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101 Creative Baby Boy Names and Meanings

These creative boy names are unique and uncommon. Find over 100 artistic and creative boy names that are perfect for your baby boy.
101 Creative Boy Names
By: Elisa Cinelli

Sometimes you want a baby boy name that isn’t so classic and traditional. Maybe you find yourself drawn to names you have never heard before.

Or you just know that you want to choose a creative moniker for your little boy.

If you want your son to grow up to be someone artistic, consider names that mean creative like Delancey or Adwin.

You may find inspiration in the names of famous artists or other creative people such as Ansel or Poe.

Or maybe you’ll choose a symbolic name from ancient mythology like Griffin or a name from literature like Caspian.

Sometimes the most creative names are common English words too that invoke a grand moment or adventure like Journey or Storm.

Don’t limit yourself to the most popular boy names or what is trending on the name lists. Choose an unusual boy name if you love it. There are so many cool boy names out there to select from.

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Get inspired by our list of 100 original and rare names for your little boy, including name origins and name meanings.

Creative Baby Boy Names and Meanings from A to L

  1. Abdul: Arabic name that means “creative person.”
  2. Achilles: Greek name meaning pain. In Greek mythology, Achilles was a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan war and only had one weak spot on the back of his heel
  3. Adwin: African name meaning “artist.”
  4. Ambrose: English name meaning “immortal.”
  5. Anders: a Scandinavian name meaning “manly.”
  6. Ansel: German name for helmet
  7. Apollo: Greek name meaning strength. In Greek mythology, Apollo was God of sun and light as well as of music, art, law and wisdom.
  8. Arden: Celtic name meaning “high.”
  9. Artist: English name for a creative/artist
  10. Asher: Hebrew name meaning “blessed.”
  11. Atlas: Greek boy name meaning “enduring.” In Greek mythology, Atlas was a Titan condemned by Zeus to hold the world on his shoulders
  12. Axel: Danish name meaning “my father is peace.”
  13. Bay: English name for small body of water.
  14. Bear: English name after the animal.
  15. Bowie: Scottish name meaning “blond.”
  16. Bidziil: Native American name meaning “he is strong.”
  17. Bjorn: Old Norse name for a bear.
  18. Blair: Scottish name meaning “field.”
  19. Blaze: French name meaning “lisping.”
  20. Brodie: Scottish name meaning “little ridge.”
  21. Brooklyn: Dutch name meaning “marshland.”
  22. Cairo: Arabic name meaning “victorious.”
  23. Caspian: English name after the Caspian Sea. In literature, Prince Caspian is a protagonist in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia series.
  24. Chaim: Hebrew name meaning “life.”
  25. Cinder: Old English name; ashes/cinders
  26. Claude: French name meaning “lame/crippled.”
  27. Colson: English name meaning “son of Cole.”
  28. Cowall: Irish name for “fellow hostage.”
  29. Cy: Persian name for “one who humiliates their enemy.”
  30. Cruz: Spanish, cross
  31. Declan: Irish, full of goodness
  32. Delancey: English name meaning “creative and unique.”
  33. Echo: In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph cursed by Hera to only be able to repeat the last words someone else says. This is traditionally a female name that also works for boys
  34. Elias: Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  35. Elijah: Hebrew name meaning “my God is Yahweh.”
  36. Ellis: Welsh name meaning my “my God is Yahweh.”
  37. Ember: English name for a fire’s spark or ember.
  38. Ender: Turkish name meaning “rare.”
  39. Everest: English name for the name of the world’s highest mountain.
  40. Ezra: Hebrew name meaning “help.”
  41. Fihr: Arabic name meaning stone or pestle.
  42. Fintin: Celtic name meaning white fire. In Irish mythology, Fintin was the only Irish person to survive the great flood.
  43. Gandalf: Scandinavian name meaning “ wand elf” In literature, Gandalf is the lead wizard in J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.
  44. Genesis: Greek name meaning “origin.”
  45. Griffin: English name meaning prince. In Greek mythology, a Griffin is a creature that is part lion and part eagle.
  46. Gustav: Old Norse name meaning “staff of the Geats.”
  47. Henri: French name meaning “home ruler.”
  48. Holden: Old English name meaning “deep valley.”
  49. Huxley: English name meaning “clearing in the woods.”
  50. Indigo: English name meaning “deep purplish-blue.”
  51. Jair: Hebrew name meaning “he shines.”
  52. Jasper: In Judea-Christian Legend, Jasper was one of the wise men who visited the baby Jesus.
  53. Jett: English name meaning “very black.”
  54. Journey: English name meaning “journey.”
  55. Julian: Polish name meaning “downy-bearded.”
  56. Justice: English name meaning “justice.”
  57. Kai: Hawaiian name meaning “ocean.”
  58. Keats: Old English name meaning “worker.”
  59. Kenji: Japanese name meaning “intelligent second son.”
  60. Kiko: Spanish name meaning “Frenchman.”
  61. Landry: Anglo-Saxon name meaning “ruler.”
  62. Ledger: Germanic name meaning “people with spears.”
  63. Leif: Scandinavian name meaning “heir.”
  64. Leonardo: Italian name meaning “brave lion.”
  65. Lorenzo: Italian name meaning “from Laurentom.”
  66. Lyle: Old English name that means “the island.”

Creative Baby Boy Names and Meanings from M to Z

101 Creative Boy Names M to Z

  1. Magnes: Latin name meaning “magnificent.”
  2. Marcel: French name meaning “warrior,”
  3. Matisse: French name meaning “gift of God.”
  4. Maverick: Old English name meaning “independent.”
  5. Miles: Old Norse name meaning “gracious.”
  6. Nova: Latin name meaning “new.”
  7. Ocean: English name for the sea.
  8. Odyssey: Russian name derived from Odysseus
  9. Orion: In Greek mythology, Orion was the hunter who killed the scorpion sent to Earth by the goddess Gaia
  10. Orvar: In Norse mythology, Orvar was a legendary hero from tales told in Iceland
  11. Parviz: Persian name meaning “fortunate.”
  12. Phoenix: Greek name meaning “dark red.” In Greek mythology, the Phoenix is a magic bird that dies in a ball of fire and is perpetually reborn from its own ashes.
  13. Piet: Dutch name meaning “pebble.”
  14. Poe: Old Norse name meaning “peacock.”
  15. Reed: Old English name meaning “red-haired.”
  16. Remy: Latin name meaning “oarsman.”
  17. Roman: Latin name meaning “from Rome.”
  18. Ryder: Old English name meaning “messenger” or “mounted warrior.”
  19. Salinger: Hebrew name meaning “man of peace.”
  20. Shiloh: Hebrew name meaning “tranquil.”
  21. Silas: Biblical name meaning “of the woods.”
  22. Storm: English; storm
  23. Story: Latin name meaning “history.”
  24. Tadg: Gaelic name meaning “poet.”
  25. Thatcher: Old English name meaning “one who thatches roofs.”
  26. Titus: Latin title of honor
  27. Trace: English name taken from the name Thracius.
  28. Vance: Old English name meaning “marsh or fen.”
  29. Vitale: Italian name meaning “necessary for life.”
  30. Volos: Slavic name meaning “ox.”
  31. Wells: Old English name meaning “Spring.”
  32. Winslow: Old English name meaning “hill of wine.”
  33. Zeke: English name meaning: “God will strengthen.”
  34. Zephyr: Greek boy name. In Greek mythology, Zephyr was the God of the west wind
  35. Zenon: Polish name for Zeus. 

Hopefully one or more of the names on our list have spoken to you. Also check out our list of unique girl names.

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