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108 Powerful Names for Boys for Your Little Hero

Discover over 100 powerful male names that are perfect for a strong and heroic baby boy.
Updated: February 10, 2023
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Powerful — this word is defined as the ability to command authority over others. When you hear this adjective, you automatically think of a leader, a warrior, and an influencer. 

Why are these titles associated with power? In order to lead others, you must be smart, confident, cunning, brave, and a forward thinker.

Every parent wants their child to succeed and an epithet that exudes strength, courage, and the ability to act in even the most difficult of situations certainly puts them on the right path. Why is there so much power in a name? 

his is a word that defines a person. By choosing a baby boy name that signifies these strong qualities, people will see him as a force to be reckoned with!

When looking for inspiration, parents can choose names that literally mean “power” or “strong”, or they can look for other character traits that they hope their son will possess. 

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Finding the perfect first and middle name can seem like a daunting task. We have compiled a formidable power name list that will give you over 100 strong baby boy names to choose from for your little leader!

Powerful Boy Names with Meanings

  1. Absko - Of African origins, this name means “power and strength."
  2. Ayele - An African name meaning “powerful."
  3. Aziz - A Hebrew name meaning “strong” or “powerful” and a Muslim name meaning “servant of the beloved."
  4. Gautier - A German name meaning “powerful ruler” or “army ruler."
  5. Kedar - Of Arabic origins, this name means “powerful” and “strong."
  6. Oswald - An Old English name meaning “divinely powerful."
  7. Richard - This English name means “rich and powerful ruler."
  8. Roman - Of Hebrew origins, this name means “powerful” and “strong."
  9. Stark - A German name meaning “high energy”, “strong”, and “powerful."
  10. Xander - A Greek name meaning “protector of mankind."

Strong Boy Names and Meanings

  1. Aavir - A Sanskrit name meaning “brave."
  2. Abelardo - Of German origins, this baby boy name means “resolute."
  3. Adir - A Hebrew name meaning “noble” or “strong one."
  4. Aimilios - This is a unisex name of Greek origins that means “strength."
  5. Aldric - Of Old English origins, this name means “Old King." Since royalty has always served as a symbol of strength and power, this makes for a fitting moniker.
  6. Andrej - This Greek name means “manly” or “brave."
  7. Anders - A Greek name meaning “valiant” or “courageous."
  8. Andreas - Another name of Greek origins that means “valiant” or “courageous."
  9. Angus - This is a Gaelic name meaning “superb” or “unique”
  10. Armstrong - An Old English name meaning “strong-armed warrior."
  11. Arsenio - Of Greek origins, this name means “masculine."
  12. Azaiah - A Hebrew name meaning “my strength is Yahweh."
  13. Baldric - This is an English name that means “brave ruler."
  14. Balin - An Indian and Hindi name meaning “mighty warrior."
  15. Barlas - Of Persian origins, this unique name means “brave man of noble stock."
  16. Baron - A German name meaning “nobleman."
  17. Barrett - This German name means “mighty as a bear” or “bear strength."
  18. Bassel - An Egyptian and Arabic name meaning “brave” or “courageous."
  19. Benhail - Of Biblical origins, this unusual title means “son of strength."
  20. Bernard - A German name meaning “bold as a bear."
  21. Bidziil - This is a Native American name meaning “he is strong."
  22. Chase - Of Old French origins, this moniker means “hunter."
  23. Chasin - A Hebrew name meaning “strong” and “mighty."
  24. Chidike - This African name means “the strength of God."
  25. Denzel - A Welsh name meaning “high stronghold."
  26. Dustin - Of German origins, this name means “valiant fighter."
  27. Ebert - A German name meaning “strong” or “wild boar."
  28. Einarr - This is a Scandinavian name meaning “one warrior."
  29. Ethan - Of Latin origins, this title means “constant."
  30. Evander - A Scottish title meaning “bow warrior."
  31. Everett - Of German origins, this name means “strong boar."
  32. Ewan - This is an Irish name that means “warrior."
  33. Ezekiel - Of Hebrew origins, this boy name means “the strength of God."
  34. Farrell - An Old English name meaning “man of valor."
  35. Farris - This Latin title means “iron." This is a very strong metal, which makes it a perfect fit when looking for a name of strength.
  36. Ferguson - Of Irish origins, this name means “strong man."
  37. Fernando - A German name meaning “courageous traveler."

