these qualities?

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If you’re revved up to find a meaningful and high-energy boy name, we have 100+ names and meanings to explore! 

Energetic Boy Names with Meanings 

  1. Boris - This is a Russian name meaning “fight.”
  2. Brick - Of Irish origins, this title means “swift.”
  3. Chase - An Old French name meaning “hunter.”
  4. Danger - Of English origins, this title means “unsafe action,” “hazard,” or “serious trouble.”
  5. Dash - This is an English title that refers to someone who lives near an ash tree.
  6. Dart - A British name that refers to a river in the county of Devon in the United Kingdom. This comes from a British term that means ‘oak’.
  7. Diesel - This is a German title meaning “fuel,” “strong,” “fast,” and “tough.”
  8. Earnest - Of Old German origins, this name means “vigorous.”
  9. Kanaye - This is a Japanese unisex name meaning “zealous one.”
  10. Maverick - An American name meaning “wildly independent” and an English name meaning “nonconforming.”
  11. Onslow - Of Arabic origins, this title means “from the zealous one’s hill.”
  12. Rowden - This is an Old English name meaning “rough.”
  13. Rowdy - An English name that means “boisterous,” “loud,” or “obnoxious.”
  14. Storm - This is an English name meaning “tempest,” “storm,” or “violent weather.”
  15. Zelotes - Of Hebrew origins, this name means “zealous.”

Male Names That Mean Energy

  1. Abid - A Persian baby boy's name meaning “spark” or “fire” and a Muslim baby girl's name meaning “worshiper.”
  2. Allegro - This is an Italian name that means “quick”, “lively”, or “cheerful."
  3. Anders - A Greek name meaning “valiant” or “courageous.”
  4. Ardent - Of French and English origins, this name means “burning” or “fiery.”
  5. Aseem - An Indian and Sanskrit name that means “limitless.”
  6. Barin - This is a Persian name meaning “power” and a German name meaning “nobleman.”
  7. Boaz - Of Hebrew origins, this name means “swift” or “strong.”
  8. Brio - This is an Italian name that means “vivacity” and “lively.”
  9. Bryce - Of Irish and English origins, this gender-neutral name means “swift” and “son of a nobleman” respectively.
  10. Egan - An Irish name meaning “little fire.”
  11. Fagan - This is a Gaelic name meaning “ardent.”
  12. Genki - Of Japanese origin, this name means “energy.”
  13. Hayyan - A unique name with Arabic origins that means “lively” or “full of life.”
  14. Hototo - This is a Native American name meaning “warrior spirit who sings.”
  15. Ignatius - A Latin name meaning “fiery.”
  16. Kohana - Of Native American origins, this name means “fast.”
  17. Kvikr - This is an Old Norse name meaning “living” or “lively.”
  18. Oswald - An Old English name that means “divinely powerful.”
  19. Richard - Of English origin, this classic name translates to “rich and powerful ruler.”
  20. Reese - A Welsh name meaning “enthusiastic.”
  21. Rhett - This is an Old Welsh boy’s name that means “enthusiastic” and a Dutch boy’s name that means “advice.”
  22. Rhys - Of Old Welsh origins, this is another name meaning “enthusiastic” or “ardent one.”
  23. Roden - This is an Irish name meaning “spirited” or “lively.”
  24. Sisu - Of Finnish origins, this name means “energy,” “stoic determination,” “bravery,” “resilience,” “perseverance,” and “hardiness.”
  25. Skeat - A Middle English name meaning “speedy.”
  26. Stark - This is a German name meaning “high energy”, “strong”, and “powerful."
  27. Tarmo - Of Finnish origins, this name means “energy” or “power.”
  28. Tarvo - An Estonian name that also means “energy” or “power.”
  29. Vidal - Of Spanish origin, this title translates to “full of vitality."
  30. Vivaan - An Indian name meaning “first ray of light” and “full of light.”
  31. Watt - This is an Old English name meaning “son of Walter.” It is also the surname of the Scottish inventor and engineer James Watt, who serves as the namesake for this unit of electrical power. Watt can serve as a unique first name or a clever middle name.
  32. Yamin - A Persian name meaning “strength” and “power” as well as a Hebrew name meaning “right hand.”
  33. Ziven - Of Slavic origins, this epithet means “vigorous” and “alive.”
  34. Zivon - Another Slavic name meaning “vigorous” and “alive.”
  35. Zoticus - This is a Greek name that means “lively.”

