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41 Creative Nicknames for Elizabeth

From Betty to Liz there are many unique nicknames for Elizabeth. Here are the best nicknames for Elizabeth, including shortened names and middle name options.
Updated: February 9, 2023

Elizabeth is one of the most popular baby names for girls throughout history.

Elizabeth means “God is my oath” in Hebrew. According to the Social Security Administration, it is one of the top 20 names for baby girls. It’s a classic name and has historical significance as many important women shared the name Elizabeth from queens to politicians to famous actresses.

There are also many Elizabeth nicknames to choose from that range from cute and short nicknames to unusual and creative versions of the moniker. If you are looking for a baby name that has a variety of pet names you can use, Elizabeth is definitely a solid option.

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We put together a list of the best nicknames for Elizabeth from the common to the unusual. Plus, check out great middle name options that pair well with the name Elizabeth! 

Famous People Named Elizabeth

  • Queen Elizabeth II - The late queen of England.
  • Elizabeth Taylor - A famous British actress.
  • Elizabeth Warren - A senator of Massachusetts.
  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton - A writer and leader of the women’s rights movement.

Best Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Betsy - This is a popular variation of Elizabeth that is also Hebrew and has the same meaning; “consecrated to God.
  2. Elise - This is a French variation of Elizabeth.
  3. Eliza - All you have to do to get this nickname for Elizabeth is drop the last syllable.
  4. Etta - Etta is a pretty commonly used nickname for Elizabeth and it has many different origins.
  5. Lisbeth/Lizbeth - These are two spelling variations of this nickname.
  6. Lizzie - Lizzie is likely one of the most popular nicknames for Elizabeth.

Cute Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Betty - Another sweet shortened version.
  2. Billie - This may not seem like it would be a nickname for Elizabeth, but it is and it’s adorable!
  3. Effy - This is typically a short form of Euphemia but sometimes as a nickname for Elizabeth.
  4. Ella - Some parents choose Ella as an alternative to Elizabeth or as a nickname.
  5. Ellie - There are many names that you can shorten to Ellie.
  6. Lettie - This name isn’t as common but it’s so cute.
  7. Libby - This is a nickname commonly taken from Elizabeth or Isabel.
  8. Liza - You can use this as a nickname or a cute alternative.

Short Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Bess - Also Hebrew and a fun short nickname.
  2. Beth - This is the last syllable of Elizabeth which is a fitting short nickname.
  3. Bette - Singer and actress Bette Midler go by this name.
  4. Elle - A one-syllable French nickname for Elizabeth.
  5. Lib - This name is super short and sweet.
  6. Lisa - A short nickname option that is Hebrew and Greek.
  7. Liz - Many girls go by this English variation of Elizabeth.
  8. Tess - Usually this is a nickname for Theresa but some use it for Elizabeth as well.

Baby girl lace shoes sitting on bench in park. Wearing french style beret and coat. Childhood.

Creative Nicknames for Elizabeth

  1. Bizzy - Similar to “Busy,’ this is a creative spelling for the nickname.
  2. Buffy - This is an Old English nickname for Elizabeth.
  3. Elisa - A nickname for the French spelling of Elizabeth.
  4. Izzy - This is a different and fun nickname that you can use. It’s of Greek origin.
  5. Lilibet - This nickname comes from Queen Elizabeth. Prince Harry and Meghan chose this name for their daughter.
  6. Lily/Lilly - Another creative nickname idea for your baby girl.
  7. Lizzo - Coming from the famous singer, Lizzo is a cool and creative nickname that you can use for Elizabeth.
  8. Zizi - This name is of Hungarian origin and has the same meaning as Elizabeth.

Uncommon Names for Elizabeth

  1. Anna - Hebrew for “gift of God’s favor.”
  2. Catherine - Greek for “pure.”
  3. Hope - Old English for “faith.”
  4. Jean - Scottish for “God is gracious.”
  5. June - Latin for “young.”
  6. Kate - Greek for “pure.”
  7. Lynn - Chinese and English for “beautiful.”
  8. Marie - Hebrew and French for “bitter.”
  9. Noelle - Latin and French for “child born at Christmas.”
  10. Sarah - Hebrew for “princess.”

If you love Elizabeth, then you’ll likely fall for one of these nicknames! Just keep in mind that your little one may want a different one when they’re older. Luckily, there are so many great ones to choose from.

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