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75 Futuristic Names for Your Little One

When the future is the focus, you can make it anything you want it to be. Here are our favorite futuristic names for boys, girls, and even gender-neutral options. Discover your favorite futuristic baby name today!
75 Futuristic Baby Names
Updated: January 29, 2024
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If you are considering futuristic baby names for your little one on the way, we’ve got the ultimate list for you. There are many sources of inspiration for a futuristic given name or simply a beautiful name that makes you think of the future and what is beyond.

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You might consider thinking about names or words related to science, space, sci-fi, and future-focused movies or books. Whether you are looking for a name for a baby boy, girl, or unisex baby names, many of the names below can be mixed, matched, and repurposed.

When the future is the focus, you can make it anything you want it to be. There are no hard and fast rules to follow about choosing a name at any time, but this is especially the case if you are looking for a more edgy, futuristic name. You can explore new and unique ways to spell names, derivatives of more common names, and the repurposing of words that carry meaning for you. Whether you are looking for baby girl names, baby boy names, or a more unisex name, you can follow the sources of inspiration that speak most to you.

You will also find much inspiration from our list of futuristic and new names below!

Futuristic Names for Boys

As we venture further into the future, the names that we choose for the next generation may embody our aspirations, innovations, and our relationship with technology. Here is a list of futuristic boy names that are both unique and resonant with the world to come, each with its own distinctive sound and visionary flair.

  1. Alaric - A Germanic name meaning ruler.
  2. Anakin - One of the famous male names from Star Wars, it means warrior.
  3. Blaze - A name of Latin origin related to fire.
  4. Cassian - A Roman and Latin-inspired name.
  5. Cypher - A name meaning mystery.
  6. Destry - A Western-inspired name meaning war horse.
  7. Dozer - A unique spelling of the Bavarian surname, Doser.
  8. Eno - Originally a surname found in Hampshire, England.
  9. Eythor - Of Old Norse origin and possibly Marvel inspired with the meaning of little Thor.
  10. Finian - Of Gaelic and Irish origin meaning fair.
  11. Garven - An Old English name meaning spear-friend.
  12. Harlin - An Old English name meaning army land.
  13. Kian - A Persian name meaning king.
  14. Lucius - A Harry Potter-inspired name, it is also a Latin name meaning light.
  15. Lux - A modern, Latin-inspired name also meaning light.
  16. Mace - A Middle English name, and also a Star Wars-inspired name from the Ewoks franchise.
  17. Neo - A name made famous by the Matrix movie.
  18. Nye - A name of Welsh origin meaning man of honor.
  19. Ryker - A German name meaning rich.
  20. Sirius - A Harry Potter-inspired name and the name of the brightest star in the night sky.
  21. Storm - An Old English name meaning tempest.
  22. Tristan - A name meaning noise or bold of Welsh origin.
  23. Xander - A name meaning defender of man.
  24. Zaiden - An American name meaning increasing or surplus.
  25. Zen - A Japanese and Buddhism-inspired name.

Futuristic Names for Girls

Moving forward, futuristic girl names echo the merging of tradition with a bold step into a new era. These selections are imbued with grace and modernity, perfect for the leaders and creators of tomorrow!

  1. Adlai - Of Hebrew origin, it means God is just.
  2. Annora - Of Latin origin, it means honor.
  3. Astra - Meaning star, this name is of Latin origin.
  4. Auryn - A name of Welsh origin meaning gold.
  5. Crescentia - A name of French origin meaning increasing or growing.
  6. Cersei - A name well known from Game of Thrones.
  7. Falynn - An English name meaning beautiful fairy.
  8. Idryssa - An Arabic name meaning interpreter.
  9. Jada - Of Hebrew origin, this name means good and beautiful woman.
  10. Luna - An Italian and Spanish name meaning moon, and also a Harry Potter-inspired name.
  11. Lyra - A Greek name meaning lyre and a character name in the His Dark Materials trilogy.
  12. Mina - A German name meaning love.
  13. Mircea - A Romanian name meaning peace.
  14. Nova - A star that suddenly releases a huge burst of energy.
  15. Novelia - Of Latin origin, it means new one.
  16. Padme - A Persian name meaning lotus and a Star Wars-inspired name.
  17. Radia - An Arabic name meaning happy and bright.
  18. Rey - A Spanish name meaning kings, and also a Star Wars-inspired name.
  19. Satine - A French name meaning smooth and shiny.
  20. Shaylae - A Star Wars-inspired name.
  21. Sola - A Spanish name meaning she who is alone.
  22. Trinity - Of English origin, this name relates to the Holy Trinity.
  23. Ursa - A Latin name meaning bear.
  24. Vega - Of Spanish origin, it means dweller in a meadow.
  25. Zosia - A name meaning wisdom of Greek origin.

Future Names for Gender-Neutral, Unisex, and Non-Binary

In an age of breaking down barriers and embracing fluidity, futuristic gender-neutral names stand at the frontier of progress. These names are versatile and forward-looking, offering a sense of inclusivity and boundless potential.

  1. Drake - An English name meaning dragon.
  2. Eclipse - A Native American name meaning daughter or son of the moon and strength.
  3. Emric - An Old High German name meaning ruler of the home.
  4. Everton - An Old English name that means boar settlement.
  5. Fenn - An English name meaning wetland or marsh.
  6. Findall - A derivative name of Finn.
  7. Fio - A Latin name meaning blossom.
  8. Galaxy - An American name meaning large system of stars.
  9. Jax - An English name meaning God has been gracious.
  10. Juno - A Latin name meaning queen of heaven or protector of women.
  11. Klay - An English name meaning spiritual warrior.
  12. Marz - A name inspired by the planet Mars.
  13. Nym - A Shakesperean-inspired name.
  14. Orion - A constellation-inspired name with three conspicuous stars.
  15. Pascal - A scientist-inspired name.
  16. Pax - A Latin name meaning peace.
  17. Penn - An Old English name meaning hill.
  18. Ren - A Japanese name meaning water lily.
  19. Rune - An Old Norse name meaning secret.
  20. Sagan - A Slavic name meaning wise one and a scientist-inspired name.
  21. Thales - A Greek name meaning to blossom and a mathematician-inspired name.
  22. Tove - A Swedish name meaning beautiful.
  23. Wynn - An Old English name meaning friend.
  24. Zephyr - A Greek name meaning west wind.
  25. Zev - A Hebrew name meaning wolf.

What Will Names Be in the Future?

As we hurtle into the future, the evolution of names is poised to embrace global diversity, cross-cultural exchanges, and the rise of digital culture. We may witness a proliferation of names that break traditional molds, blending linguistic elements from multiple regions and celebrating our interconnected world. Simultaneously, the digital age could inspire names derived from technology and online phenomena, reflecting the ever-growing influence of virtual spaces in our lives.

What Are the Boy Names for 2050?

The names of the future, such as for the year 2050, are likely to reflect a blend of cultural diversity and innovation. Imagine names that draw from a global tapestry of languages, infused with new-era digital influences and environmental awareness. We might see a rise in names inspired by nature, and technology, and a resurgence of ancient, once-forgotten names, reimagined for a new generation.

However, new trends could emerge, and names that are considered unique or unusual now could become more mainstream by 2050. For example, we're seeing a trend towards gender-neutral names and names inspired by the natural world, both of which could influence the popular names of 2050.

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