75 Modern Names for Babies

Updated: March 31, 2021
Attention future moms and dads, these unique modern names are sure to make you a trendsetter.

Naming your child can be very exciting. There are so many things to consider when searching for a name for your future baby like origin, meaning, uniqueness, and popularity. 

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If you want to choose a modern baby name, look to the top trends for inspiration. One trend we’ve seen gain in popularity recently is the concept of using surnames for first names. Another trend that is gaining popularity in 2020 is taking a new spin on already popular names, such as Leonardo, but adding a twist such as Leofric. 

There is one thing that always holds true when picking out the right name, it needs to bring both you and your partner joy. Here are 75 of the most modern baby names you will be swooning over in 2020 -

25 Modern Boy Names

modern names for baby boys

  • Brees - Dutch origins, meaning popularity. 
  • Exton - Nickname “Ex. - English origins, meaning town on the river.
  • Zephyr - Nickname “Zeph. Greek Origins, meaning west wind. 
  • Lincoln - English origin, meaning a lakeside colony. 
  • Grant - Scottish origins, meaning tall or great.
  • Arlo - English origins, meaning fortified hill. 
  • Zayden - Arabic origins, meaning growth. 
  • Hudson - Anglo-Scottish origins, thought to be derived from the Saxon word Huge, meaning hug.
  • Milo - German origins, meaning mild, calm, and peaceful. 
  • Brooks - English origins, meaning dweller by the brooks. 
  • Porter - English and Scottish origin, meaning doorkeeper of a great house, or wall-keeper of a town. 
  • Karson - Irish and Scottish origins, meaning son of the marsh dweller.
  • Lennox - Scottish and Gaelic origins, meaning with many elm trees. 
  • Thierry - French and German origins, meaning power and mighty ruler of the people.
  • Jett - Dutch origins, meaning free.
  • Rocco - German and Italian origins, derived from rohon, meaning battle cry.
  • Gunner - Norse mythology, meaning war. 
  • Adair - English origins, commonly used as a surname for the name Edgar. 
  • Bronx - Swedish origins, used by a Jonas Bronck, who establish the first settlement in the Netherland colony.
  • Cashel -  Irish origins, meaning castle.
  • Kit - Green origins, meaning carrier of Christ. 
  • Audio - Latin and English word, meaning sound or hearing.
  • Sterling - English origin, meaning high quality and pure. 
  • Roderick - German origins, meaning famous ruler.
  • Maverick - American origins, meaning independent, nonconformist.

25 Modern Gender-Neutral Names 

gender neutral modern names for baby

  • Emerson - American origins, meaning brave.
  • London - English origins, meaning the great river.
  • Reese - Welch origins, meaning fiery. 
  • Bailey - English origins, meaning berry clearing.
  • Harley - English origins, meaning hare.
  • Beckett - English origins, meaning beehive.
  • Ellery - English origins, meaning joyful. 
  • Frey - Scandinavian origins, meaning lord. 
  • Hart - English origins, meaning strong and brave.
  • Phoenix - Greek origins, meaning dark red.
  • Quinn - Irish origins, meaning wisdom. 
  • Roan - Irish origins, meaning little red head. 
  • Wren - English noun, meaning small songbird. 
  • Frankie - Latin origins, meaning free one. 
  • Charlie - German origins, meaning free man.
  • Landry - French origins, meaning ruler. 
  • Hollis - English origins, meaning dweller at the holly trees. 
  • Brighton - English origins, meaning bright town. 
  • Storm - English origins, meaning violent weather. 
  • Honor - Latin origins, meaning integrity. 
  • Clarke - Latin origins, meaning clerk.
  • Timber - American origins, meaning wood and strong. 
  • Oakley - English origins, meaning wood clearing. 
  • River - English word adapted from nature. 
  • Ainsley - Gaelic origins, meaning meadow. 

25 Modern Girl Names

modern names for baby girls

  • Bellamy - French origins, meaning beautiful friend.
  • Emery - German origins, meaning brave and powerful.
  • Aida - Arabic origins, meaning reward or present.
  • Zanda - Green origins, meaning man’s defender. 
  • Chi - Chinese origin, meaning younger energy. 
  • Aspen - American, meaning quacking tree. 
  • Lake - English origins, means water runs deep. 
  • Shailee - Celtic origins, a variation of the name Shae. 
  • Freya - From Norse mythology, meaning lady mistress or noblewoman.
  • Quill - English origin, meaning writer.
  • Monroe - Scottish and Gaelic, meaning mouth of the river. 
  • Evie - Hebrew origins, meaning life. 
  • Clover - English origins, meaning key. 
  • Orly - Hebrew origins, meaning you are my light.
  • Zen - Greek origins, meaning gift of Zeus. 
  • Madigan - Irish origins, meaning little dog. 
  • Lola - Spanish origins, shortened version of the name Dolores, meaning sorrows. 
  • Pixie - Uncertain origins, meaning cheerful spirit. 
  • Carmella - Hebrew origins, meaning vineyard. 
  • Evalina - German origins, meaning uncertain. 
  • Ilaria - Italian origins, meaning cheerful. 
  • Livia - Spanish origins, meaning blue or envious. 
  • Maeve - Irish origins, meaning cause of great joy.
  • Varina - Slavic origins, meaning foreigner. 
  • Amalia - Hebrew origins, meaning work of God. 

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