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100 Modern Boy Names for a 21st-Century Baby Boy

These modern boy names with meaning are unique and trendy name ideas for your baby boy. Find modern baby boy names from A to Z!
100 Modern Boy Names for a 21st-Century Baby Boy
Updated: March 7, 2024
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Many parents start deciding on baby names very early on in the pregnancy while some struggle to find the perfect name until the third trimester. Don't worry! Sometimes all it takes is seeing your little one for the first time to know what the right name for them is. Many parents want a unique baby name for their little boy that doesn't sound too old-fashioned or overused. 

If you are looking for modern boy name ideas, then you have come to the right place. This list is full of all kinds of modern baby boy names to pick from or at least get you thinking.

Here are the top 100 modern baby names broken down into origins, nationalities, and modern baby boy names with meanings to help you find the perfect moniker for your new addition.

Modern Baby Boy Names

Modern Baby Boy Names Starting with E to I

In the quest for the perfect name, many modern parents seek out options that blend uniqueness with tradition and contemporary appeal with a nod to heritage. Modern baby boy names often strike this delicate balance, offering a fresh perspective on naming while still rooted in meaning and cultural significance.

  1. Aden - Hebrew name meaning “delicate.”
  2. Adrian - Unisex name meaning “rich.”
  3. Archer - English for "bowman."
  4. Arlo - German name meaning “famous throughout the land.”
  5. Asher - Hebrew for "fortunate."
  6. Ashton - Old English name for "ash tree."
  7. Atlas - A titan in Greek mythology who is known for supporting the weight of the earth with his back.
  8. Auggie - Latin for "magnificent."
  9. Axel - ​​Old German name meaning “father of peace.”
  10. Beckett - Swedish for "brook."
  11. Beau - Norse name meaning “to live or dwell.”
  12. Bentley - Old English name meaning “from the moor.”
  13. Blaze - This is an edgy boy’s name.
  14. Brantley - Norse name or Old German name for "fiery torch."
  15. Brody - Gaelic name meaning “ditch” or “mire.”
  16. Bowie - ​​ A unisex name of Scottish origin, meaning “yellow-haired”
  17. Caleb - Hebrew, meaning, “faithful.”
  18. Callum - Scottish or Gaelic name for "dove."
  19. Camden - Irish and Scottish name for "winding valley."
  20. Colton - English name meaning “coal town.”
  21. Crew - Latin for "chariot."
  22. Cruz - Unisex Greek name meaning “grace” or “kindness.”
  23. Dallas - Irish for "skilled."
  24. Deacon - Greek name for "messenger."
  25. Declan - The name Declan is of Greek origin and means "messenger."
  26. Elias - Hebrew name meaning, “the Lord is God.”
  27. Elijah - Hebrew name meaning, “strong God.”
  28. Easton - Derived from a place name that faces east and is of Scottish and English origin.
  29. Emery - Latin for "loving."
  30. Ezra - Hebrew for "salvation."
  31. Ezekiel - Hebrew name meaning “the strength of God.”
  32. Finnegan - Irish for "fair."
  33. Finley - Celtic name meaning “fair-haired.”
  34. Gage - French name for "pledge."
  35. Greyson - English for "son of Seward."
  36. Griffin - English, A mythological beast—half lion, half eagle—charged with watching over golden treasures.
  37. Hudson - Old English name for "son of Hud."
  38. Huxley - English for "ash tree field."
  39. Isaac - Hebrew boy name meaning “laughter.”
  40. Ishmael - Hebrew meaning “God will hear.”
  41. Jace - Greek name meaning "healer" and Hebrew for "the Lord of salvation."
  42. Jackson - Hebrew for "supplanter."
  43. Jameson - Hebrew for "supplanter."
  44. Javon - Hebrew, Deceiver, one who makes sadness.
  45. Jax - English, God has been gracious.
