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75 Texas-Inspired Baby Names for Lovers of the Lone Star State

Show your Texas state pride with these baby names inspired by Texas and famous Texans!
75 Texas-Inspired Baby Names for Lovers of the Lone Star State
Updated: September 8, 2022

For the folks who hail from the Lone Star State, pride is a part of your pedigree. You can’t help but boast about this amazing locale! Not only that but there are some pretty spectacular folks that call the great state of Texas their home. These famous Texas figures provide great inspiration for baby girl and baby boy names

If you are looking for some inspiration when finding a strong Texas-themed name for your little boy or girl, look no further than these terrific Texan names!

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Texas-Inspired Baby Girl Names 

  1. Abilene — This is the name of the literature-loving Central Texas city that holds the title of the Storybook Capital of America!
  2. Belle — Bluebell is the ice cream of choice in the Lone Star State and while using the famous brand name is a little on the nose, Belle is a fantastic ode to this delicious dessert. Best of all, the name means “beautiful”.
  3. Bluebonnet — The state’s gorgeous flower is a symbol of bravery, which makes it a delightful and compelling name choice for a baby girl. Both Blue and B B. are perfect ways to shorten this name.
  4. Bonnie — Bonnie Parker is the female half of the famous criminal duo, Bonnie and Clyde. This Texas beauty, whose name means “attractive”, was a hustler who dreamed of being famous, and she managed to attain that stardom. Just remember that if you choose this name for your little star, make sure to teach them that crime doesn’t pay!
  5. Camila - Coming in third on the most popular Texas names of the 2021 list, Camila is the name that means “perfect” in Arabic, making it pretty close to being just that!
  6. Charlotte - This small city is situated just south of San Antonio. While the name means “little”, this is one of the top baby names for girls, ranking number nine on last year’s list.
  7. Emma - Emma Tenayuca was a civil rights activist for the state in the 1930s and this is one of the top trending Texan names for baby girls.
  8. Estrella — Estrella means “star” or “divine strength”, both of which serve as a symbol of the great state.
  9. Farrah — Farrah Fawcett is one of the famous faces of the original Charlie’s Angels. This Texas actress went on to win four Primetime Emmy Awards.
  10. Katy — Katy, Texas is a suburb of Houston that was established thanks to a railroad system linking Missouri, Kansas, and Texas. This name has Greek origins meaning “pure”.
  11. Lady Bird — Claudia Alta Taylor, otherwise known as Lady Bird, was a proud Texan and the First Lady of the United States serving next to her husband President Lyndon B. Johnson. She is famous for her efforts to beautify the nation’s highways and for creating the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin.
  12. Magnolia - A symbol of perseverance, this flower may not be the official symbol of the state, but it is the name of the famous Waco market at the Silos that is owned by the HGTV “Fixer Upper” power couple Chip and Joanna Gaines.
  13. Mary Kay — The queen of cosmetics hails from modest beginnings in Cypress, Texas. Over her lifetime she built the Mary Kay Cosmetics empire and amassed a $98 million dollar fortune. She also created the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation, raising funds to fight cancer and domestic violence.
  14. Odessa — This West Texas town is known for oil, cowboy culture, and of course, football.
  15. Olivia — This tiny town on the Texas coast lies just between Galveston and Corpus Christi. Olivia is also the most popular girl name in the state for a second year in a row.
  16. Peggy Sue — Peggy Sue Gerron is famous in the western portions of the state for being the inspiration behind Buddy Holly’s 1957 hit song.
  17. Rainey — This street in Austin is famous for its bar and live music scenes. Whether visiting in the day or at night, you are guaranteed to have a night you will never forget! Did we also mention that this name means “queen”?
  18. Rose — Glen Rose, Texas is famous for Dinosaur Valley State Park. Visitors can find actual dinosaur tracks in the riverbed. For those looking for a larger than life name for their baby girl, consider this short and sweet option.
  19. Sabine - Home to the fast-flowing Sabine River and the Sabine National Forest, this East Texas town is a nature lover’s dream!
  20. Sandra — Talk about a powerful presence! Sandra Day O'Connor was the first female Supreme Court justice and her roots reside in El Paso, Texas.
  21. Selena — Everyone in Texas knows that Queen of Tejano Music! Selena Quintanillo is considered one of the top Latin Artists of all time and played a monumental role in the rise of this style of music across the nation.
  22. Sophia - Ranking as the sixth most common baby name in Texas, Sophia is a strong choice that means “wisdom”. Other variants are Sofia and Sophie.
  23. Victoria - This historic locale is one of the state’s first cities and is located along the beautiful Coastal Bend of Texas.
  24. Wimberley — From winding roads to cypress trees and iconic swimming holes, this Texas town is a part of the beautiful Hill Country, which means that it is also home to a handful of fabulous wineries.