Young Chinese boy plays in the park, hanging from the monkey bars

  1. Garrett - Of English origins, this name means “strong."
  2. Gibbor - This Hebrew name means “strong” and “mighty."
  3. Gideon - A Hebrew name that means “mighty warrior."
  4. Godric - Of British origins, this name means “God ruler."
  5. Griffin - An English name meaning “mythological beast — half lion, half eagle — charged with watching over golden treasures."
  6. Haile - This is a Norse name meaning “hero."
  7. Hamza - An Arabic name meaning “lion."
  8. Henrick - A German name meaning “ruler of the home."
  9. Idris - This Welsh name means “eager Lord."
  10. Jabari - Of Swahili origins, this name means “fearless."
  11. Kamau - An African name meaning “quiet warrior."
  12. Kendrick - Of Scottish origins, this title means “royal chieftain."
  13. Kenzo - This Japanese name means “strong and healthy” or “wise."
  14. King - An Old English name meaning “ruler."
  15. Koa - Of Hawaiian origins, this name means “warrior” or “valiant one."
  16. Kwan - An African American name meaning “strong-willed” and a Korean name meaning “strong."
  17. Leo - A Greek name meaning “lion” and a German name meaning “lion-hearted."
  18. Limbani - An African name that means “be strong."
  19. Malin - This English name means “strong”, “little warrior”, and “rowdy."
  20. Mather - Of Old English origins, this name means “strong army."
  21. Maynard - An Anglo-Saxon name with meanings including “remarkable strength”, “powerful”, and “brave."
  22. Mel - This is a Scottish name that means “armored chief."
  23. Nero - A Latin moniker meaning “strong."
  24. Pruitt - Of Old French origins, this name means “valiant one."
  25. Quillon - An Irish name meaning “cub” and a Latin name meaning “strong."
  26. Quinlan - This is an Irish name meaning “strong”, “well-shaped”, and “athletic."
  27. Rex - A Latin name meaning “king."
  28. Sasha - This Slavic gender-neutral name means “defender of mankind."
  29. Sisu - Of Finnish origins, this name means “strength”, “bravery”, and “determination."
  30. Tedmond - This English name means “national protector."
  31. Trumble - Of English and Scottish origins, this name means “strong”, “brave”, “bold”, and “firm."
  32. Uzziah - A Hebrew name meaning “my strength is God."
  33. Valente - This is a Latin name meaning “good health” and an Italian and Portuguese name meaning “valiant." This is a more masculine version of the name Valentine.
  34. Warrick - A German title meaning “protecting ruler” and an English title meaning “strong leader."
  35. Wyatt - Of Old English and French origins, this name means “little warrior."
  36. Yashvir - This Hindu name means “glorious” and “brave."
  37. Zale - A strong Greek name meaning “sea strength."
  38. Zuberi - Of Swahili origins, this boy name means “strong."

Male Warrior & Hero Names and Meanings

Cute little three year old boy wearing a superhero outfit laughing as he is being thrown in the air playfully by father, who is also wearing a red cape and blue mask.

  1. Abraham - A Hebrew name meaning “father of multitudes." This is the easily recognizable title of President Lincoln who used his power to free the slaves.
  2. Achilles - This is the Greek name of a mythical Trojan war hero.
  3. Alexander - Of Greek origins, this name means “protector of mankind." It was also the epithet of Alexander the Great, one of the most significant military minds in history.
  4. Apollo - A Greek name meaning “manly." It was the moniker of one of the most famous Greek gods.
  5. Hercules - This Greek name means “Hera’s glory." He is another one of the most notable ancient Greek heroes.
  6. Julius - A Latin name meaning “youthful." This is also the first name of Julius Caesar, a monumental figure in Roman history.
  7. Orion - Of Greek origins, this name means “son of fire." Orion the hunter is “the world’s most recognizable constellation." He was placed in the sky as a collection of stars by the Greek gods.
  8. Titus - This Greek name means “of the giants." It is the title of another Roman hero.
  9. Thor - An Old Norse name meaning “thunder." This is the name of the hero, warrior, and god of Thunder in Norse mythology.
  10. Zeus - This Greek name means “powerful one." It is a fitting title for the father of all the gods.

Classic Strong Male Names and Meanings

  1. Andrew - Yet another Greek title that means “valiant” or “courageous."
  2. Andro - Of Greek origins, this name means “man” or “warrior."
  1. Charles - An Old English name meaning “manly."
  2. Conrad - This Old German name means “brave counsel."
  3. Erick - A Scandinavian name meaning “ruler of all."
  4. Gabriel - This is another Hebrew name that means “God is my strength."
  5. Henry - Of German origins, this name means “house ruler."
  6. Kingston - An Old English name that means “ruler."
  7. Leonard - Another German name meaning “lion-hearted."
  8. Liam - Of Irish, German, and Celtic origins, this popular name means “unwavering protector."
  9. Maximus - Of Latin origins, this title means “the greatest."
  10. Montgomery - A French name meaning “mountain hunter."
  11. Phoenix - This is a Greek title meaning “mystical bird” or “dark red." This is a powerful figure in Greek mythology that represents rebirth.
  12. Victor - A Latin name meaning “victor” or “conquerer."
  13. William - A Spanish name that means “resolute” and “protector” as well as a Teutonic name that means “valiant protector."

More Powerful Name Inspiration

What makes a hero? They are strong-willed, noble, fearless, and wise. They are also willing to protect others above all else.

You can also find ideas by looking at the heroes of our past! Mythical figures like Hercules in Greek mythology can be an excellent choice. You can also research the names of kings and presidents who changed their country for the better. 

We hope you found these baby names to be a bold choice for your little one! However, if you are still on the fence, consider a title that translates to warrior

And if you’re having multiples, don’t forget to check out our list of baby girl names that mean power as well! 

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