The Ultimate List of 125 Boy Middle Names

Updated: January 23, 2022
Looking for a middle name for your baby boy? Browse our list of unique middle names for boys and see which middle names pair well.
the ultimate list of middle names for baby boys
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As if choosing your baby’s first name wasn’t enough of a challenge, new parents also have to choose the perfect name to coincide. Choosing a middle name is easy for some; perhaps they have a name they didn’t use for their first baby or maybe have a family member they plan to answer. Some women use their maiden name as their baby’s middle name regardless of whether it's a boy or a girl.

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However, if you’re like many, choosing a middle name can be a lengthy process, and so many baby name lists focus on first names. Therefore, to help you on your search for the perfect middle name, we’ve compiled a list of over 100 trendy, unique, and popular middle names to get your wheels spinning and aid your search for middle name ideas.

Most Common Middle Baby Boy Names

  1. Alexander - Greek. Defender of man.
  2. Andrew - Greek. Strong and manly.
  3. Anthony - Roman/English. Highly praiseworthy.
  4. Benjamin - Hebrew. Son of the south.
  5. Charles - German. Free man.
  6. Christopher - Greek. Bearer of Christ.
  7. Daniel - Greek. God is my judge.
  8. David - Hebrew. Beloved.
  9. Edward - English. Wealthy guardian.
  10. Ethan - Hebrew. Solid or firm.
  11. Henry - German. Home ruler.
  12. Jack - English. God is gracious.
  13. Jacob - Latin/Greek. Supplanter.
  14. James - Hebrew. Supplanter.
  15. John - Hebrew. God is gracious.
  16. Joseph - Latin/Greek. He will add.
  17. Lee - English. A clearing in the woods or meadow.
  18. Matthew - English. Gift of God.
  19. Michael - Hebrew. He who is like God.
  20. Noah - Hebrew. Rest.
  21. Paul - Latin. Small.
  22. Richard - English. Brave ruler.
  23. Theodore - Greek. Divine gift.
  24. Thomas - Aramaic. Twin.
  25. William - German. Determined protector.

One-Syllable Boy Middle Names

  1. Ace - English. Unity.
  2. Beau - French. Handsome.
  3. Beck - English. One who lives beside a small stream.
  4. Blake - Old English. Pale or blonde.
  5. Brooks - English. A small stream.
  6. Clark - English. A secretary or scholar.
  7. Cole - English. Swarthy, black.
  8. Finn - Irish. White-haired.
  9. Fox - Irish. White or fair. A fox is known as a cunning, intelligent animal.
  10. Grant - Scottish. Large. The name of the 18th U.S. president.
  11. Huck - American. Mischief.
  12. Jax - English. A shortened version of Jackson or a variation of John.
  13. Jayce - Greek. A shortened form of Jason. Healer.
  14. Jude - Hebrew. The praised one.
  15. Kai - Hawaiian. From the sea.
  16. Krish - Sanskrit. Associated with the Hindu god Krishna. Hero.
  17. Max - German. The greatest.
  18. Nash - Middle English. From the ash tree.
  19. Pike - English. Spear.
  20. Quinn - Irish/Gaelic. To give counsel. Wise one.
  21. Reeve - English. Reeve is a medieval name for a bailiff.
  22. Ren - Japanese. A water lily, lotus.
  23. Rhodes - Greek. Where roses grow.
  24. Ross - Scottish. A surname from a place in Northern Scotland.
  25. Smith - English. Traditionally used as a family name for black or other types of smiths.
  26. Tad - Greek/Aramaic Heart.
  27. Tag - Irish. Handsome.
  28. Tripp - Old English. Usually used for the third son or the third boy in the family with the same name. It is commonly used as a nickname for a third son.
  29. Vin - Latin. Conquering.
  30. Wes - Old English. This name means someone from the west or the western meadow.

