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150 Strong Boy Names that are Tough and Powerful

These strong male names are masculine, tough, and traditional. Which strong boy name will you choose for your son?
Strong Names
Updated: December 28, 2022

Everyone wants a meaningful name, especially if they are about to welcome a special new baby boy into the world. So, how do you choose the best boy name? A strong baby boy's name might be a great choice for you if you are still on the fence.

There are unique and popular baby names, and each packs a strong punch. Not only do they have strong meanings, but they are also memorable. You can even find some unisex names that make great baby girl names.

Below you will find a list of powerful boy names. We broke them down into several categories to include powerful men in history and mythology as well.

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Many of these strong boy name options are considered trendy and are rising in popularity while others are more traditional and are looking to make a comeback. Hopefully, after looking over these, you find the perfect name for your strong little warrior.

Classic Strong Male Names

Classic Strong Male Names

These classic boy names are traditional strong male names that were once very popular. Some like “Liam” still top the charts, but others have proven to once again be worthy contenders.

  1. Anders - Greek name, that means "valiant" or "courageous" and a variant of Andrew
  2. Andrew - Greek name, means "valiant" or "courageous"
  3. Arnold - German name, means “eagle” and “powerful”
  4. Barrett - Old English name, that means "nobleman" or Greek, means "mighty as a bear"
  5. Bernard - German name, "bold as a bear" or "bear strength"
  6. Conrad - An Old German name, that means "brave counsel"
  7. Eric - A Scandinavian name, that means “ruler of all”
  8. Ethan - Latin name, means "constant"
  9. Everett - a German name, means "strong boar"
  10. Gerard - a French name, means “spear warrior”
  11. Harvey - An old German name, that means "battle"
  12. Ian - Scottish for “God is gracious”
  13. Julian - Latin for “youthful” or “sky father”
  14. Liam - an Irish name, means "unwavering protector"
  15. Nathaniel - Hebrew - “gift of God”
  16. Oswald - Old English for "divinely powerful"
  17. Owen - Irish name, means "warrior" or "born to nobility"
  18. Phillip - Greek for “horse lover”
  19. Raymond - Old English for “worthy protector”
  20. William - Spanish name for “resolute” or “protector”

Boy Names That Mean Strong

Boy Names that Mean Strong

Each of these names includes the word “strong” or synonyms of the word in some way. There are some really cool and surprising options here.

  1. Adir - Hebrew origin name that means "noble" or "strong one"
  2. Andreas - Greek male name for “valiant” or “courageous”
  3. Brian - Irish name for "strong"
  4. Conal - Irish for “friendship” or “strong wolf”
  5. Garrett - English name for “spear strength”
  6. Idris - Welsh name for “eager lord” or “strong lord”
  7. Imre - Hebrew for “well-spoken” and Hungarian for “strength”
  8. Kenzo - Japanese name, meaning "strong and healthy"
  9. Kwan - African American boy name for “strong-willed”
  10. Maynard - Anglo-Saxon for “remarkable strength”
  11. Nero - Latin origin for "strong"
  12. Oscar - Hawaiian name for “divine strength”
  13. Oz - Hebrew name, means "strength"
  14. Quillon - Latin for “crossed swords” or “strong,” also Irish for “cub”
  15. Valentine - Unisex Latin name that means "strong"
  16. Valerian - Russian male name for "strong leader"
  17. Vigor - Latin name that means "force, strength, and liveliness"
  18. Warrick - German for "protecting ruler" or English for "strong leader"

Strong Male Names From Mythology

Strong Names for Mythology

From Greek to Roman mythology, you will find a plethora of choices here. Some are more well-known such as “Thor” while others like “Raijin” are more unique.

  1. Achilles - A Greek mythical Trojan war hero
  2. Adonis - A handsome mythological Greek God whose name means “lord”
  3. Ajax - the Greek name for “eagle” and also a mythological hero
  4. Apollo - Greek for “manly” and also the name of the Greek God of light, prophecy, and more
  5. Griffin - English origin for a mythological beast that is half lion and half eagle that watches over treasure
  6. Helios - The Greek God of the sun
  7. Hercules - Greek name, means "Hera's glory" and is also a demigod
  8. Kratos - A figure in Greek mythology that is the personification of strength and power
  9. Magni - Comes from Norse mythology and means "great" and also the son of Thor
  10. Midas - A king in Greek and Roman mythology who turned everything he touched into gold
  11. Odin - Head God in Norse mythology
  12. Osiris - Egyptian origin and name for the god of the dead in Egyptian mythology
  13. Phoenix - the Greek name for a mystical bird that is reborn from the ashes
  14. Raijin - Japanese God of thunder, lightning, and storms
  15. Thor - Old Norse God of thunder
  16. Ukko - Finnish God of the sky, weather, and harvest
  17. Zeus - Greek for "powerful one" and also the Head Greek God of the sky

Names of Powerful Historical Figures

Powerful Historical Figure Names

We have included past presidents, artists, and more in this category. Each of these figures had a significant impact on history in their field.

