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100 Boy Names That Mean Protector or Guardian

Males names that mean protector, guardian, or defender are great baby names for your baby boy! Explore or list of 100 baby boy names that mean protector.
100 Boy Names That Mean Protector or Guardian
Updated: July 18, 2023

If you are expecting a baby boy, why not choose a powerful name for him? Baby names that mean protector, guardian, or defender are all wonderful choices! 

In many cultures and religions, the name that you choose for your child is very important and holds great significance in your family. Parents in India for example, like to choose strong, protector names for their children to reflect what they would most like to see as they grow. 

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Many of these names are found in history or even mythology and have significant meanings. There are even unisex names as well like “Sloan” or “Aleksi.”

Explore more protector, guardian, and warrior names with origins and meanings below.

Boy Names That Mean Protector

  1. Aasim - An Arabic name that means “protector” or “savior”
  2. Adarvan - Persian name for “fire protector”
  3. Aleksi - Persianfor “protector or defender of mankind”
  4. Andreas - Greek name for “valiant protector”
  5. Ansel - German for “deity” or “with divine protection”
  6. Balthazar - A name of German origin that means “God protect the king”
  7. Billie - English for “fierce protector.”
  8. Bronislaw - Slavic for “protector of glory”
  9. Diamont - English for “brilliant” or “bridge protector”
  10. Eamon - Irish name for “wealthy protector”
  11. Eastman - English for “grace protector”
  12. Elmo - Italian for “helmet protection”
  13. Faramund - Old German name for “traveler’s protection”
  14. Farbod - Persian for “protector of glory”
  15. Guillermo - Spanish for “resolute protector”
  16. Gustavo - Italian and Spanish for “royal staff” or “protector of the Goths”
  17. Havard - A Norwegian name for “protector”
  18. Howard - A name of English origin that means “protector of the home”
  19. Kamali - African/Rhodesian for “spirit protector”
  20. Liam - Irish and Gaelic for “unwavering protector”
  21. Narain - Hindi for “protector”
  22. Odon - Hungarian for “wealthy protector”
  23. Oman - Sanskrit name for “protector and helper” and Swedish for “island man”
  24. Osmond - English for “divine protector”
  25. Rai - Old English name for “doe” and Spanish for “protecting hands”
  26. Ramon - German for “mighty protector”
  27. Raymond - Old English for “worthy protector”
  28. Reinhold - A German name that means “wise protector”
  29. Sigmund - German and Teutonic for “victory protector”
  30. Tarak - Sanskrit for “protector”
  31. Tedmond - English for “protector of the land”
  32. Vishnu - Hindi and Sanskrit for “tenth incarnation of God” and “protector”
  33. Wali - Arabic for “guardian” or “protector”
  34. William - Spanish name for “resolute protector”
  35. Zarek - Polish for “may God protect the king”
  36. Zindel - Yiddish for “protector of mankind”

Boy Names That Mean Guardian

Boy Names That Mean Guardian

  1. Argus - Greek for “bright” or “vigilant guardian”
  2. Clyde - French name for “lame” and Scottish for “keeper of the keys”
  3. Daemon - A name of Greek origin that means “guardian spirit”
  4. Duarte - Portuguese for “rich guardian”
  5. Edward - Old English for “rich guardian”
  6. Eri - Hebrew for “my guardian”
  7. Fremont - German for “guardian of freedom”
  8. Garan - A name of French origin that means “guardian”
  9. Greer - Greek for “watchful” or “guardian”
  10. Hafiz - Arabic for “guardian” or “keeper”
  11. Hayward - An English occupational name for someone responsible for guarding the land
  12. Janus - Latin name for “passageway,” and Janus was also the Roman God of guarding gateways and beginnings
  13. Jasper - Persian for “keeper of the treasure”
  14. Millard - Old English for “caretaker of the mill”
  15. Ned - English for “prosperous guardian”
  16. Ranger - An English occupational name for gamekeeper or warden
  17. Salvador - A Spanish name that means “savior”
  18. Sergio - Latin for “attendant” or “guardian”
  19. Seward - Old English for “sea guardian” or “victory guardian”
  20. Shermer - A Biblical name that’s Hebrew for “guardian”
  21. Travis - An English occupational name for someone who guarded the passage of a bridge and gathered tolls
  22. Ward - English for “to guard”
  23. Warmond - English for “to guard” or “watchman”
  24. Zareb - African name for “guardian” or “protector”

Boy Names That Mean Defender or Warrior 

  1. Agnar - Norwegian for “ruler or warrior with the sword”
  2. Alexander - Greek for “defender of mankind”
  3. Alister - Scottish name for “defender of mankind”
  4. Alvar - Finnish and Scandinavian for “elf warrior”
  5. Armani - African for “faith” and Italian for “warrior”
  6. Bane - Hawaiian name for “long-awaited child” and Slavic for “glorious defender”
  7. Barrett - German for “mighty as a bear” or “warrior”
  8. Batair - Scottish for “strong warrior”
  9. Casey - An Irish name that means “brave in battle”
  10. Chad - Old English for “warlike”
  11. Clancy - Irish and Gaelic for “offspring of the redheaded soldier or warrior”
  12. Duncan - Old English for “dark warrior”
  13. Dustin - German name for “valiant fighter” or Old Norse for “stone of Thor”
  14. Edmund - Old English for “rich warrior”
  15. Evander - A name of Scottish origin that means “bow warrior”
  16. Finley - Celtic and Irish for “fair warrior or hero”
  17. Garrett - English for “brave spear”
  18. Garrick - German and Old English for “spear carrier”
  19. Gerald - French for “spear warrior”
  20. Gunnar - An Old Norse name for “fighter” or “war”
  21. Harlan - Old English for “rabbit archer”
  22. Herman - German for “soldier” or “warrior”
  23. Humphrey - Old English for “peaceful force” and Old German for “peaceful warrior”
  24. Igor - Scandinavian for “hero”
  25. Kane - Hebrew for “spear” and Scottish for “warlike”
  26. Lewis - German for “famous warrior” or “renowned warrior”
  27. Malin - English and Scandinavian for “little warrior”
  28. Marcel - Latin for “warlike” or “defender”
  29. Miles - A German name for “soldier”
  30. Murphy - An Irish name that means “sea warrior”
  31. Nakoa - Hawaiian for “brave warrior”
  32. Oscar - Old Norse for “champion warrior”
  33. Owen - Irish for “warrior”
  34. Oz - Hebrew name for “strength”
  35. Patton - English for “fighter’s town”
  36. Randall - Anglo-Saxon and English for “shield wolf”
  37. Roger - German for “famous spearman”
  38. Sasha - Russian name for “defender of man”
  39. Sloan - Gaelic for “warrior”
  40. Titan - Greek for “of the giants” and “defender”

Whether you are after a good Irish name or even a Spanish name, this is a very diverse list of baby boy names with plenty of options to help you find the best match!

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