Texas-Inspired Baby Boy Names 

Texas Inspired Baby Boy Names
  1. Antonio — The home of the Alamo, San Antonio is a city rich in heritage and culture. Visitors love to frequent the iconic River Walk and the array of attractions.
  2. Austin — It is fitting that the name of this great state’s capital city means “great” or “magnificent”. It is not only the Live Music Capital of the World, but it is also home to the Texas Longhorns and one of the best spots in the nation to find barbecue.
  3. Bishop — The Bishop Arts District is a neighborhood in Dallas known for its unique shops, restaurants, and bars. We love the translation of “guardian” that comes with this distinguished name.
  4. Bryan — Bryan-College Station (BCS) are twin cities where the first public institution of higher education in Texas is located. Texas A&M is famed for its friendliness using Howdy as their official greeting to any passerby.
  5. Buddy — This affectionate term for a friend is also the name of the 1950s rock and roll legend Buddy Holly. This American singer-songwriter was born in Lubbock, Texas, and is famous for the old-school tunes of “Peggy Sue” and “That’ll Be The Day”.
  6. Caddo — Right on the border of Texas and Louisiana, Caddo Lake has a tranquil serenity about it, despite the creatures that may be lurking below the surface. The giant cypress trees draped with Spanish moss make for a picturesque paddle through the bayou.
  7. Dallas —This cosmopolitan city is a Mecca for shopping and fine dining. It is also home to the Dallas Cowboys and is known for its cultural scene.
  8. Dan — Dan Rather is an American journalist and television news anchor who graced people’s screens across the nation for decades. He has been granted eight Peabody awards and is in the Television Hall of Fame.
  9. Davy — Davy Crockett is a hero across the state, fighting for independence in the Texas Revolution. The “King of the Wild Frontier” still serves as an inspiration to many to this day.
  10. Emmitt — Emmitt Smith is the former running back for the Dallas Cowboys who still holds the title as the all-time leading rusher in National Football League (NFL) history. He is also a three-time Super Bowl Champion and a Super Bowl MVP.
  11. Ford — Trucks are a staple in the Lone Star State. While the Ford Motor Company didn’t start in Texas, they have been manufacturing their line of trucks in the state for almost 100 years.
  12. George — It should come as no surprise that the name that means ‘Farmer’ is famous in the Lone Star State! Texas is not only one of the top five agricultural producers in the nation, but it is home to some powerhouse people in history — George Strait (country music legend), George Foreman (world heavyweight champion boxer), and Presidents George W. and George H. W. Bush
  13. Hamilton — Hamilton Pool Preserve is one of the most iconic spots to stop and visit in the state. This breathtaking swimming hole features vibrant emerald green water, a delicate waterfall, and amazing rock formations.
  14. Hank — For anyone who grew up reading the Hank the Cowdog books, this name is a great way to honor your love of literature and mystery.
  15. Harris — With over 4.5 million residents, this South Texas County is where the state’s largest city can be found.
  16. Hunter — Hunter Peak is a gorgeous summit in the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Big Bend Country. This name signifies a “great provider”.
  17. Houston — For those lovers of the great unknown, consider a name that signifies the World Capital of Space Exploration! This city is home to NASA’s headquarters.
  18. Jerry — Any Cowboys fan knows that owner Jerry Jones has a lot of accomplishments. Specifically, under his leadership, the Cowboys have gained three Super Bowl titles in the first seven years of his ownership. This is a first in NFL history.
  19. Jimmy — Did you know that the king of sausage was also a singer, actor, and television host? Jimmy Dean was born in the small town of Plainview, Texas, but managed to do some big things in his life, including being inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame after his passing.
  20. J. J. — J. J. Watt is the former defensive end for the Houston Texans who is best known for his philanthropic efforts following the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey. After this catastrophic event, he raised over $41 million dollars to help the victims and the city of Houston rebuild.
  21. Jose — José Antonio Navarro is a Texas statesman who was one of the first people and one of three Mexicans to sign the Texas Declaration of Independence.
  22. Julian — While you may not know his name, Julian Onderdonk is known as the Father of Texas Painting. His works comprised breathtaking depictions of the Texas countryside, featuring the beautiful bluebonnets that bloom every Spring across the state.
  23. Justin — Every true Texan has a pair of boots to strut their stuff in and Justin Boots has been a trusted spot to acquire this accessory for 143 years. We also love that this name means “righteous”, “just”, or “fair”.
  24. Liam — With the name meaning “strong-willed warrior”, it is obvious why this is the most popular boy name in Texas for four years running according to the Social Security Administration.
  25. Mateo — This name ranks in the state’s top five most popular baby names for boys and is the moniker for the world’s youngest Mariachi singer who is a San Antonio native.
