105 Southern and Country Names for Your Baby Name Search.

Updated: April 9, 2022
The ultimate list of southern names and country baby names inspired by the American South.
Country Names
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If you love the idea of time spent drinking sweet tea and visiting old barns, this baby name list is for you. The idea of an old-fashioned rustic American lifestyle is as popular as ever, and baby names are following suit. Thinking of the countryside evokes a sense of slow living and tradition. Farmhouse-style decor and country living are in style, so it's no surprise that many parents are seeking Southern-style baby names for their little ones, too.

Whether you're seeking a first name or middle name with country flair, you can find ideas for rustic baby names from the sights of nature around you, or by using Southern states and cities as baby name inspiration. Check out our suggestions below for a variety of Southern-style baby names.

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Country Baby Girl Names

From characters in movies like Gone With the Wind to music artists and cities, you can find the perfect southern baby name with a country vibe for your sweet little girl.

Country Girl Names

Sweet as a Georgia peach, beautiful, rustic girl names often end in “ey,” “ie,” or “ah."

  1. Abigail - Hebrew, meaning: "father's joy"
  2. Adelaide - German, meaning: "noble"
  3. Annabelle - Hebrew, meaning: "gift of God's favor"
  4. Aubrey - German meaning: "ruler of elves"
  5. Ava - Latin, meaning: "birdlike" or "blooming"
  6. Azalea - Greek, meaning: "dry," also a popular Southern flowering shrub
  7. Belle - Spanish, meaning: "beautiful"
  8. Betsy - Hebrew, meaning: "Consecrated to God"
  9. Caroline/Carolina - French, meaning: "small but strong"
  10. Charity - Latin, meaning: "loving and benevolent"
  11. Charlotte - French, meaning: "little and feminine"
  12. Clementine - Polish, meaning: "mild and merciful"
  13. Constance - Latin, meaning: "faithful and loyal"
  14. Courtney - English, meaning: "courtly, courteous, and dignified"
  15. Daisy - Latin, meaning: "day's eye"
  16. Daphne - Greek, meaning: "laurel tree"
  17. Delilah - Hebrew, meaning: "delicate"
  18. Dixie - American, meaning: "southern girl"
  19. Dolly - Greek, meaning: "gift of God"
  20. Dorothea - Greek, meaning: "gift of God"
  21. Ellie - Greek, meaning: "mercy"
  22. Faith - Latin, meaning: "trust"
  23. Florence - Latin, meaning: "blooming flower"
  24. Georgia - Greek, meaning: "farmer"
  25. Hattie - French, meaning: "ruler of the household"
  26. Ivy - Old English, meaning: "vine"
  27. Ida - Old German, meaning: "youthful"
  28. June - Latin, meaning: "young"
  29. Lacey - Latin, meaning: "cheerful"
  30. Laurel - Latin, meaning: "laurel leaves, honor, fame, or spirit"
  31. Mae - Greek, meaning: "high tower"
  32. Maisie - Gaelic, Scottish, meaning: "pearl"
  33. Maggie - English, meaning: "pearl or child of light"
  34. Magnolia - Latin, meaning: "flower or flowering tree"
  35. Myrtle - Greek, meaning: "flower or a symbol of victory"
  36. Nellie - Irish, meaning: "champion; Greek,means "the bright one"
  37. Poppy - Latin, meaning: "flower"
  38. Ruthie - Hebrew, meaning: "compassionate friend"
  39. Savannah - Spanish, meaning: "flat tropical grassland"
  40. Scarlett - Middle English, meaning: "deep red"
  41. Selma - Scandinavian, meaning: "divinely protected"
  42. Tabitha - Greek, Hebrew, Native American, meaning: "gazelle, roebuck, or tiara"
  43. Tara - Celtic, meaning: "rocky hill or tower"
  44. Willow - English, meaning: "freedom, tree"
  45. Virginia - Latin, meaning: "chaste, maiden"

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Country Baby Boy Names

Country Boy Names

There are a wide array of rustic, country-feeling boys' names to choose from. Choose an old-fashioned, classic name after a place or person that evokes a country lifestyle, or a modern, popular name from a favorite film or book. Here are some of our favorite country boy name ideas to choose from for your son.

