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75 Native American Baby Names

If you're looking to give your little one a Native-American name, you're in luck. Here are the top names for boys and girls, along with some gender-neutral options. You can also find out the meanings and origins of each name.
75 indigenous names for your baby
Updated: January 11, 2024
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A Native American name is a beautiful way to honor Native American heritage as well as the things that are important within the culture. If nature, wildlife, respect, and spirit are valued by your family, there are many Native American names to consider that are special and unique.

Choosing a name for your baby is a significant decision, and it is a way to begin your little one’s life with meaning and an emphasis on what your family values. 

Here are 75 Native American names to consider for your little one, including Native American girl names, Native American boy names and gender-neutral Native American names with name meanings and origins. 

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Native American Girl Names with Meanings and Origins 

  1. Aiyana - This name means “eternal blossom.”
  2. Aponi - This name means “butterfly.”
  3. Catori - This name means “spirit.”
  4. Dyani - This name means “deer.”
  5. Elu - This is a Zuni name that means “beautiful.”
  6. Enola - This name means “solitary.”
  7. Halona - This name means “happy fortune.”
  8. Istas - This name means “snow” for your winter baby.
  9. Kasa - This name means “dressed in furs.”
  10. Kateri - A beautiful Mohawk version of Catherine. The name Kateri can also mean "pure." 
  11. Kimi - This Native American name means “secret.”
  12. Lomasi - This name means “pretty flower.”
  13. Maji - This name means “leave.”
  14. Mitena - This girl's name means “coming moon or born under a new moon.”
  15. Na’estse - This means “one” in Cheyenne.
  16. Odina - An Algonquin name meaning “mountain.”
  17. Orenda - An Iroquois name that means “magic power.”
  18. Pavati - This Hopi name means “clear water.”
  19. Sakari - This Inuktitut name means “sweet.”
  20. Soyala - A Hopi name that means “time of the winter solstice.”
  21. Tallulah - A Choctaw name meaning “leaping water.”
  22. Tayen - This means “new moon.”
  23. Tiva - This Hopi name means “dance.”
  24. Urika - An Omaha name meaning “useful to all.”
  25. Winona - This Sioux name means “first daughter.”

Native American Boy Names with Meanings and Origins 

  1. Adriel - A Navajo name meaning “symbol of skill.”
  2. Ahanu - This Algonquin name means “he laughs.”
  3. Alo - This name means “one who is a spiritual guide.”
  4. Anakin - This means “soldier” and is also a Star Wars name.
  5. Calian - This boy's name means “warrior of life.”
  6. Dakota - This means “friendly companion.”
  7. Denali - This name means “great one.”
  8. Hopi - This means “peaceful person.”
  9. Jacy - A more casual name meaning “the moon.”
  10. Jalen - This name means “flute.”
  11. Kai - A Navajo name meaning “willow tree.”
  12. Kele - This Hopi name means “sparrow” or "hawk." 
  13. Kosumi - This Native American boy's name means “fishes for salmon with a spear.”
  14. Mato - This Mandan name means “bear.”
  15. Mika - A Sioux name meaning “intelligent raccoon.”
  16. Nahele - A Hawaiian tribe name that means “forest.”
  17. Nodin - This means “wind.”
  18. Nayati - This means “he who wrestles.”
  19. Nova - This boy's name means  “chases  butterfly.”
  20. Nuka - This name means “younger brother" or "younger sibling." 
  21. Takoda - A Sioux name meaning “friend to everyone.”
  22. Tauri - This Laguna name means “star.”
  23. Tokala - This Dakota name means “fox.”
  24. Wayra - This means “gust of wind.”
  25. Wiyot - This means “river name.”

Native American Gender-Neutral Names with Meanings and Origins 

  1. Ameyalli - This Nahuatl name means “fountain.”
  2. Awena - This  Native American name means “sunrise.”
  3. Chardon - This means “sand bar.”
  4. Chetan - This Sioux name means “hawk.”
  5. Chimalus - This means “bluebird.”
  6. Citali - This Nahuatl name means “star.”
  7. Citana - This means “star in the sky.”
  8. Esadowa - This animal-inspired name means “wolves.”
  9. Kabecka - This name means “twin.”
  10. Kansas - This means “people of the south wind.”
  11. Kanza - This Kaw name means “wind people,” "wise" or "hidden treasure." 
  12. Karuk - This means “upriver people.”
  13. Kentucky - This means “a land of tomorrow.”
  14. Kimeya - This means “singing throat.”
  15. Kishil - This means “night.”
  16. Meztli - Pronounced mays-lee, it means “moon.”
  17. Pala - This means “like a guardian.”
  18. Pillan - This means “the god of stormy weather.”
  19. Tarlo - A name that means “cub of the bear.”
  20. Teneca - This name means “one with self-restraint."
  21. Saloso - This means “cry of the wild goose.”
  22. Seneca - This is the name of a tribe that is part of the Iroquois Confederacy.  It means “people of the standing rock.” 
  23. Shawney - An Algonquin name derivative of Shawnee.
  24. Shayan - This means “unintelligible speakers" or “people of a different language." 
  25. Shikoba - This Choctaw name means “ little feather.”

Native American Warrior Names (Male & Gender-Neutral)

Some of the most powerful, battle-ready names from Native American tribes and languages include the following. Perfect for your little warrior!

  • Aluk: This name signifies "thunder", representing a strong force in nature.
  • Bidziil: A Cherokee name that means "strong human".
  • Bodaway: This name means "fire maker", suggesting someone who ignites and leads.
  • Cheveyo: Meaning "spirit warrior", this name blends the spiritual and the martial.
  • Calian: This boy's name means "warrior of life".
  • Helushka: A Native American Winnebago name meaning "fighter".
  • Makya: This Hopi name is perfect for a young warrior, meaning “eagle hunter”.
  • Pallaton: This name means "warrior" or "fighter". It's a powerful name with an equally fierce meaning.

Native American Name for Warrior

The Native American name for warrior varies among different tribes, including the following 10 terms in their native languages:

  1. Algonquin: Ogichi-taadine (meaning "one who fights").
  2. Mohawk: Rotisken:rakéhte (meaning "they have the war arrow").
  3. Lakota Sioux: Akicita (meaning "soldiers").
  4. Navajo: Daaztsaastiinii (meaning "warrior").
  5. Cherokee: Dahnawa Danatlihi (meaning "war leader").
  6. Ojibwe: Ogichi-taadine (meaning "warrior").
  7. Cheyenne: Hetane (meaning "male").
  8. Hopi: Qaletaqa (meaning "guardian of the people").
  9. Apache: Tłʼiish (meaning "warrior").
  10. Iroquois: Rotiskenrakéhte (meaning "they have the war arrow").

These names reflect the rich cultural diversity and history of Native American tribes and their warrior traditions. Throughout time, Warriors have played a significant role in Native American culture and history. They were highly respected as protectors of their people, defenders of their land, and skilled hunters. In each tribe, warriors had their own unique names that reflected their bravery, strength, or deeds on the battlefield.

Among English speakers, Native American warriors are often called braves. This name is often associated with courage, honor, and fearlessness in battle. In some tribes, the title "brave" was also used as a title for leaders or chiefs who had proven themselves to be great warriors.

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