The Ultimate List of Boy Middle Names

Updated: June 4, 2021
Looking for a middle name for your baby boy? Browse our list of unique middle names for boys. Looking for something short but sweet? Browse 75+ one-syllable middle names for boy.
the ultimate list of middle names for baby boys

As you choose a middle name for your baby boy, you can consider various themes for inspiration. Would you like to use a family name from your family tree? Would you like a one-syllable option that simply sounds good with your first and last name choices? Are you looking for unique middle names? Maybe you would like to honor a family member with your middle name choice. You can also choose a middle name based upon its meaning or place or origin.

More75 One-Syllable Middle Names for Girls

With so many options, choosing a boy middle name can be overwhelming. Thankfully, we have the ultimate list of boy middle names here for you to choose from!

Here are 10 of the most popular boy middle names:

  • William - This is one of the most popular boy baby names.
  • James - A middle name with royal roots.
  • John - A one-syllable option meaning God’s grace.
  • Lucas - A popular name for the new light in your life.
  • Kai - A name with natural origins and ties to the sea.
  • Charles - Another royal name meaning manly.
  • Henry - This name is a throwback to simpler times.
  • David - A classic boy’s name meaning beloved.
  • Robert - This name has beautiful meaning: bright flame.
  • Alexander - A lovely option to go with a one-syllable first name.

Unique Boy Middle Names

If you are looking for a unique middle name, you are in luck as options for different boy names have really expanded over the years. A great place to find unique middle names is by looking at the last names that appear in your family tree. These surnames can sound really nice as unique middle names. Another way  to come up with unique middle names is to think of places that have been important to your family. Brainstorming words that are associated with special memories can also be helpful.

In the meantime, here are 25 unique boy middle names that we love:

  • Lucas - A popular name for the new light in your life.
  • Kai - A name with natural origins and ties to the sea.
  • Casey - For your boy who is both brave and sweet.
  • Maximus - A Latin word meaning “the greatest.”
  • Ryder - If you love horses...
  • Amory - A gender-neutral name centered around love.
  • Asher - A more modern name choice meaning “fortunate.”
  • Beven - An updated version of Ben.
  • Bexley - A cute boy name for your little sweetie.
  • Angel - A gender-neutral middle name and spiritual choice.
  • Zion - A beautiful choice with a nod to Hebrew background.
  • Forest - For nature loving families.
  • Tristan - A name that is both strong and sweet.
  • Shepherd - A unique religious option.
  • Nova - A way to celebrate your “new” baby boy.
  • Brixton - British-sounding and unique.
  • Thatcher - Old-fashioned and modern at the same time.
  • Kenji - A nod to Japanese heritage.
  • Bodi - For your future beach lover.
  • Ocean - For the baby as miraculous as the sea.
  • Zyaire - A nod to African heritage.
  • Anakin - Calling all Star Wars fans!
  • Atlas - For the baby who reflects the beauty of the whole world.
  • Griffin - Sweet and modern.
  • Myles - A name for music lovers.

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One-Syllable Boy Middle Names

Choosing a one-syllable boy middle name can help the full name roll off the tongue more easily. It can also balance out a longer first name or last name. In some cases where unique or longer first names are given, families may choose to have their baby boy go by their middle name when it’s not formal or official occasions. One-syllable middle names can enhance the cadence of a name and provide additional meaning to a name without making a name too long.

Here are 25 one-syllable boy middle names to get you started:

  • Kai - A name with natural origins and ties to the sea.
  • Charles - A royal name meaning manly.
  • John - A one-syllable option meaning God’s grace.
  • James - A middle name with royal roots.
  • Jax - A modern take on Jack.
  • Kace - Clean and updated.
  • Dean - A throwback that sounds strong.
  • Bex - Cute and unique.
  • Leif - A nature-inspired name.
  • Flynn - A Disney-inspired name.
  • Grey - Because life is not black and white.
  • Reed - Another name for families who love nature.
  • Blue - Clear and cool.
  • Chance - Celebrate the beauty of second chances.
  • Cade - New and strong.
  • Ford - Traditional yet updated.
  • Jack - A classic that never goes out of style.
  • Juan - Celebrate your Spanish heritage.
  • King - For your royally loved baby boy.
  • Lee - This goes well with so many names.
  • Mark - A solid and traditional name option.
  • Rhys - A European and softer sounding option.
  • Shea - Short and sweet.
  • True - Celebrate the love that could not be more true.
  • Will - A short version of William.

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