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30 Cute and Creative Nicknames for Charlotte

Charlotte is a beautiful girl name with many cute nickname options. Here are the best nicknames for Charlotte, name variations and middle names to pair with Charlotte.
30 Cute and Creative Nicknames for Charlotte
Updated: February 9, 2023

Do you have a Charlotte in your family that you’d like to honor? 

Charlotte is a very popular name for baby girls. Whether you love it or it has meaning to you, it’s a beautiful name in its own right. It came in at #3 for top baby girl names according to the Social Security Administration as well.

Charlotte means “free man” or “little and womanly” in French. It is the feminine form of both Charles and Charlot. 

There are many famous people named Charlotte and it’s obvious that many parents are still in love with it. It’s common to give your child a nickname but you don’t always know one that would fit best.

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Below we came up with our favorite 30 Charlotte nicknames so you can find one that best matches your baby girl. There are even some middle names at the end that we think pair perfectly with Charlotte!

Famous People Named Charlotte 

  • Charlotte Rae - An American actress and singer.
  • Charlotte Bronte - An English novelist who wrote the classic “Jane Eyre.”
  • Charlotte Perkins Gilman - An American novelist and activist for women’s rights.
  • Charlotte Church - A Welsh singer, songwriter, and political activist.
  • Princess Charlotte of Wales - The daughter of Prince William and Princess Kate. 
  • Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web - Although not a real person (or spider), Charlotte is a beloved children’s book character from the famous novel “Charlotte’s Web” written by E.B. White.

Best Nicknames for Charlotte 

  1. Arlie - This is a common nickname for Charlotte and is of German origin.
  2. Callie - We love this Greek nickname for Charlotte.
  3. Charlie/Charley - This is a common nickname for both Charlotte and Charles. Charlotte is the feminine form of Charles.
  4. Harley - Similar to Charlie, Harley is another popular nickname for Charlotte.
  5. Lottie - This nickname uses the last syllable of Charlotte.
  6. Sharla - This is another French variation that is a common nickname.

Short Nicknames for Charlotte

  1. Cat - A short and sweet nickname.
  2. Cece - This is another simple nickname that can be used for all sorts of names, including Charlotte.
  3. Chai - This is a nickname of Hebrew origin.
  4. Char/Shar - A simple and popular name that is used for Charlotte.
  5. Charl - Another short and sweet nickname for Charlotte.
  6. Chaz - Often masculine, Chaz also works for Charlotte as well as Charles.
  7. Lotte - A short German nickname for Charlotte.

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Creative Nicknames for Charlotte

  1. Carla/Karla - This is a different and fun nickname that you can use for Charlotte.
  1. Chacha - Chacha is one of the cutest funny nicknames.
  2. Charlene/Charline - An alternative form of the name Charlotte.
  3. Charlize - We love the creativity of this nickname.
  4. Cherry - Cherry is both creative and adorable.
  5. Karolina - An likely choice as a nickname but it surprisingly works so well.
  6. Lettie - This is such a lovely-sounding nickname.
  7. Lina - What we like about this nickname is that it has so many origins and can be used as a nickname for all kinds of given names.
  8. Lola - This is a Spanish name with the same meaning as Charlotte.

Uncommon Nicknames for Charlotte

  1. Arla - This nickname is both short and unique.
  2. Carlita - This is another name that has a similar meaning to Charlotte.
  3. Carlota/Carlotta - There are two spelling variations for the Spanish version of Charlotte.
  4. Carly - We love this cute and uncommon nickname for Charlotte.
  5. Charlotta - This is the Italian version of Charlotte.
  6. Chuck - Usually masculine, Chuck is a cute and unique nickname that you can use for Charlotte.
  7. Churro - We had to add this as an option because it’s so adorable!
  8. Lotta - This is another short variation of the name Charlotte.
  9. Tottie - A fun variation and nickname.

Good Middle Names for Charlotte

  1. Ann - Hebrew for “gift of God’s favor.”
  2. Blair - Gaelic for “plain.”
  3. Danielle - Hebrew for “judged by God.”
  4. Dawn - English for “daybreak.”
  5. Grace - Latin for “blessing.”
  6. Joy - Latin for “rejoice.”
  7. Leigh - English for “meadow” and Irish for “poet.”
  8. May - Several meanings including Hebrew for “bitter” and Latin for “great.”
  9. Rae - Scottish for “grace” and Spanish for “beautiful.”

There are so many nicknames for Charlotte that you can use. You can even come up with a unique one of your own! We hope that you find what you are looking for within this list.

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