Positive Energy Names for Boys

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  1. Aksel - Of Swedish and Danish origins, this title translates to “divine source of life.”
  2. Alexander - A Greek name meaning “protector of mankind.”
  3. Apollo - Of Greek origins, this name means “manly.”
  4. Arden - This is a Latin and Celtic name meaning “passionate” and “eager.”
  5. Calian - Of Native American origins, this name means “warrior of life."
  6. Daxon - This is a French name that translates to “water” or “life-giving drink."
  7. Emil - Of Latin origins, this name means “eager.”
  8. Ethan - A Latin name meaning “constant.”
  9. Gabriel - Another Hebrew name that means “God is my strength.”
  10. Griffin - An English epithet that refers to a mythological beast that is half lion and half eagle. This creature is charged with watching over golden treasures, making it a strong adversary.
  11. Idris - Of Welsh origins, this name means “eager Lord.”
  12. Ike - Of Hebrew origins, this name means “he will laugh” or “laughter.”
  13. Phoenix - A Greek name for a mythical bird that means “dark red.”
  14. Seenu - This is an Indian name meaning “positive energy.”
  15. Thor - An Old Norse and Scandinavian name meaning “thunder.”

Hyperactive Names for Boys with Meanings

  1. Arnan - This is a Hebrew name meaning “rushing stream.”
  2. Asani - Of African American and Swahili origins, this name means “rebellious.”
  3. Chanchal - An Indian name meaning “active,” “spontaneous,” “playful,” and “restless.”
  4. Denzel - This is a Welsh name meaning “high stronghold” and an African American name meaning “wild one.”
  5. Ebert - A German name that means “strong” or “wild boar."
  6. Everand - Of German origins, this title translates to “strong wild boar.”
  7. Everton - This is an English name meaning “wild boar.”
  8. Keegan - A Gaelic name that means “little fierce one.”
  9. Lorcan - This is an Irish name that also translates to “little fierce one.”
  10. Selvaggio - An Italian name meaning “wild” or “savage.”
  11. Sheridan - An English, Irish, and Scottish name meaning “untamed” or “the wild one.”
  12. Sverre - Of Norwegian origins, this title means “whirlwind.”
  13. Terach - This is a Hebrew name meaning “wild goat.”
  14. Tristan - Of Old Welsh, Celtic, and Latin origins, this name means “noisy one.”
  15. Tyson - A French name meaning “explosive” and an English name meaning “fiery.”
  16. Vadon - Of Hungarian origins, this title means “wilderness.”
  17. Valente - Of Latin origins, this name means “good health.” It also means “valiant” in Italian and Portuguese.
  18. Wilden - This is a Swedish name meaning “wild.”
  19. Wilder - An English, German, Danish, and Jewish name meaning “wild.”
  20. Wilmore - Of Old English origins, this title also means ”wild.”
  21. Yasei - A Japanese name meaning “wild.”

Bubbly Names for Boys with Meanings

  1. Anand - Of Hindi origins, this name means “bliss.”
  2. Anit - This is an English name meaning “joyful” or “unending.”
  3. Antony - A name with Roman and Greek origins, this epithet means “flourishing."
  4. Bayo - Of Yoruba (West African) origins, this name means “joy has been found.”
  5. Cace - An Irish name meaning “vigilant.”
  6. Cacey - Another Irish title meaning “vigilant.” An alternative spelling to this recently popular name is Kayce. This version has been trending in recent years thanks to the character in the Yellowstone TV series.
  7. Faruh - Of Arabic origins, this name means “happiness.”
  8. Felix - This is a Latin name meaning “happiness.”
  9. Festus - Of Biblical origins, this title means “festive” or “joyful.”
  10. Gil - This is a German name meaning “bright desire.”
  11. Issac - This is a Hebrew name meaning “laughter.”
  12. Jevin - Of English origins, this name means “joyful” or “brings happiness.”
  13. Naim - A Muslim, Jewish, and Arabic name meaning “bliss” or “happiness.”
  14. Simcha - This is a Hebrew name meaning “continual joy.”
  15. Tate - An Old English and Native American name meaning “cheerful” and “long-winded talker,” respectively.
  16. Wilber - Of German origin, this name means “bright desire.”
  17. Ziv - This is a Hebrew name meaning “very bright.”

The Meaning Behind Energy Names for Boys 

Your baby’s name will matter more than you would think. Psychologists believe that a person’s self-identity is directly tethered to this title and that it can serve as a predictor of a person’s personality. This puts a lot of pressure on parents to find the perfect epithet for their little ones.

Of course, with great energy also comes a bit of chaos, but no parent wants a child who conforms to the norm. You want your kid to stand out and be an amazing force in the world! Hyperactive children get a bad rap, but shouldn’t we promote this type of fiery enthusiasm for life? 

Athletes compete to be the swiftest, the fastest, and the most resilient individuals in their fields, which makes wild titles strong boy names. This makes titles with these meanings a welcome choice for parents who want their baby to have an energized epithet. 

Looking for more powerful boy names to peruse? We have a whole list! Also, for those expecting boy-girl twins, make sure to check out our powerful baby girl name list as well!

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