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Updated March 27, 2024

Table of contents

Girl name origins & meanings

  • Aborigine : Boomerang
  • Old English : Glade
  • Gaelic : Poet
  • English : Sheltered from the storm
  • Irish : Poetic
  • Chinese : Plum
  • Old English : Meadow

Boy name origins & meanings

  • Old English : Heather meadow
  • Irish : The narrows; a place where cattle graze; a wood; a church
  • Scottish : From a narrow strait; the name of a Scottish region
  • Old English : One from the meadow farm
  • Old English : Glade
  • Gaelic : Poet
  • Chinese : Plum
  • Old English : Dweller by the deer meadow

How Popular Is The Name Leigh

Family name origins & meanings

  • English : habitational name from any of the numerous places (in at least sixteen counties, but especially Leigh in Lancashire) named either with the nominative case of Old English lēah ‘woodland clearing’ (see Lee) or with lēage, a late dative form of this word (see Lye).

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