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Updated March 7, 2024

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Boy name origins & meanings

  • German : The boldest
  • Greek: Gift of God

What does Theo mean and stand for?

The name Theo is of Greek origin and means "gift of God," and sometimes is thought to be of German origin and means "the boldest." It is a diminutive of both Theodore and Theobald.

Syllables: 2

How Popular Is The Name Theo

Famous people who gave their babies this name


According to Social Security Administration data, Theo is rapidly increasing in popularity after entering the top 1000 in 2010. Since then, it's managed to jump an average of 50 spots each year, reaching its peak of 172 in 2020.

However, it is the 10th most popular name on

According to Google search data analysis, in the last five years Theo was at its peak popularity in November 2016.

Originally used as a nickname for Theodore, Theo has made its own way in recent years. Theo first made an impact as Vincent Van Gogh's supportive brother, and later was recognized as the name of the only son on The Cosby Show. In recent years, celebrities such as Roald Dahl, Rhys Darby, NIgel Marvin, Kelly MacDonald, and Tomas Ledin all bypassed the name Theodore for the sons, instead settling on Theo as a given name.

Where is it Popular?

Theo was searched for most often in the following states:

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