  46. Jett - English for the black mineral.
  47. Justice - Latin, form of Justus.
  48. Kade- English for "barrel" and Scottish for "from the wetlands."
  49. Kai - Gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin meaning, “sea.”
  50. Kieran - ​​Irish, Scottish Dusky; dark-headed; dark; black.
  51. Leland - Old English for "from the meadowland."
  52. Lincoln - Old English for "home by the pond" or "town by the pool."
  53. Luca - Italian for "bringer of light."
  54. Maddox - English, meaning, “son of the Lord.”
  55. Maverick - English for "nonconforming" or American for "wildly independent."
  56. Maxwell - English name meaning “capable.”
  57. Milo - German, Soft-hearted, merciful.
  58. Nash - Old English for "cliff."
  59. Nolan - Irish, Renowned, noble.
  60. Oakley - Old English, “meadow of oak trees.”
  61. Otto - German for "wealthy."
  62. Owen - Irish, Born to nobility; warrior.
  63. Parker - Old English name meaning, “cultivated land”
  64. Pax - Pax is a boy's name of Latin origin. Meaning "peace"
  65. Paxton - English unisex name meaning “peace town.”
  66. Phoenix - ​Greek, a mystical bird; "dark red."
  67. Quentin - Quentin is a French name that means "the fifth."
  68. Quincy - Spanish name meaning “fifteenth child.”
  69. Ranger - French name for "dweller in the field."
  70. Remy - French name meaning, “oarsman.”
  71. Ridley - Old English for "reed clearing."
  72. Roman - Hebrew name meaning “strong and powerful.”
  73. Rowan - Irish boy name meaning “red-haired.”
  74. Ryder - English for "horseman."
  75. Sai - Indian name meaning “one who is divine”
  76. Salem - African-American boy's name meaning “peace.”
  77. Salome - Hebrew name meaning "peace."
  78. Salvador - Spanish name meaning “savior.”
  79. Silas - Latin name meaning “wood.”
  80. Stefan - German boy name meaning “crown” or “wreath.”
  81. Sterling - Scottish spelling of "Stirling" and means "genuine" in English.
  82. Sullivan - Gaelic name meaning “black eyes.”  
  83. Tai - Vietnamese name meaning “talent.”
  84. Tanner- English name meaning “leather worker.”
  85. Thatcher - Old English for "roof fixer."
  86. Theo - Short form of the popular boy’s name Theodore. This nickname is gaining traction as a modern boy name in its own right.
  87. Troy - Old French name for the city of Troy. 
  88. Tucker - Middle English for "tailor."
  89. Wade - Middle English name meaning “ford”
  90. Waylon - Old English for "land beside the road."
  91. Weston - Old English for "from the western town."
  92. Wynn - Welsh boy name meaning “fair.”
  93. Xavier - The name Xavier is of Arabic origin and means "new house" or "bright."
  94. Yuri - A unisex name in Japanese meaning "lily.”
  95. Zachariah - Hebrew boy name meaning “remembered by God.”
  96. Zane - Arabic for "beloved" and Hebrew for "God is gracious."
  97. Zander - Greek name meaning “defender of man.”
  98. Zeke - Arabic name meaning, “the memory of the Lord.”
  99. Zephyr - Spanish name meaning “flying in the wind.”
  100. Zeppelin - The German name for an airship.

What’s a Cool Name for a Boy?

A cool and modern name for a boy could be Archer, an English name meaning "bowman," which is gaining popularity due to its uniqueness and strength. Another modern option is Axel a Scandinavian name that means "father of peace" and is known for its cool factor.

What Is a Boy’s Trendy Name?

A boy's trendy name is one that is currently popular or gaining popularity among parents. These names often have a contemporary feel and may reflect current cultural or social trends. For instance, names like Aidan, which means "little and fiery" in Irish, and Adam, meaning “son of the red earth” in Hebrew, have been trending lately.

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100 Modern Boy Names for a 21st-Century Baby Boy




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