  1. Alexander - a Greek name that means "protector of mankind. " Alexander the Great was the king of Macedon, an ancient Greek kingdom.
  2. Armstrong - Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first man to walk on the moon.
  3. Beethoven - Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer and one of the most well-known in the world.
  4. Bruce - Bruce Lee was an American martial artist and actor.
  5. Edgar - Edgar Allan Poe was a famous American writer and poet.
  6. Francis - Sir Francis Drake was the first Englishman to circumnavigate the earth.
  7. Gandhi - Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian civil right activist and lawyer.
  8. Herman - Herman Melville was an American novelist and poet.
  9. Jackson - Jackson Pollock was an American painter.
  10. Julius - Taken from the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar.
  11. Isaac - Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician and physicist.
  12. Leonardo - German name, for "lion-hearted. " Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter and scientist.
  13. Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States.
  14. Louis - An old German name, that means "famous warrior. " Louis XVI was the last king of France before the French Revolution.
  15. Napoleon - Napoleon Bonaparte was a French political and military leader.
  16. Nelson - Nelson Mandela was the first president of South Africa as a result of their first democratic election.
  17. Pablo - Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor.
  18. Richard - an English name, means "rich and powerful ruler"
  19. Ulysses - Ulysses S. Grant was the 18th president of the United States.
  20. Wolfgang - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer and the most influential figure in the Classical period.

Strong Male Names with Religious Meanings

Strong Names with Religious Meanings

These biblical names come from several religions and religious texts. Take a look to see if one of these strong names catches your eye.

  1. Aaron - Hebrew for “shining light” or “high mountain”
  2. Adam - Hebrew for “earth”
  3. Daniel - Hebrew for “God is my judge”
  4. Elijah - a Hebrew name, means “the strong lord”
  5. Ezekiel - a Hebrew name, means "strength of God"
  6. Gabriel - a Hebrew name, means "God is my strength"
  7. Godric - Anglo-Saxon for “rules with God”
  8. Herod - English name, born by the king of Judea
  9. Hezekiah - Hebrew for “God is my strength”
  10. Israel - Hebrew for “wrestled with God”
  11. Josias - a Hebrew name, means “he shall add”
  12. Jude - Hebrew for “praised”
  13. Matthew - Hebrew name, means “gift of God”
  14. Moses - Hebrew for “drawn from the water”
  15. Muhammad - Arabic name, means "praised one"
  16. Othniel - Hebrew name that means "God is my strength"
  17. Samuel - Hebrew for “name of God”
  18. Timothy - Greek for “honoring God”
  19. Zane - Arabic for "beloved"
  20. Zeke - Arabic name, means "the memory of the lord"

More Strong Boy Names

Even though these strong boy names don’t have a specific category, we wanted you to have as many choices as possible. After all, naming your new baby is no easy task.

  1. Albert - Anglo-Saxon name, meaning "noble and bright"
  2. Angus - Gaelic name, means "superb" or "unique"
  3. Arsenio - Greek name, means "masculine"
  4. Austin - Latin name, means "useful"
  5. Baron - German name, means "nobleman"
  6. Blaze - American name, means "flame"
  7. Boris - Russian for “fight”
  8. Callan - Irish for “powerful in battle”
  9. Cyrus - Persian origin, means "the sun" or Irish, means "crag"
  10. Deandre - English name, means "valiant man" or "courageous"
  11. Denzel - Welsh name, means "high stronghold" or African American, means "wild one"
  12. Derek - German for “ruler”
  13. Duncan - Old English for “dark warrior”
  14. Egon - Irish name, means "little fire"
  15. Emerson - Old English for “Emery’s son”
  16. Enzo - Italian for “home ruler”
  17. Evander - Hebrew origin, means "life"
  18. Farrell - Old English origin, means "man of valor"
  19. Finley - Celtic or Irish name, means "fair-haired one" and can be used as a unisex name
  20. Forest - Old French name, that means "out of the woods"
  21. Frederick - German for “peaceful ruler”
  22. Gunner - English name for an operator of heavy artillery, and could also be Old Norse for "battle defender"
  23. Hendrix - Old English for “lord’s manor”
  24. Herbert - Old English for “exalted ruler” and German for “shining army”
  25. Hunter - Old English name, that means "search"
  26. Igor - Scandinavian, means "heroic warrior"
  27. Jarek - Polish and Slavic origin, means "born in January"
  28. Kane - Scottish for “warlike”
  29. Kendrick - Scottish name, means "royal chieftain" or Irish name, means "son of Henry"
  30. Killian - Irish for "little warrior, or Gaelic for "fierce"
  31. Kingsley - Old English for “ruler”
  32. Leroy - Old French for “the king”
  33. Malik - Arabic for “master”
  34. Merrick - English origin, means "ruler of the sea"
  35. Miles - German for “ a soldier”
  36. Montgomery - French name for "mountain hunter"
  37. Murphy - Irish for “sea warrior”
  38. Patton - English for “fighter’s town”
  39. Quinlan - Irish name for "athletic"
  40. Ragnar - Norse name for "a wise leader"
  41. Ranger - French name, means "dweller in the fields"
  42. Rex - Latin name, means "king"
  43. Roderick - German name, means "famous one"
  44. Rory - Gaelic for “red king”
  45. Ryker - Danish name that comes from the Middle Dutch word "Ryken" which means "to become powerful or rich"
  46. Sewell - Old English, means "from the sea"
  47. Simba - Swahili or African for "lion"
  48. Takeshi - Japanese name, means "bamboo"
  49. Tristan - Old Welsh or Latin name that means "laborer"
  50. Troy - English and Irish for “foot soldier”
  51. Umberto - Italian name, means "famous German" or German, means "famous giant"
  52. Virgil - Latin for “staff bearer”
  53. Walter - German for “powerful warrior” or “army ruler”
  54. Xander - Greek name that means "protector of mankind"
  55. Zale - Greek name, means "sea strength"

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