Meaning and Origin of: Ben

Ben is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning “son.”

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Hebrew : Son of my right hand
  • Hebrew : Behold, a son

Family name origins & meanings

  • Muslim : abstracted as a surname from Arabic ben ‘son of’, as in Bensoussan. This is quite commonly used as a surname among Muslims living in France.
  • Italian (also Del Ben) : from a dialect form of bene ‘well’. This form, without the preposition, is found only in Belluno province, in particular in Taibon Agordino.
  • Indian (Gujarat) : from Gujarati ben ‘sister’, from Sanskrit bhaginī, a title often attached to their given name by Gujarati women. It is not a true family name, but is sometimes used as a last name by women who do not have a surname.

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