75 Southern Boy Names

Updated: March 31, 2021
Whether you're from the South or are looking to give your little one a Southern name, we've got the ultimate list of Southern boy names.
75 Southern Boy Names
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Are you considering a Southern name for your baby boy? These names have come back as both trendy and unique names. There are so many adorable baby boy names inspired by all things Southern!

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If you’re looking for inspiration, you can reflect upon Southern state and city names, favorite books and movies that take place in the South, old-fashioned Southern references, and more. Southerners might also decide to use one of these names when considering middle names.

Check out our list of 75 Southern baby names for boys, and before you know it, you’ll find the perfect Southern boy name for the little one with a heart of Dixie.

  1. Alden: This name means old, wise friend.
  2. Atticus: Inspired by To Kill a Mockingbird, Atticus means belonging to Attica, a region in Athens, Greece.
  3. Austin: A Southern city, Austin means great and magnificent.
  4. Beau: It means beautiful in French.
  5. Bradley: Bradley means broad meadow.
  6. Brooks: It means residing near a stream or brook.
  7. Calvin: A perfect name for many babies as it means little, bald one.
  8. Camden: Camden means winding valley.
  9. Clyde: Clyde comes from a Scottish river name.
  10. Colt: It means young, frisky horse.
  11. Dallas: A Scottish name meaning the meadow dwelling.
  12. Dawson: A Welsh name meaning son of David.
  13. Davis: Davis means beloved.
  14. Drew: Drew means wise.
  15. Duke: A name inspired by the Southern university, it means leader or son of Marmaduke.
  16. Emerson: It literally means Emery’s son.
  17. Emmett: Of Hebrew, German, and English origin, it means universal.
  18. Everett: Everett means brave, strong boar.
  19. Finch: Another To Kill a Mockingbird name, it is the name of a bird and also means to swindle.
  20. Finn: A reference to Huckleberry Finn, it means white or fair.
  21. Frederick: This name means peaceful ruler.
  22. Grey: This Old English name means grey haired.
  23. Grover: This sweet name means grove of trees.
  24. Harley: Harley means hare’s meadow.
  25. Harper: It means harp player.
  26. Harris: It means son of Harry or home ruler.
  27. Harrison: This name also means son of Harry.
  28. Hastings: It means son of the austere man.
  29. Hayes: Hayes means hedged area.
  30. Henry: Henry means ruler of the home.
  31. Houston: A Southern city, it means settlement on the hill.
  32. Huck: Inspired by Huck Finn, it means bog.
  33. Jackson: It means God has been gracious.
  34. James: It means supplanter.
  35. Jasper: Of Persian origin, it means treasurer.
  36. Jones: Jones means God is gracious.
  37. Julep: A Persian name meaning rosewater.
  38. Keaton: It means place of hawks.
  39. Knox: It means a round-topped hill.
  40. Leon: Leon means lion.
  41. Malcolm: It means devotee of Saint Columba.
  42. Marvin: It means marrow and eminent.
  43. Mason: Mason means one who works with stone.
  44. Mercer: Mercer means merchant.
  45. Montgomery: An Old French name meaning Gomeric’s hill.
  46. Nash: It means by the ash tree.
  47. Nathan: Nathan means gift of god.
  48. Ned: It means guardian of the riches.
  49. Nolan: Nolan means champion.
  50. Otis: It means wealth or son of Otto.
  51. Parker: It means park keeper.
  52. Percy: A diminutive form of Percival.
  53. Presley: It means priest’s meadow, but it could also be a tribute to Elvis.
  54. Price: It means son of Rhys or enthusiasm.
  55. Quinn: Quinn means counsel and is also a popular unisex name.
  56. Reed: It means red-haired.
  57. Remy: This name means oarsman.
  58. Rhett: It means advice.
  59. Rufus: Rufus also means red-haired.
  60. Sawyer: Sawyer means woodcutter.
  61. Sellers: It means merchant or employed in the cellar.
  62. Sutton: It literally means Southern settlement.
  63. Tennessee: It means gathering place and is of Native American origin.
  64. Thaddeus: This name means courageous heart.
  65. Theo: Theo means brave people.
  66. Tierney: It means lord or master.
  67. Todd: Todd means fox.
  68. Truman: It means loyal one.
  69. Tucker: Tucker means all-heart.
  70. Vaughn: Vaughn means small, little.
  71. Vernon: It means a place of alders.
  72. Walker: It means a fuller of cloth or an inspector of a certain part of the forest.
  73. Wells: Wells means spring.
  74. Wesley: It means western meadow.
  75. Wyatt: It means hardy, brave, and strong.

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