35 Star Wars Names for Your Baby

Updated: May 4, 2021
Here are 35 of our favorite Star Wars inspired names for boys, girls and gender-neutral options.
35 Star Wars names for baby boy, girl, gender-neutral

There are few film franchises with less popularity than Star Wars. When the franchise released its last film in 2018, it was the ninth in the main canon of films. Spanning over 40 years, there are entire generations of folks who don’t remember living in a world where the films didn’t exist.

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Created by George Lucas, the Star Wars films are massively popular and have legions of dedicated fans. If you’re a more loyal fan or even just a casual one, you may turn to the films to find name inspiration for your future Jedi. Here are 35 of our favorite Star Wars inspired names for boys, girls and gender-neutral options

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Boy Star Wars Names

  1. Anakin - before he went to the Dark Side, Darth Vader was known as this name, which means “warrior.”
  2. Ben - the original first name of villain Kylo Ren, who was named after Ben Kenobi, this name is a nickname for Benjamin, which means “son of my right hand.”
  3. Finn - the Stormtrooper-turned-Resistance fighter’s name means “fair.”
  4. George - meaning “farmer,” there would be no Star Wars without creator George Lucas.
  5. Harrison - Han Solo would be nothing without actor Harrison Ford, whose name means “son of Harry.”
  6. Kylo - rising in popularity, Kylo Ren is the villain of the final trilogy.
  7. Lando - one of the coolest characters in the Star Wars universe, Lando, which means “land or territory” is an entity unto himself.
  8. Luke - the most famous Jedi of all. The name fittingly means “light-giving.”
  9. Oscar - meaning ‘deer lover,” this is the name of Poe actor Oscar Isaac.
  10. Owen - Luke’s uncle in A New Hope, this names means “youth.”
  11. Walker - meaning “hardworking,” this is part of one of the most famous last names in the franchise.

Gender-Neutral Star Wars Names

  1. Cassian - this Welsh name meaning “curly-headed” is the name of a rebel fighter in Rogue One.
  2. Dameron - one of the coolest last names in the franchise, this is a great gender-neutral name for your little flyer.
  3. Eisley - this sweet gender-neutral name is taken from Mos Eisley, the (in)famous cantina on Tatooine.
  4. Ford - meaning “river crossing,” this gender-neutral name is the last name of Han Solo actor Harrison.
  5. Hux - General Hux is the leader of the First Order, and a really cool gender-neutral option.
  6. Jyn - the protagonist of Rogue One, a brave rebel who helps steal plans for the Death Star. Did you know this name was made up for the movie?
  7. Mace - known for his purple lightsaber and lack of patience, this name meaning “gift of God” can totally be gender neutral.
  8. Maz - this name with Hebrew origins is traditionally male, but is a great neutral name after the wise smuggler in The Force Awakens.
  9. Orson - this traditionally male name meaning “bear cub” is the name of the original Director of the Death Star, Orson Krennic.
  10. Poe - starfighter for the New Republic, Poe Dameron is the best flyer and the master of lovable droid BB-8.
  11. Rebel - the Rebel Alliance took down the Empire, and it’s a great name for your little Jedi.
  12. Rey - the mysterious scavenger-turned-Jedi-savior may be a total kick-butt girl in the movie, but the name is good for anyone!
  13. Solo - Han’s last name makes for a slightly unusual first name, especially if you’re only having one kiddo.

Girl Star Wars Names

  1. Allana - the name of Han and Leia’s granddaughter, a Jedi in training, this name means “dear child.”
  2. Amidala - Queen of Naboo, she gained power at a young age.
  3. Bebe - if you want to give your baby girl an indiscreet Star Wars name, why not name her after the cutest droid, BB-8?
  4. Breha - Leia’s adoptive mother, queen of Alderaan.
  5. Carrie - meaning “free,” this comes from actress Carrie Fisher, who played Leia Organa
  6. Daisy - this floral name is the name of actress Daisy Ridley, who portrays the character Rey.
  7. Leia - princess-turned-general, she’s an icon. This name means “weary.”
  8. Lyra - this musical name is also the name of Jyn Erso’s mother.
  9. Natalie - actress Natalie Portman starred in Star Wars Episodes I, II, and III as Padmé Amidala.
  10. Padmé - this Persian name meaning “lotus flower” is the first name of the mother to Luke and Leia.
  11. Rose - Rose Tico is a Resistance mechanic who first appears in The Last Jedi.

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