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80 Pagan Names and Wiccan Names for Girls and Goddesses

Pagan and Wiccan girl names are witchy, magical, and inspired by nature. Choose a spiritual name for your little girl.
80 Pagan and Wiccan Names for Girls and Goddesses
Updated: March 27, 2024
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Wiccan and Pagan baby names bring a witchy vibe. The choices are plentiful from crystal-inspired monikers to names based on Pagan gods of the forest or the ocean. Some Pagan girl names will have charmed vibes, while others are spiritual or symbolic.

If you are expecting a baby girl, there are many Pagan names to choose from. Whether they convey spirits, seasons, plants, or landforms, Pagan and Wicca-inspired baby names bring a mystical, magical feeling that will bring you and your little one closer to the magic of nature.

Pagan Girl Names (With Meanings)

Pagan and Wiccan Baby Girl Names and Meanings

Embrace the mystical allure of ancient traditions with our curated collection of Pagan girl names. Each name carries a deep connection to nature, spirituality, and the cycles of the earth. Discover names that echo through the ages, resonating with powerful symbolism and a sense of mysticism.

  1. Aine - Irish for "radiance."
  2. Akasha - Indian for "spiritual essence."
  3. Amber - Latin for "jewel." After the healing calming gemstone. Many believe it absorbs negative energy.
  4. Amethyst - Greek for "intoxicate." A crystal gemstone with healing properties for dreams, love, courage, and happiness.
  5. Aradia - After the Tuscan moon divinity.
  6. Astra - Latin for "star" or "starlike."
  7. Athena - After the Greek goddess of wisdom, handicraft, and warfare.
  8. Aura - Latin for "breath, wind."
  9. Aurora - Latin for "dawn."
  10. Autumn - After the season.
  11. Branwen - Welsh for "beautiful."
  12. Ceridwen - Welsh, a white witch or goddess of poetry, inspiration, and the cauldron of transfiguration.
  13. Demeter - Greek, after the goddess of the harvest.
  14. Emerald - English for "green gemstone." Healing properties include enhanced clarity and memory; this stone represents love and romance.
  15. Fay (or Fae) - French name meaning "fairy."
  16. Freya - Norse meaning "lady."
  17. Gaia - After the original mother of life in Greek mythology, this name means "earth."
  18. Glinda - Welsh for "fair" or "good."
  19. Grian - After the Gaelic sun goddess.
  20. Iris - Greek meaning "rainbow," after the goddess who sent messages across the rainbow bridge.
  21. Litha - Celtic after the summer solstice or midsummer festival.
  22. Luna - After the moon goddess in Roman mythology, this name is Latin for "moon."
  23. Mabon - Welsh for "divine son."
  24. Maeve - Irish for "intoxicating effect on others."
  25. Mantra - Hindu for "hymns" or "holy chants."
  26. Medea - Greek for "cunning," after the sorceress and princess in mythology.
  27. Nimue - Welsh, after the ruler of Avalon in Lady of the Lake, the Arthurian legend.
  28. Opal - After the rainbow gemstone that is the birthstone of October. Sanskrit for "jewel."
  29. Ostara - Anglo-Saxon and Germanic, after the goddess of spring.
  30. Persephone - Greek for "bringer of death," after Zeus and Demeter's daughter in Greek Mythology.
  31. Rosemary - Latin for "dew of the sea." A popular Pagan protection herb.
  32. Rowan (or Rowena) - Irish for "red-haired."
  33. Ruby - Latin for "red precious stone." A protective stone in Paganism that brings wealth, power, and joy.
  34. Rune - Gender-neutral German name meaning "secret."
  35. Saffron - English for "yellow flower." This type of crocus, blooms in the fall, and is part of Minoan mythology.
  36. Solstice - French for "when the sun stands still." Solstices in summer and winter include festival celebrations in Wiccan culture.
  37. Tablita - Native American name meaning "crown."
  38. Topaz - Latin for "golden gem." Protective against disease, intrigue, or envy.
  39. Vesta - After the Greek divinity of home and family.
  40. Willow - Old English for "willow tree." A sacred tree of Paganism and witchcraft.
  41. Wolf - Native American/Irish name, after the animal. Symbol of strength, teamwork, and cleverness in Paganism.

Wiccan Names for Girls (With Meanings)

Step into the realm of Wiccan magic with our enchanting selection of Wiccan girl names. These names are imbued with the essence of the natural world, the phases of the moon, and the divine feminine. Explore names that celebrate the interconnectedness of all things and honor the rich tapestry of Wiccan traditions.

  1. Adonia - The female equivalent of the name Adonis, Greek god. Means "extremely good looking."
  2. Aether - Name of a Greek primordial deity. Aether means "upper regions of the air beyond the sky."
  3. Albus - A witchy name inspired by Hogwarts headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Latin for "white."
  4. Amaya - Arabic for "night rain."
  5. Aures - Welsh for "gold."
  6. Brigitte - French for "strength."
  7. Calliope - Latin for "heavenly."
  8. Celeste - Latin for "heavenly."
  9. Daisy - A floral name. Old English for "day's eye."
  10. Echo - After the Greek mythology nymph Echo, who loved Narcissus. Latin and Greek, for "reflected sound."
  11. Fiona - Scottish for "fair."
  12. Forest - French meaning "woodsman" or "woods."
  13. Galilahi - Native American Cherokee for "mother."
  14. Gawain - Welsh name meaning "White Hawk."
  15. Herne - English for "mythical hunter."
  16. Isaura - Greek for "gentle breeze."
  17. Jade - British for "precious stone." Healing "dream stone" thought to provide courage, as well as physical, spiritual, or mental strength.
  18. Kaida - Japanese for "little dragon."
  19. Kali - Sanskrit for "the Divine Mother" or "the black one."
  20. Larissa - Greek for "sea nymph."
  21. Leigh - English for "meadow" or "delicate."
  22. Liadan - Gaelic for "grey lady."
  23. Lysander - Greek for "liberator."
  24. Mage - English meaning "wielder of magic."
  25. Moon - This Korean name can mean "listen," "writing," or be a symbol of the moon itself.
  26. Morgana - French for "a circle in the sea."
  27. Nymph - Greek for "young woman," "bridge," or "young wife."
  28. Raven - English for "blackbird," "dark-haired," or "wise."
  29. Rhea - Greek for "flowing" after Titan Rhea, the mother of Olympian gods and goddesses, who helped with childbirth.
  30. Rhiannon - Welsh for "great queen" or "goddess."
  31. River - British for "a flowing body of water."
  32. Rose - German for "famous flower."
  33. Sabrina - Celtic name meaning "legendary princess." or "from Cyprus."
  34. Sage - English for "wise," "safe," or "healthy."
  35. Solana (or Soleil) - French for "sun."
  36. Skye - Scottish/Old Norse for "island of clouds."
  37. Sun - Korean meaning "goodness."
  38. Thalia - Greek name meaning "to blossom."
  39. Winona - Latin for "pure." After the goddess of family.

What Is a Witchy Name for a Girl?

An example of a witchy name that evokes a sense of mystique and power for a girl is Rowena. This name has ancient roots and is often associated with wisdom and magical prowess. Rowena carries an air of ancient legends and tales of powerful sorceresses, making it a captivating choice for those drawn to names with a witchy vibe.

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80 Pagan and Wiccan Names for Girls and Goddesses


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