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100 Girl Names That Mean Smart, Intelligent and Wise

These smart girl names are inspired by intelligent women in history, goddesses or wisdom and names that mean smart of intelligent. Pick a name that means smart for your brilliant baby girl!
100 Girl Names That Mean Smart, Intelligent and Wise
Updated: July 14, 2023
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Marie Curie, Gladys West, Jane Goodall, and Maria Montessori are just a few of the remarkable women in history who are famous for their discoveries, hard work and intelligence. 

Their professions varied from physicists and mathematicians to anthropologists and educators. No matter what calling your daughter is drawn to later in life, she can become a smart, savvy, and successful leader in her field.

What many people don’t realize is that there are eight types of intelligence. What this all means in terms of baby girl names is that parents can search for titles that literally mean smart, bright, knowledgeable, and intelligent, or they can think a little farther outside of the box. 

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No matter which definition of intelligence you choose, you will be giving your sweet little girl some built-in motivation for the future! 

If you need a little guidance in finding an astute epithet, then consider these 100  baby girl names that mean smart!

Girl Names That Mean Smart 

  1. Aatoon - This is a Muslim name that translates to “educator” or “teacheress."
  2. Aio - Of Italian origins, this gender-neutral name means “teacher” or “tutor."
  3. Akilah - An Arabic name meaning “intelligent."
  4. Alberta - This French name means “bright” and is the feminine version of Albert.
  5. Alohi - A Hawaiian name meaning “brilliant."
  6. Aqila - This Arabic name means “intelligent” and “wise."
  7. Beren - A Turkish name that means “smart," “strong," and “clever."
  8. Bernadette - Of English origins, this epithet means “intelligent."
  9. Bertha - This is a German name that means “ glorious," “beautiful," and “bright one."
  10. Brilliance - An English title that translates to “shining," “perfection," and “exceptional intelligence."
  11. Camara - Of African origins, this name means “teacher."
  12. Cassidy - This is an Irish, Celtic, and Gaelic name that means “clever."
  13. Cato - Of Latin and American origins, this gender-neutral name means “all-knowing” and “good judgment."
  14. Chalondra - An African name that means “smart” or “an intelligent woman."
  15. Conrada - Of German origins, this name means “brave counsel." This is the female version of Conrad.
  16. Dana - This is an English name meaning “bright as day."
  17. Eibhlin - An Irish and Gaelic name meaning “shining” or “brilliant."
  18. Felisberta - Of German origins, this title means “intelligent."
  19. Huberta - This is a title with Old German origins that means “brilliant mind."
  20. Huette - Also of German origins, this title means “mind” or “intelligent."
  21. Huguette - This French name means “bright in mind and spirit." It is also the feminine version of Hugh or Hugo, which mean “intellect” and “mind."
  22. Imala - A Native American name that translates to “strong-minded."
  23. Ishva - Of Hindu origins, this name means “spiritual teacher."
  24. Mahira - This is a Muslim name that translates to “highly skilled," “talented," or “expert."
  25. Muida - Of Muslim origins, this name means “teacher” or “reviser."
  26. Monica - A Latin name meaning “advisor” and “counselor."
  27. Monique - This is a Latin name meaning “advisor” and “counselor” as well as a French name meaning “wise."
  28. Monisha - Of Hindi origins, this epithet means “solitary life” and “intelligent."
  29. Najiba - A Muslim name meaning “excellent” or “intelligent."
  30. Nuha - Of Arabic origins, this name means “mind” and “intelligence."
  31. Phoebe - A Greek title that means “brilliant."
  32. Prudence - This is a Latin name meaning “foresight” or “good judgment."
  33. Quinn - A gender-neutral name of Gaelic and Greek origins, this title means “wise” or “queen."
  34. Radella - This is an Old English name meaning “elfin advisor."
  35. Ruxana - Of Arabic origins, this title translates to “brilliant."
  36. Sana - A Scandinavian name meaning “truth” and an Arabic name meaning “brilliant."
  37. Sigrid - Of Old Norse origins, this name means “winning advisor."
  38. Sorcha - This is a Gaelic name meaning “bright."
  39. Tomo - This Japanese name means “a twin” or “intelligent."
  40. Tyshira - A Native American name meaning “masterful teacher."
  41. Veta - Of Spanish origins, this title means “intelligent."
  42. Zelmira - An Italian name meaning “brilliant one."

