Meaning and Origin of: Fox

Boy name origins & meanings

  • English : Fox

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Family name origins & meanings

  • English : nickname from the animal, Middle English, Old Englishfox. It may have denoted a cunning individual or been given to someone with red hair or for some other anecdotal reason. This relatively common and readily understood surname seems to have absorbed some early examples of less transparent surnames derived from the Germanic personal names mentioned at Faulks andFoulks.
  • Irish : part translation of Gaelic Mac an tSionnaigh ‘son of the fox’ (see Tinney).
  • Jewish (American) : translation of the Ashkenazic Jewish surname Fuchs.
  • Americanized spelling of Focks, a North German patronymic from the personal name Fock (seeVolk).
  • Americanized spelling of Fochs, a North German variant of Fuchs, or in some cases no doubt a translation of Fuchs itself.

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