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Updated May 30, 2022

Persia is the ancient Asian region that covers modern-day Iran. Historically the term Persia also known as Persis, Pars, or Persa, was used by the Greeks to cover the entire Iranian plateau. However, the people of that land referred to their land as Iran or the lad of the Aryans. The name Iran became official in 1935 under Reza Shah when he asked foreign delegates to use the name Iran.

The ancient kingdom of Persia was rich in culture, art, and architecture and often turbulent, warring with other nations and kingdoms for control of the rich and fertile lands. 

Persian baby names often originate from literary works and tales of the time like the Shahnameh and epic Persian poems by Ferdowsi around the 10th century. However, it is important to understand the meaning behind a name before using the name of a character for your little one. Some names have tragic or dark connotations you may not wish to bestow on your baby-to-be.

Other Persian baby names come from religions, outside cultural influences, and great warriors and kings. 

If you are considering a Persian baby name for your baby boy or girl, check out our list of Persian-inspired names to see if one is the right fit for you!

Popular Persian Baby Names

Like all cultures and countries, there are names that peak and ebb in popularity. Below are some popular Persian choices for boy names and girl names. 

Persian Boy Names

  1. Ahmad - Arabic. Greatly praised. This name is becoming increasingly more popular in the U.S. and is now among the top 1,000 names for boys. In 2021 383 baby boys were named Ahmad. 
  2. Arman -  Persian. Wish or hope. 
  3. Babak - Persian. A character from the Shahnameh. It means mentor or father.
  4. Darius - Greek/Persian. Kingly or rich. An alternate spelling is Dariush. 
  5. Farhad - Persian. A suitor, one’s true love. 
  6. Hassan - Arabic. Handsome. Alternate spellings are Hasan and Hassen. 
  7. Jalil - Arabic/Persian. Revered or wise. 
  8. Jasper - Arabic/Persian. Bringer of treasure. 
  9. Masoud - Arabic. This Persian name means lucky!
  10. Parviz - Persian. Fortunate and victorious. 

Persian King Names

Many popular baby boy names come from the great rulers and kings the region boasted as a powerful and wealthy nation through its many years. Some come from fictional kings or heroes lauded in literature. 

  1. Abbas - Hebrew. Lion. Abbas I was King of Persia and lived from 1571 to 1629.
  2. Arash - A Persian folklore name that means hero. 
  3. Cyrus - Persian. This beautiful boy's name means Sun. Cyrus the Great was a 6th-century Persian leader.
  4. Jafar - Iranian/Hindi. While this name may bring images of the Disney film Aladdin, this name means stream. Jafar Khan Zand was an 18th-century Persian King.
  5. Karim  - Arabic. Noble. 
  6. Kaveh - Persian Royal. 
  7. Kian - Persian. The Kings.
  8. Mirza - Persian. Prince.
  9. Rostam - A fictional here from the Shahnameh. 
  10. Sassanid - Persian. Little father. It was the first name of the father of Ardashir, who is known as the founder of the Sassanid dynasty. 

Persian Girl Names

  1. Aliyah  -  Persian. Heaven highborn. The feminine version of Ali. 
  2. Amira - Hebrew/Arabic. Princess.
  3. Dalileh - Persian. Clear and bright way.
  4. Esther - Hebrew. Esther is a biblical name for the Jewish girl who married the king of Persia and saved the Jewish people. She is honored each spring during the Jewish celebration of Purim. 
  5. Jessamine - French. This Persian girl's name is a version of Jasmine. 
  6. Khina - Persian. Little voice. 
  7. Laila - Arabic. Born at night. Alternative spellings include Laylah, Layla, and Lailah. 
  8. Rana - Arabic. This Arabic name means a glittering object. 
  9. Sarah - Hebrew. Princess.
  10. Shirin - Persian. Sweet and charming. Shirin is a character in a story called Shirin and Farhad, a Romeo and Julietesque tale. 

Unique Persian Names

Some Persian names that may trend overseas may not hit peak popularity in the U.S. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn’t consider them! Sometimes a unique name gives your child character or allows them to stand out from the crowd, especially if the name chosen has meaning or significance you can pass down to your child. 

Unique Persian Boy Names

  1. Alborz - Persian. Great or high mountain. 
  2. Bahman - Persian. It is the 11th month of the Persian calendar and means snow avalanche. 
  3. Bahar - Persian. This is an ancient Persian name that means spring.
  4. Bijan - Persian. Hero. 
  5. Behrouz - A Persian boy name that means prosperous. 
  6. Dana - Persian. While not a Quranic name, it has become popular among Muslims as it means wise, knowledgeable, or experienced. 
  7. Jahan - Persian. World.
  8. Kamran - Persian. Prosperous and fortunate. 
  9. Kayvan - Persian. The name for the planet Saturn. 
  10. Omid - Persian. Hope.

Unique Girl Names

  1. Dorri - Greek. Beloved or adored. 
  2. Farva - Persian. Crown, wealthy, prosperous. 
  3. Gasperina - Persian/Italian. Treasure. 
  4. Hana - Arabic. Bliss. An alternative spelling to the more common Hannah. 
  5. Hestia - Greek. The goddess of hearth and home. 
  6. Irisa - Persian/Indian. Rainbow. 
  7. Narda - Persian. Fragrant. 
  8. Parisa - Persian. Like a fairy. 
  9. Rahele - Persian. Traveler. 
  10. Sadira - Persian. Lotus tree. 

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