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Unique Boy Middle Names

  1. Atticus - Roman. Atticus is a Roman nickname for a man from Attica.
  2. Bram - Hebrew. A shortened version of Abraham which means father of a multitude.
  3. Cale - Hebrew. Brave. Dog.
  4. Cruz - Spanish. Cross.
  5. Ewan - Scottish From the yew tree. Star Wars fans are familiar with Ewan McGregor, the talented actor who plays Obi-wan Kenobi.
  6. Knox - Scottish. A round hill. Knox has a cool vibe and sound, even if the meaning is simple.
  7. Maverick - American. A maverick is an independent person who doesn’t give into conformity.
  8. Ramsay - Scottish. The Island of Garlic.
  9. Rhys - Welsh. Enthusiasm.
  10. Silas - Latin. Forest.
  11. Sebastian - Greek. Venerable.
  12. Sky - English. The air or heavens.
  13. Slate - English. Gray-green rock.
  14. Tariq - Arabic. One who knocks at the door.
  15. Thatcher - English. Roof maker.
  16. Uri - Hebrew. My light.
  17. Van - Vietnamese. Cloud.
  18. Xavier - Arabic. New house. The Spanish man. Saint Francis Xavier founded the Catholic Jesuit order.
  19. Zane - Hebrew. God is gracious.
  20. Zeke - Hebrew. A shortened version of Ezekial. God will strengthen.

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Powerful Baby Boy Middle Names

Powerful Boy Middle Names

  1. Aiden - Irish. Aiden is a Celtic name that represents the god of sun and fire.
  2. Amar - Sanskrit. Immortal. Forever.
  3. Atlas - Greek To support or prop. Atlas was a Greek titan who held the heavens and the sky on his shoulders.
  4. Bear - Old French/German. Strong and brave.
  5. Elijah - Hebrew. God is my Yahweh.
  6. Guenther - Old Norse. A good leader.
  7. Mason - German. Stone worker.
  8. Miles - English. A soldier. Merciful.
  9. Nikhil - Sanskrit. The whole entire world.
  10. Oak - English. From the oak trees. A mighty middle name for a strong boy.
  11. Shay - Gaelic. Admirable.
  12. Stark - English. Firm and unyielding.
  13. Tai - Chinese. Great or extreme.
  14. Taj - Sanskrit. Crown.
  15. Trace - Anglo-Saxon. Brave.
  16. Vidal - Spanish. Life.
  17. Zeus - Greek. Zeus is the Greek god of the heavens.

Cool Middle Names for Boys

  1. Asher - Hebrew. Happy and blessed.
  2. Beckett - English. Bee cottage. It could be considered artsy because of the Irish playwright Samuel Beckett.
  3. Bodhi - Sanskrit. Awakened or knowing.
  4. Callum - Latin. Dove.
  5. Cash - English/Latin. Hollow. It also has a modern-day association with money.
  6. Cyrus - Persian/Greek. Far-sighted. A name commonly used by the Puritans.
  7. Damon - Greek. To tame or subdue.
  8. Dax - English. This trendy name made famous by the actor Dax Sheppard means water.
  9. Duke - English. A royal title. A nobleman ranked just below a prince.
  10. Easton - Old English. From the east. Levi - Hebrew. This stylish Hebrew name means joined in harmony. Perfect for the little boy of music lovers!
  11. Flynn - Irish. Son of the red-haired one.
  12. Hawk - Old Norse. A falcon or bird of prey.
  13. Leif - Old Norse. A person intended to inherit.
  14. Liam - Irish. A shortened version of William.
  15. Link - German/Jewish. Link stands for a left-handed person. The name picked up steam in the 1990s due to the popular Nintendo game Zelda.
  16. Oliver - Latin. From the olive tree.
  17. Mars - Latin. The god of war.
  18. Poe - English. Peacock. Poe could be considered trendy and artsy because of the gothic poet Edgar Allan Poe.
  19. Rhett - Dutch/English. Advice.
  20. Twain - Old English, Divided into two.
  21. Wolf - German. A strong name representing an intelligent and powerful animal.
  22. Xander - American. A shortened version of the name Alexander.

Gender Neutral Middle Names

  1. Emery - Old German. Brave and Powerful.
  2. Imani - Swahili. Faith.
  3. Jeong - Korean. Quiet or still.
  4. Moss - English. Descendant of Moses. Moss is also a soft green plant that grows around the base of trees.
  5. Noel - French. Christmas. Depending on how you pronounce this name, it can work for a baby boy or a baby girl.
  6. Rain - English/American. This unique unisex name means abundant blessings from above.
  7. Reese - English. An anglicized version of the Welsh Rhys. The name means enthusiasm.
  8. Saint - English. A holy person.
  9. Scout - Old French. To listen.
  10. West - English/German. A geographic name meaning someone from the west.
  11. Yuki - Japanese. Excellence or superiority.

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