  26. MatthewAlright, alright, alright. Mathew McConaughey is the acclaimed actor known for his work in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Dazed and Confused, and Dallas Buyers Club. Born in Uvalde and an alum of the University of Texas in Austin, this is a guy who loves the Lone Star State.
  27. Maverick — Basketball fans will immediately get this reference to the Dallas team. We also love that the name means “an independent-minded person”. Who doesn’t want a kid who can think for themselves?
  28. Noah — Noah is number two on the top boy baby names for 2021 in the state and is a solid choice for those looking for a biblical name.
  29. Nolan — Nolan Ryan is a former baseball pitcher for the Houston Astros and the Texas Rangers. He was an extraordinary player, and as such, was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1999.
  30. Oliver — This is another fan favorite in the state ranking number three on the top boy name list for 2021.
  31. Pace — Texans love a little spice, so consider naming your little one Pace! The salsa brand has been made in the great state since 1947 and is a staple in most households. Not only that, the name literally means the “peaceful one”. What parent doesn’t want a tranquil baby? Let’s just hope they live up to the name!
  32. Pat — Pat Green is a Texas country music legend who has been serenading us with songs for almost three decades and has been nominated for multiple Grammy awards.
  33. Ryder — Rodeos are another Texas staple and every bull has its rider. Why not take on this unique spelling and give your little guy a name that means “knight” in English?
  34. Santiago — The Brazos Santiago Pass is at the southern tip of Texas and offered refuge to smaller ships in times of conflict throughout Texas history. Santi is also an adorable nickname if you choose this Spanish title.
  35. Sebastian — This is another locale located in the southernmost portion of the state. It is synonymous with the word “honorable”, making it quite the name to live up to, and it is also number five on the top Texas names of 2021.
  36. Sheldon — For the fans of the television sitcom The Big Bang Theory, the character Sheldon Cooper is the quirky genius who hails from the eastern part of the state.
  37. Stephen — Stephen F. Austin is known as the Father of Texas and is the namesake for the college in Nacogdoches, Texas.
  38. Stetson — Every cowboy needs his hat and the Stetson is an iconic symbol of the Lone Star State. While this headpiece did not originate in Texas, it has been manufactured in Garland for over fifty years.
  39. Tarrant — They say that if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 15 minutes. This unique name means “thunder” and it definitely strikes a chord with us!
  40. Tex — With a name that means “friend”, you know your little guy will be the hit of the schoolyard! This is also the most Texas-themed name on our list, for obvious reasons.
  41. Travis — William Barret Travis named this Texas County after himself when it was established back in 1840. Home to the state’s capital, this part of Texas has over one million residents.
  42. Trigger — This is the perfect name for your little cowpoke who is always ready to stick up for what is right.
  43. Tyler — This East Texas town is named after President John Tyler and is known for its gorgeous gardens. With over 20 million rose bushes being produced each year, the title of the Rose Capital of America does not come as a shock.
  44. Walker — This is the name of the famous Texas Ranger in the action-packed 90’s television series portrayed by Chuck Norris. It is also one of the top Southern names for boys.
  45. Waylon — Waylon Jennings is famous for his impact on outlaw country music. One of his biggest hits was the theme song for the Dukes of Hazzard television show.
  46. Willie — Mr. Nelson is one of the most recognized names in country music and is best known for “Always on My Mind” and “On The Road Again”.
  47. Witt — Jason Witten is the former football tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. On top of his all-time record for receptions for the team and his number four spot for receptions in NFL history, Witten is also quite the philanthropist. Most notably, he created the SCORE Foundation, which is “a unique initiative placing full-time, trained male mentors in battered women’s shelters throughout Texas. The mentors seek to demonstrate positive male behavior to the children living in these shelters in an effort to break the cycle of violence that plagues families affected by abuse.” Talk about a wonderful namesake and role model for Texans!
  48. Woody — Woody Harrelson is the famous face from the sitcom Cheers. This Texas native won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor for this role.

Texas Inspired Gender-Neutral Names 

  1. 1 Addison — This suburb of Dallas is a flourishing arts community that is known as the Restaurant Capital of America.
  2. Liberty — This is the third oldest city in the state and is home to the twin of the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia. The name means “freedom”. Libby is a popular nickname for an adorable little girl and boys can shorten it to Berty.
  3. Vega — Juan Vega and Douglas Young are the minds behind the artwork on the Texas state seal. It is also the name of the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. Texans can see this beautiful blue astronomical object in late May each year.

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75 Texas-Inspired Baby Names for Lovers of the Lone Star State


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