Female Names That Mean Wise

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  1. Alda - This German title means “old and wise." This is the feminine version of the boy name Aldo.
  2. Alfreda - Of English origins, this title means “wise counsel” and it is the girly version of Alfred.
  3. Alldyn - The female version of Alden, this Old English name means “wise protector."
  4. Alvie - Also of English origins, this unique name means “wise friend” and “friend of elves."
  5. Alvina - An Old English name meaning “wise friend” or “wise companion." This is the feminine version of Alvis, which means “all-wise."
  6. Belig - This is a Mongolian name that means “wise” or “clever."
  7. Bilge - A gender-neutral moniker with Turkish origins that means “wise."
  8. Busara - Of African origins, this epithet means “wisdom” and “understanding."
  9. Dara - This is a unisex Hebrew name that means “pearl of wisdom."
  10. Eirdis - An Icelandic name meaning “wise or merciful protector."
  11. Gundruna - This Swedish name means “divine wisdom."
  12. Hikma - A gender-neutral Arabic name that means “wisdom."
  13. Hye - Of Korean origins, this name means “wisdom” and “intelligence."
  14. Karasi - This African title means “life and wisdom."
  15. Labiba - Of Muslim origins, this title translates to “wise” and “intelligent."
  16. Maiara - A Brazilian name meaning “a wise woman” and a Native American name meaning “sage."
  17. Michiko - This Japanese epithet means “beauty," “wisdom," and “child of Michi."
  18. Rae - Of German origins, this name means “wise protection."
  19. Ramona - This Spanish title means “wise protector."
  20. Raye - Of German origins, this name means “wise protection." It is also the feminine version of the name Raymond. 
  21. Reina - A Latin name meaning “queenly” and a Spanish name meaning “queen” or “wise."
  22. Rona - Meaning “wise ruler," “covenant," and “oath," this name has Gaelic origins.
  23. Saffi - A Danish name meaning “wisdom."
  24. Sage - This French, English, and Latin name means “wise one” or “prophet."
  25. Shannon - An Irish name meaning “wise one."
  26. Sofia - Of Greek origins, this name means “wisdom."
  27. Sonia - This is a Russian name meaning “wisdom."
  28. Sophia - An alternate spelling option, this name of Greek origins also means “wisdom." This is an extremely popular name that has been trending in the Social Security Administration’s Top Ten Baby Names list since 2006.
  29. Sophina - This is an English title that means “wisdom” or “ship."
  30. Suman - A gender-neutral Sanskrit epithet that means “wise” or “intelligent."
  31. Ulima - Of Arabic origins, this name means “wise."
  32. Vedi - An Indian name meaning “filled with wisdom."
  33. Zella - This is a Hebrew name that means “wise and peaceful." If you are having boy-girl twins, Zeki can be another smart moniker to go with this wise name.
  34. Zofia - Of Polish origins, this title means “wisdom."
  35. Zosia - Another Polish name, this epithet means “one with wisdom."

Girl Names That Mean Knowledge 

  1. Anura - This is an Indian name meaning “knowledge."
  2. Arinya - This is a title with Thai origins that means “beautiful knowledgeable woman."
  3. Bidya - Of Indian origins, this name means “knowledge” and “learning."
  4. Farzaneh - A Persian name meaning “highly knowledgeable” or “wise."
  5. Ismene - Of Greek origins, this name means “knowledgeable."
  6. Kendra - This is an Anglo-Saxon name meaning “understanding” or “knowledge."
  7. Nek - A gender-neutral name that means “one who is rich in knowledge or wisdom” and has Indian origins.
  8. Prama - This is a Hindu name that means “knowledge of truth."
  9. Sonja - Of English origins, this title means “a woman of great wisdom and knowledge."
  10. Talibah - A Muslim baby name meaning “seeker of knowledge."
  11. Tide - Of Biblical origins, this is a unisex title that means “the knowledge of elevation."
  12. Veda - This Hindi name means “knowledge” or “wisdom."
  13. Vidya - A Hindi name meaning “knowledge” or “wisdom."
  14. Vivitsa - Of Indian origins, this epithet means “desire of knowledge."

Girl Names Inspired by Goddesses, Wisdom, & Intelligence 

Aim for the stars and set your sights on baby girl names that represent intelligence and wisdom. 

  1. Athena - This is the name of the Goddess of Wisdom and War in Greek mythology and the daughter of Zeus.
  2. Clara - Of Latin origins, this name means “bright." It is also the epithet of the woman who founded the American Red Cross.
  3. Hansini - This is one of the many monikers for the Hindu goddess of knowledge, officially known as Saraswathi. This title translates to “swan."
  4. Hypatia - A Greek name that means “highest” or “supreme." This is the title of an Egyptian woman who was a famous mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher.
  5. Malala - While this Iranian name means “grief-stricken," it is also the moniker of an influential activist for female education.
  6. Manisha - The name of the Hindu goddess of the mind, this title means “sharp intellect," “genius," and “sagacity."
  7. Minerva - Meaning “power” and “thinker” in Latin, this is the epithet of the Roman Goddess of wisdom. Minnie is an adorable nickname for this strong title.
  8. Nobel - A gender-neutral title, this is the name of the most prestigious prize in science. This is fitting since this Latin name means “honorable one."
  9. Pallas - This is another Greek epithet for Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom.
  10. Saga - An English name meaning “journey." It is also the title of the goddess of prophecy and wisdom in Old Norse mythology
  11. Saraswati - While this Sanskrit name has meanings tied to water, it is also the title of the Hindu Goddess of knowledge.

Need more intelligent inspiration? Female philosopher names are another smart choice!

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100 Girl Names That Mean Smart, Intelligent and Wise

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