  1. Atticus - Latin, meaning: "from Athens"
  2. Austin - Latin, meaning: "useful"
  3. Banjo - American, meaning: "musical instrument"
  4. Beau - Norse, meaning: "to live or dwell" Hebrew, meaning: "strong and fast"
  5. Bennett - Latin, meaning: "blessed"
  6. Boone - Latin, meaning: "good"
  7. Buck - Old English, meaning: "meadow of deer"
  8. Byron - French, meaning: "at the cottage"
  9. Caleb - Hebrew, meaning: "faithful, dog, bold"
  10. Carter - Old English, meaning: "cart driver"
  11. Cash - Latin, meaning: "vain"
  12. Colton - English, meaning: "coal town"
  13. Connor - Irish, meaning: "desire"
  14. Davis - Hebrew, meaning: "beloved"
  15. Duke - Latin, meaning: "leader"
  16. Deacon - Greek, meaning: "messenger"
  17. Easton - English, meaning: "east-facing place"
  18. Grady - Latin, meaning: "rank"
  19. Greer - Greek, meaning: "watchful"
  20. Hank - German, meaning: "house ruler"
  21. Harrison - Old English, meaning: "army ruler"
  22. Jackson - Hebrew, meaning: "God's grace"
  23. Jasper - Persian, meaning: "keeper of the treasure"
  24. Jimmy - Hebrew, meaning: "Patron Saint of Spain, substitute"
  25. Kane - Japanese, meaning: "two right thumbs"
  26. Knox - Old English, meaning: from the hills
  27. Macon - Middle English, meaning: "to make"
  28. Nolan - Irish, meaning: "renowned, noble"
  29. Rhett - English, Welsh, meaning: "a stream"
  30. Samuel - Hebrew, meaning: "name of God"
  31. Sullivan - Gaelic, meaning: "black-eyed or dark-eyed"
  32. Tanner - English, meaning: "leather worker"
  33. Teddy - Old English, meaning: "rich warrior"
  34. Tennessee - Native American, meaning: "the state"
  35. Troy - Irish, meaning: "foot soldier"
  36. Tucker - Middle English, meaning: "tailor"
  37. Vernon - Latin, meaning: "spring"
  38. Wade - American, meaning: "campy"
  39. Wesley - Old English, meaning: "west meadow"
  40. Wallace - Old English, meaning: "Welshman"
  41. Walker - English, meaning: "cloth walker"
  42. William - Spanish, meaning: "resolute or protector"
  43. Wyatt - Old English, French, meaning: "water or little warrior"
  44. Yates - Middle English, meaning: "gate-keeper"
  45. Zeke - Arabic, meaning: "memory of the lord"

Gender Neutral Country Baby Names

If you're seeking something less feminine or masculine for your little one, there are many options for gender-neutral rustic baby names. These classic, southern-style baby names work for boys and girls.

  1. Blake - Italian, meaning: "white or fair"
  2. Brooks - Old English, meaning: "stream"
  3. Cheyenne - Native American, meaning: "Courage"
  4. Dakota - Native American, meaning: "friend"
  5. Dallas - Irish, meaning: "skilled"
  6. Hadley - Old English, meaning: "heather field"
  7. Harper - Old Norse, meaning: "whaler"
  8. Hunter - Old English, meaning: "search"
  9. Parker - Old English, meaning: "cultivated land"
  10. Presley - Old English, meaning: "dweller at the church, priest's settlement"
  11. Reese - Welsh, meaning: "enthusiastic"
  12. Riley - Gaelic, meaning: "valiant"
  13. Sawyer - English, meaning: "woodsman"
  14. Shiloh - Hebrew, meaning: peaceful

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